The shrill singing

When I was young, I liked to listen to ghost stories. When I had nothing to do, I went to uncle Li's house next door and listened to uncle Li's story. In his seventies, uncle Li would often tell me what he had heard or experienced. After hearing most of the stories, I was afraid, but I still liked to listen.

The bones in the soil

Sweet has recently fallen in love with plants and found a lot of seeds and soil to dress up her garden. Because the plan is convenient, her soil was dug in a mass grave near her home. The soil is better than she expected. The seeds in the soil germinate faster than usual and grow very well even with little care.

On August 15th, a wall was struck.

The Dragon Boat Festival on the 5th of May, the Mid-Autumn Festival on the 15th of August and the Spring Festival on the 30th of our year are the three most important days in our country. They are three days of happy reunion. Today it is the 15th of August. Like most people, Zhang Xiaokai has been eager to leave work early since he started work early in the morning. ......

A frightened teacher

In the dark night sky, a round of brightness accompanied by the starry sky shines in the whole Jinghai university. the endless darkness slowly devours the whole world like a bottomless pit. the whole campus is immersed in endless darkness everywhere. only the roadside lamps are still flashing dim lights. ......

Body protector

Is there any ghost in this world? I think it is very difficult for anyone to give a reasonable answer, but there is one kind of person they will definitely tell you that there are ghosts in this world, but they will not call these ghosts ghosts ghosts, but they will serve them carefully every day like slaves!

Towel in the water room

The story happened about a decade ago, when Xiaolang was still in high school. At that time, the facilities of the school were relatively simple and not perfect, and the place like the school would always be inexplicable, and Many spooky terrorist incidents are related...

Ghost marriage

MOna is 24 this year and has graduated from university for two years. He is a small employee of a company. He can't say how rich he is, but the basic problem of food and clothing can still be solved. Recently, MOna fell in love with each other. Although the other party was only a small white collar and could not earn much money per month, he was very kind to MOna, which satisfied MOna.

Death story

The sage said, "if you don't die, you will never die!" ",but now there are a lot of people are so boring, watching everyone busy to death every day to live, but he is so at leisure, don't die, as if all sorry for the society.

Bell conjures ghosts

Does anyone like bells? Some people like to listen to the tinkling sound, but does any beautiful woman like to take the bell out at night? Fang Chen dressed herself up and made a beautiful turn in front of the mirror. She brought Hua Qiangu's bell and looked around the mirror. .....

Miraculous experience

For a period of time, I lived out of town. There are dozens of floors in the building. I live on the fifth floor. There are hundreds of households in the whole building, but there are only two elevators. During rush hour, the elevators can hardly be taken. Fortunately, there is only the fifth floor, and most of the time I take the stairs to solve it.