Guan Yu

A bronze cast Guan Gong statue was placed in the hall of Shenghua Hotel. The three religions and nine streams all like to worship Guan Gong, and Iowa also likes to worship Guan Gong. On that day, he suddenly rushed to the hotel, kneeling in front of Guan Gong, and smashed his head again and again, with a word in his mouth: "Guan Guan, I am stunned! I was slandered by the county magistrate, I was trapped, you have to be the master." !"

Red ribbon

A doctor is already at midnight after completing the emergency and is preparing to go home. Go to the elevator door, see a female nurse, then take the elevator down the stairs together, but the elevator to the first floor is still non-stop, has been down. When it was time for B3, the door opened and the elevator door opened. A little girl appeared in front of them and lowered her head and said that she would take the elevator.