The wish of ​​Daxie

Although Daxie likes to brag, he is a good person with good heart. After a hero rescued the United States, the United States saved it but lost its life. When he saw such a desolate scene in the underworld, he couldn't help but feel that the cruelty of the prince was actually set up with eighteen layers of hell to torture people. The reality of all the ghosts from the beginning of the long and short sighs....

Dried human placenta

Xiao Ying's diploma is very high. She graduated from university. However, after more than one year's graduation, she has not found a job and is waiting for work at home. It's not that Xiao Ying doesn't have a solid professional foundation. When she was in college, she got full marks and the highest scholarship for four consecutive years. It's reasonable to say that after such students graduate, the employing units should all be eager for help.

Strange phone

I am a journalist in the school magazine. I have encountered many things since I was a journalist. There is one thing that makes me feel very strange. That night, I was awakened by a sudden ringing tone. Who is calling this damn call? I thought about picking up the phone: "Hey! Who is it?" "Hey! It's me," the other is a girl, and her voice is awkward. "My name is Qinghe.

Dormitory mortuary

My name is Fan Chen, and I was lucky enough to be admitted to this medical school. At the beginning of the new semester, I joined the college's news agency. In the middle of the night, I was searching for a variety of interesting news information on the Internet. I don't know which application suddenly popped up a small window in the lower right corner of the screen. I clicked on the link to the small window.....

Forest hunting

Whether it is a mountain forest or a huts, it is still such a self, but the opposite is not the person of the year. Once upon a time, the face of the vicissitudes of life, even the face of the green, even if the look is similar, it is still not the same year. "Mr. is late, my father has been going for a long time." The young man glanced at me deeply, and said this sentence for a long time.

House story

Friends who often talk about ghosts should be familiar with the sound of marbles that many people say. Some say it is not clean things, the eyes of the eyes fall off the ground. There is also a more scientific analysis because there is a gap between the cement and the steel in the building, and the thermal expansion and contraction caused by the temperature difference between day and night. The sound of mutual friction.

Ghost chess friend

The small civil servant Luo Jiahuang originally made publicity in the county public security bureau. His mind came quickly, his writing was good, and he was very appreciated by the leaders. A deputy director liked him very much and wanted to introduce his daughter to him. Luo Jiahuang heard that the girl was very savvy and refused. So the deputy director found a mouthful and transferred him to the Hengshan police station.

Guan Yu

A bronze cast Guan Gong statue was placed in the hall of Shenghua Hotel. The three religions and nine streams all like to worship Guan Gong, and Iowa also likes to worship Guan Gong. On that day, he suddenly rushed to the hotel, kneeling in front of Guan Gong, and smashed his head again and again, with a word in his mouth: "Guan Guan, I am stunned! I was slandered by the county magistrate, I was trapped, you have to be the master." !"

Red ribbon

A doctor is already at midnight after completing the emergency and is preparing to go home. Go to the elevator door, see a female nurse, then take the elevator down the stairs together, but the elevator to the first floor is still non-stop, has been down. When it was time for B3, the door opened and the elevator door opened. A little girl appeared in front of them and lowered her head and said that she would take the elevator.

Dead grandma

The dawn of dawn quietly shone into Xiao Jing's room! Endless darkness is slowly dispelled by light! It was another night when Xiao Jing, who had not slept, sat in front of the computer with red eyes and printed the company reports. The National Day is coming soon!