Real ghost story

Human Blood Bone Stone

Maybe you won't believe it, but it's all right. Just look ... The hotel management major of the 2015 freshman business department of Shannan University comes from the story of Xu Jiuan, a freshman. For a long time Ann was a child brought up by her grandmother, because both parents were businessmen and did not trust the nanny brought in from outside. .....

Grandpa's cough

My grandfather is very old in our hometown. He died at the age of 84. Grandpa is in good health. When he was 80 years old, his eyesight dropped sharply. In less than half a year, he could only stay at home and could not see or go out.

Small five team demolition

It was said that the small five teams did not belong to the residential area originally. The government has been discussing it for a long time, hoping that the villagers would move out early. However, the villagers also learned to carry it out. When they heard about the demolition, they were desperate for money. The government has been in a standoff with the villagers, and rows of residential areas over there have long been built. .....

No.37 Mingde Lane

This is a true story. Although times have changed, Wang Qi resigned and changed his job, but he always showed fear and fear when he mentioned this matter ... Five years ago, Wang Qi, who had just come from the countryside to work hard in the city, worked as a food delivery clerk in KFC. After working for a month, I am also half-baked in the complicated road of the city.

Life saving money

Lao Huai is a thief. He has been relying on stealing to keep his life. When Lao Huai was very young, his parents died, leaving him alone. Old Huai has no way. In order to survive, old Huai begins to beg along the street. But it has no effect. Nowadays, people have little sympathy.

Different Encounters of Male Nurses' Trabecular

I am a male nurse. My name is Liang Xiaogu. Colleagues who have studied medicine all know that human organs, one of the bone structures, is cancellous bone. There is a structure in cancellous bone, called trabecular bone. My name happens to be Liang, and my parents are both medical workers, so I am also expected to take up this profession and name me the organizational structure of human organs ...

Buddha's spirit is not to be deceived

There is a spirit in the Buddha statue that can't be deceived, and those who insult it will brew bitter fruit. Now I will tell you a story about desecrating the Buddha statue. There is an Buddhist temple in the mountain over there. Every year, people from Shili village come to the temple painsta