Don't mess up QQ

壹 Unknown QQ

Liu Dong was responsible for cleaning an aisle behind the school today. He was fined because he was caught in a class by a math teacher.

When Liu Dong was about to pour the last pile of rubbish into the bucket, a red note caught his attention. He thought it must be something like a love letter, so he picked it up and saw what it was. Originally written above is a QQ number account and password. Liu Dong thinks that there will be something interesting in this QQ space, and the paper will be collected.

After returning home, Liu Dong went on the QQ that landed non-stop. This QQ nickname is "The Eye of the Devil", the level is only three levels, and there is no friend, it seems that this is a number no one wants. Liu Dong also entered the space, which shocked him. The space was full of creepy photos: some people were cut off and their limbs fell to the ground; a woman was lifted and many people were inserted. Steel Needle... · Liu Dong felt a nausea and turned off the space.

"This guy is a big taste!" Liu Dong said.

Just when he wants to withdraw QQ, a netizen called "black blood" sent a friend request message. Looking at the flashing news, Liu Dongxin doubted that he would add "black blood" as a friend.

Immediately, "black blood" sent a message: Hello.

So next, Liu Dong and the "black blood" learned about each other.

"Black blood" is a girl, and Liu Dong's age is not much different, but also in the same high school, as for her real name, she did not say. The QQ number that Liu Dong has now signed is "Black Blood" which was applied long ago. Since he did not like this number, he changed it. When Liu Dong asked her why a girl had so many creepy photos in the space, "black blood" did not answer immediately.

"Why is this in the end!" Seeing that she did not answer, Liu Dong typed and asked.

"In fact, from the time you log in to this QQ number, your life countdown has already started."

Liu Dong sent a questioning expression.

贰 She is called Zhang Qian.

Seeing "black blood" did not reply, Liu Dong sent the expression of doubts one after another.

"Do you still want to live?"

"What do you mean?"

"In fact, your current QQ number has been cursed. Anyone who has landed this number will die within three days. I have seen the photos in the space. That is the end of the landing."

Liu Dong is funny: the story you said is not scary at all.

"Oh, I know you don't believe it. Wait a minute, what will happen to you tomorrow."

"How do you know that this number is cursed? How do you know that the person who landed will die after three days?"

"Because I have landed, and... I am already dead. If you don't believe, you can go to school to inquire about me. My name is Zhang Qian."

After the last word of "black blood", her head was grayed out.

Maybe this is just a prank, Liu Dong thinks like this. But when he recalled the photos he had seen in the space, he was shuddered again.

车 Car accident

  the next day……

For yesterday's incident, Liu Dong always had a bad feeling. He found his girlfriend Huang Xiaoxiao and told her about QQ.

"You said her name is Zhang Qian?" Huang Xiaoxiao widened his eyes after listening.

"How, you know?" Liu Dong said.

“Zhang Qian died two years ago,” Huang Xiaoxiao said. “And it’s a bit dead... horror.”

  "Why do you say that?"

"Zhang Qian had a tumor in her head. She went to the hospital for surgery that day. Maybe it was because the doctor who gave her surgery was an intern. He had an accident when he gave Zhang Qian a skull. At that time, the doctor slipped. The surgical saw cut her head directly into two halves."

Liu Dong swallowed, and he tried not to think about the situation at the time.

It seems that there is really Zhang Qian, and she is already dead. So what was the person who was chatting with myself last night? Is everything she said true? Liu Dong feels that the spine is cold, if all this is true, what will happen to him today?

"Hey, don't you really think she is Zhang Qian?" Huang Xiaoxiao said with a smile. "The fool knows that this is a prank."


"But what, class."

Throughout the day, Liu Dong’s heart was not in the classroom, and he was completely scared by this mischief.

After school in the afternoon, Liu Dong and Huang Xiaoxiao walked on the road. Seeing Liu Dong’s face-changing look, Huang Xiaoxiao took out a rag doll and put it in front of him. He said, “This is what I bought today and I will give it to you.”

Liu Dong shook his head: "You keep it, I am not interested in these."

"What the hell are you doing?" Huang Xiaoxiao stopped in front of Liu Dong. "Are you still thinking about Zhang Qian? I told you that it was a prank."

"Yes... well, I don't think about it."

Huang Xiaoxiao immediately smiled: "This is right, the doll is for you."

When Liu Dong decided to take over the rag doll, his foot slipped and he fell down. The rag doll in the hand was also thrown into the middle of the road.

"Are you okay?" Huang Xiaoxiao quickly helped him.

"Nothing." Liu Dong said with a shoulder, "I am going to pick up the doll."

After confirming that no car had passed, Liu Dong went to the middle of the road to pick up the doll. I don't know if I was blind or what happened. The rag doll blinked at him. Liu Dong stared suspiciously at the black eyes of the ragdoll, but it didn't mean that he had just stunned.

"Liu Dong, be careful!"

When Liu Donggang heard the voice of Huang Xiaoxiao, the body suffered a lot of pain. He was hit by flying because he focused on the doll and didn't pay attention to the oncoming car.

竟 It turned out to be true!

Fortunately, Liu Dong is not a big problem, but his left hand is broken. Just go home and rest for a few days and it will be fine. Liu Dong remembered the words "black blood", "What will happen to you tomorrow?" It was really said by her. Is this all true?

Huang Xiaoxiao sent Liu Dong to his door and said to him: "I'm sorry, if I didn't want to send you a doll, it wouldn't happen like this." She put the doll in her hand.

"Xiao Xiao, I advise you to lose it." Liu Dong stared at the doll.

"Well, I will."

After Liu Dong said goodbye to Huang Xiaoxiao, he entered the room and opened the computer, and boarded the QQ number of "Devil's Eye".

"Black blood" seems to have been waiting for Liu Dong to go online. Immediately, he sent a message: "You log in to this number again, indicating that you have already believed me. How is your hand?"

"How do you know that I have an accident!!"

"Look at the photos in the space yourself."

Liu Dong took a moment and then opened the space with a trepidation. What he didn't expect was that the first photo that appeared in the space was actually himself, and it was still the moment that was hit by the car. Did you be photographed yourself?

Black blood: You only have two days to live, but don't worry, I will help you.

Liu Dong struggled with his right hand: You are really dead Zhang Qian? Why are you helping me?

Black blood: It seems that you have already heard about me at school. I am helping you because I don't want to see innocent people dying again.

Liu Dong: How do you help me?

Black blood: If you just want to help me rise, I can help you through this.

Liu Dong: What should I do?

Black blood: My body is buried in No. 235 of the Yiyuan cemetery. You will go to the cemetery to dig up the body tonight, and then find a place to hide.

Liu Dong was for a while, but he agreed that it was the only way to save himself.

Wu lost half of the skull

That night, Liu Dong picked up the shovel and went to the cemetery alone. After a search, he finally found the tomb No. 235. Liu Dong looked at the tombstone in front of him and didn't know what he was going to dig out. After identifying no one around, he began to shovel little by little.

In a short while, a rotten coffin appeared in front of Liu Dong. After he opened the coffin cover, he saw a female body with half a skull lying down. Her meat did not rot but was completely dry. Liu Dongqiang endured the stench of Zhang Qian’s body and then put it into the bag and brought the body back to his basement.

Liu Dong immediately sat in front of the computer: I dug out your body, but why is your head...

"Black blood": When my other half was in the funeral home, I didn't know where to go.

Liu Dong: Ok, tell me now, how can I resurrect you?

"Black blood" seems to be silent for a while: what you want to do next may be a little difficult for you.

Liu Dong: What is it doing!!!

"Black blood": You also saw it. I lost half of my head. To resurrect a person, I must first have his body intact. And my half of the skull is already unknown, so I want you to find another half of the skull. Then put it on my head.

Liu Dong is in a cold: You want me to kill?

"Black blood": But this is to save me, but also to save you. Now you open the space and look at the photos inside.

Liu Dong trembled and opened the space and found three more photos of himself. The first photo is a wound with a deep visible bone on his back; the second chapter is that he is lying on the bed, his left leg has been completely amputated; and the third one is lying on the ground. Before the blink of an eye, the meat on the body was dried.

"Black Blood": I saw it. The photo is all about what will happen to you in the next two days. Only I can save you.

Liu Dong couldn't take it anymore, and he turned off the computer.


In order to relax himself, Liu Dong came to the countryside to walk, and he was scared when he thought that he had only two days. But he is more afraid of killing.

Suddenly, a robber holding a machete jumped out of the grass and shocked Liu Dong.

"Kid, hand over the money!" The robber waved the knife in his hand.

Liu Dong turned and ran, but the robber rushed up and threw him down. They both wrestled on the ground.


Liu Dong screamed. The robber's knife cut his back, and a deep visible bone wound was exactly the same as the photo in the space. Liu Dong kicked the robber and kicked the robber. He didn't expect the robber's head to stun on the stone.

Liu Dong stood up and the blood was already red. He reached out to the robber's nose and sensed if there was still breath. But unexpectedly, the robber actually broke his breath! Liu Dong began to tremble: "I... murder!"

He looked at the robber and looked at the chopper. Since the person is already dead, it is better to count. So he picked up the machete and chopped it at the head of the robber.

Liu Dong only made a simple dressing on his wound, then returned home and placed the bloody half of the skull on Zhang Qian’s head. Blood is like glue, and it's connected together. At this time, Liu Dong realized that if you want to live your life, you must be jealous!

After Liu Dong landed in QQ, "black blood" sent a message: You still kill.

Liu Dong: Don't say anything else, tell me what else to do?"

"Black blood": I want a heart.

Liu Dong: Do you mean to kill me?

"Black blood": Yes, but this person must be the one you love the most, see if you can do it.

After she finished this line, her head will be grayed out.

The most loved person? Liu Dong immediately thought of Huang Xiaoxiao.

活 Live

When Liu Donglai missed the injury on his back, he returned to school. I don't know if I got the hand. He is now full of pictures with Huang Xiaoxiao.

"How is your hand?" After the class, Huang Xiaoxiao took the initiative to find Liu Dong.

"No... nothing." Liu Dong didn't dare to look at her eyes.

"It's okay. I have to go beforehand."

Looking at Huang Xiaoxiao turned around immediately, Liu Dong didn't know what to do: "Xiao Xiao, can... can I go to a place with me?"

Huang Xiaoxiao looked at him curiously: "Where to go?"

Liu Dong brought Huang Xiaoxiao to a factory behind the school. The operation of the machine in the factory masked the guilt of Liu Dong’s heart. He leaned his head down the road and his hands were cold and sweaty.

"What are you doing with me here?" Huang Xiaoxiao asked.

"I'm sorry, Xiaoxiao."

  "what did you say?"

Liu Dong took a knife from his arms: "I'm sorry, I just want to live!" He rushed over to Huang Xiaoxiao.

Huang Xiaoxiao exclaimed and scared to fall to the ground.

Just as Liu Dong’s just about to cut Huang Xiaoxiao’s neck, he stepped on a steel pipe and his whole body fell. And his left leg accidentally reached into the working machine, his heartbreaking screams resounded throughout the factory...

Liu Dongyu opened his eyes and lay himself on the hospital bed. He could not feel the existence of his left leg. He knew that his left leg had been amputated.

"You wake up." Huang Xiaoxiao walked in with a plate of fruit.

"Xiao Xiao, I..." Liu Dong is weak.

Huang Xiaoxiao sat on the edge of the bed and began to use a knife to cut the apple: "I don't know what happened. It will make you want to kill me. I don't want to know. Don't worry, I won't blame you."

Liu Dong doesn't know what to say: "Xiao Xiao, what time is it?"

"It’s just eleven o'clock, you have been in a coma for seven hours."

Eleven? It is said that after an hour, he will die, Liu Dong thought.

"Well, don't think too much, what you have to do now is to rest well." Huang Xiaoxiao handed the cut apple to Liu Dong.

However, Liu Dong did not take the apple, but grabbed the knife in her hand, and then opened the neck of Huang Xiaoxiao with a knife, and the blood flowed out like a spring. Still can't wait for Huang Xiaoxiao to breathe, Liu Dong will open her chest and take out the heart.

Liu Dong single-handedly held the heart that stopped the peristalsis, and jumped out of the ward with his right leg.

捌 After the resurrection

When Liu Dong came home, it was already eleven. He quickly came to the basement and stuffed his heart into the chest of the body.

At this point, Huang Xiaoxiao's heart began to beat in the chest of the body. The dry body opened his eyes and stood up.

"Zhang Qian, you are finally alive!" Liu Dong was very excited.

"Thank you." Zhang Qian looked at Liu Dong's incomplete body. "But I still need blood to recover."

"You wait, I will find you right away."

"What I want is not ordinary blood, but a blood that is willing to sell for me."

Liu Dong felt a chill. He looked at Zhang Qian and his mouth trembled: "You mean..."

"Yes, it's your blood!"

Zhang Qian clung to Liu Dong and bit his neck.

Liu Dong was slowly sucked into a dry body, exactly the same as the photo in the space.

At this time, Zhang Qian has returned to the appearance of an ordinary person. She looked at Liu Dong who fell to the ground and said: "A fool, even his girlfriend killed, it is damn!"