Library ghost story

Xiaojiang was afraid to lie in bed, holding his breath and listening to any movement in the house.

He is most afraid of being alone at home. My parents have to work overtime tonight. Although he is already a junior high school student, he still has fear of loneliness and darkness.

The rhythm of a person at home is like this. Xiaojiang will listen carefully to the movement until he does not know that he is asleep, but today is the third day of the lunar calendar, the real ghost festival, or the classmates three fat people telling themselves Oh, hey! I blame the three fat guys, or they won’t be so scared.

Xiao Jiang felt a little uneasy. The usual rhythm could not jump tonight. It was already twelve o'clock. If he had already slept a lot, he was afraid and tired of his eyes.

"Hey!" Xiaojiang suddenly heard a knock on the door. "Who?" Xiaojiang asked strangely.

However, there was still no response outside the door. Xiaojiang’s heart was a little trembling. One person was most afraid of meeting the thing at home, and there were fierce gangsters robbing the room!

The knocking on the outside continued, and Xiaojiang’s heart was stuck in the eyes of the blind man. He hurriedly took out a string of prayer beads from the drawer that had been scented up the mountain and slammed it in his hand.

For a moment, the knock on the door disappeared, "Hey!" Xiaojiang sighed, it seems that it is definitely the person who wants to rob the room, but fortunately not that thing.

Suddenly the phone rang, showing the words of his wife, Xiao Jiangton was puzzled, he still has no girlfriend? How can there be a wife? And the phone does not have this number!"

"Hey! That, wrong! I don't have a wife. I am a few years old!" Xiao Jiang suddenly poured out his doubts.

"You don't remember me? Jiang Lang, the slave family has been standing at your door for a while, and you don't open the door for me!"

"Trouble the phone!"

"Is this your home phone?"


"Then I have not made a mistake! I managed to find you, I can't help me!"

"Crazy, don't call it!" Xiao Jiang hanged his phone in anger, and called in the middle of the night, messed up!

Suddenly the lamp of the house was extinguished. "Ah!" Xiaojiang shuddered, and he wouldn't be so backed up! It's a blessing, and it's a slap in the face! Xiaojiang picked up the phone to illuminate and found that the time is already a little early in the morning. Oh, hey! I just didn't dare to sleep, and I still had a power outage.

"Hey!" Xiaojiang suddenly found that something was wrong. The wireless network signal on his mobile phone is obviously good! Why the light will be extinguished, there is no power outage! I thought that Xiaojiang really felt the fear.

The lamp must have been turned off!

But there is only one person in the house!

"Hey!" Xiao Jiang heard clearly, his door was being ringed, it seems. Xiaojiang didn't dare to think about it. He hurriedly hid under the bed and held his breath in fear.

For a moment, the door was opened without any accident. From the bottom of the bed, Xiaojiang saw a pair of white ancient sneakers. The clothes that fell were like ancient robes. Xiaojiang panicked, it would not be a perverted madman!

"Jiang Lang, Jiang Lang, where are you?" Suddenly a voice of a woman came out. Xiao Jiang was very strange. It seemed to be the voice of the call. I didn't expect to find a home.

"It turns out that you like to play hide and seek. Well, I am going to catch you."

Xiaojiang still doesn't know what is going on now. How can she get in a woman at home and find Jiang Lang?

Suddenly the eyes seemed to see something horrible, stabbed, feet, the woman's feet, and she was always walking, and her movement seemed to be floating.

"Ah!" Suddenly a face appeared under the bed, Xiaojiang was scared to death, "Jiang Lang, you are hiding here!"

"No, no, you are a ghost, you are a ghost!" Xiaojiang was afraid of holding his eyes. Suddenly, the bed was overturned. The original woman waved and the bed was picked up.

The woman walked toward Xiaojiang and tried to open the hand of Xiaojiang’s eyes. "You don't want to harm me! I am just a child! I have not offended you! Go ahead!"

"Jiang Lang, you don't know me, I am Xiaomin, I am your wife, how can I harm you?"

Xiaojiang slowly put down his hand and found only a beautiful young woman with high eyebrows and high eyebrows. The eyes were like Qiu Bo, and the little cherry mouth was closed. It seemed that she was a ghost.

"Hate! Why do you look at slaves like this?"

Xiao Jiang suddenly woke up. "Yes, you are a ghost, you are a ghost, why are you pestering me!"

"Today is the third day of the lunar calendar. It is actually a ghost festival on earth, and March 3 is still a special day." The female ghost is ashamed.

"What day?"

"Valentine's Day!" Xiao Jiang scared the big jump, this female ghost will not be fancy himself, let yourself go with her!

"You, you are not asking me to die!" Xiao Jiang was afraid.

"Say it! Your former life is my husband! It seems that you are drinking Meng Po soup, don't remember even, but the slaves have been remembering the husband!"

Xiao Jiang confirmed that the female ghost would not harm herself, but she relaxed in her heart. "I really have a husband before you are a former life." The female ghost nodded seriously.

"Then why have you not been going to reincarnation!"

"The slave has always been concerned about it. I can't live through the bridge. In the past few days, I went to see you every March 3. I didn't expect you to scare you." The female ghost was pitiful.

Please, Xiaojiang has some helplessness in your heart. You scared me to death in the past few days, and still be pitiful, as for?

"Cough!" Xiaojiang cleared his throat. "If you are in Nafu, can you listen?"

"The slaves of course listen to the instructions of the husband!"

"That's good, I will take another test tomorrow, I want you to help me!"

"What is the exam?" The female ghost wondered.

"Is your ancient imperial examination system, do you understand?"

"Oh! The original husband is going to cheat! Well, I must let the husband of the high school champion!"

"Nothing is necessary, just a small test."

Xiao Jiang was happy to come to the school the next day. "Xiao Jiang, it seems to have been stunned last night!" The dead party three fat man laughed.

"You are not the same, there are panda eyes!"

At the time of the exam, Xiao Jiang wrote very quickly, and the female ghost was there to help him flip the book. He copied it as soon as possible, and soon finished writing it, and handed it in advance. Classmates and teachers were amazed. Xiao Jiang was a famous drag-and-drop. He was always the last one, or he was handed over by the teacher.

The result is undoubtedly that Xiaojiang, who has dragged down the class for two years, is ranked first in class. This can make the teacher stunned. He can only call it a genius. Xiaojiang’s parents are also surprised. high.

"Xiao Min, there is a football game the day after tomorrow, I want you to help me, I want to take the first grade!"

"Okay! Master."

Xiaojiang’s reputation in the school is getting bigger and bigger, not only learning well, but also developing morally, physically, and beautifully, and is often praised by teachers.

Time passed quickly. After a few months, Xiao Jiang was very happy. During the period, Xiao Jiang let the female ghost go to the dragon who often bullied himself. The class that he was hurting was actually pulling the stomach in the class. Even the teacher could not help but let Xiaolong rolled out of the classroom, Xiaojiang thought it was funny. And the tallest skyscraper in the city, Xiaojiang always wanted to go, and the female ghost also changed Xiaojiang to it by magic.

"Son, today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, let's have a good holiday!" Mom said that she had a chicken leg for her son. "Yes, son, now you are getting better and better at school. The teacher called me several times and said You are the top class in the class, let me and your mother pay more attention to you!" Dad said happily.

After dinner at night, Xiaojiang took a piece of moon cake and came to the room "Xiao Min, come eat moon cake!"

I saw the female ghost staring at the round moon in the sky, and there seemed to be a tear in my eyes. "What happened to you?"

"Jiang Lang, I remembered you from the previous life. It was also a full moon night. You made me a moon cake. I will remember this night forever." The female ghost is deeply affectionate.

Looking at the cute Xiaojiang, the female ghost said sadly, "Unfortunately, you don't understand my feelings, everything is God's will, Xiaojiang, I have to go, I am going to reincarnation!"

After several months of getting along, Xiaojiang was reluctant. "Are you leaving?"

"Yes! I hope that reincarnation can be done with Jiang Lang again! You take care, I can't help you in the future, I hope you can study hard, don't cheat, but in ancient times, you have to be sentenced." Female ghosts are concerned .

Looking at the female ghost slowly drifting to the round moon, Xiao Jiang's heart suddenly fell a lot.

Xiao Jiang, who grew up, realized that it was love. He deeply missed the full moon night....

Xiaowu sat back in his position. The invigilator was handing out the examination papers one by one. Soon, the examination papers were handed out to Xiaowu.  Xiaowu got the test paper. He looked at it and gave a wry smile. He really couldn't do it.  At this moment, he suddenly remembered the glasses that the girl gave him in the toilet. Xiaowu quickly took them out and put them on.

This wearing glasses can be enormous, small arms only see, in front of his eyes the questions on the test paper, incredibly have become unusually simple.  Small arms carried pens like flying in an instant. In a short time, he finished the examination paper. Even he felt incredible at this speed.

In this way, for three consecutive days of examination, Xiaowu finished the examination paper with the fastest speed. His classmates and invigilators were very different and thought that Xiaowu was going to break the jar.  In fact, small arms themselves are not sure, but, so what?  Anyway, I also have this level, the test is good and bad, also can only depend on god's will.

The results finally came out. As a result, for Xiaowu, it was really great news, because he actually came out first in the whole grade.  This kind of result was unexpected to everyone. The happiest thing was Xiaowu's parents, who informed everyone they knew and gave Xiaowu a big red envelope to play with.

Small arms feel as if they suddenly flew into the air from the ground, airy all day long, that kind of satisfaction, from small to large.  However, while he was excited, he forgot his promise to the girl.  That night, Xiao Wu was sleeping soundly when a cold wind woke him up.

He opened his eyes and saw a man standing beside him. When he saw this man clearly, he was afraid. This man was the girl who gave him glasses in the toilet.  Small arms sat up from the bed, trembling asked, you, how did you come in?  The girl said faintly, have you forgotten your original promise?

Small arms paused and said, what promise?  The girl's expression immediately became ferocious, she said maliciously, you said, you will always accompany me, how can you forget?  She grabbed Xiaowu's hand and dragged him out of bed. Xiaowu only felt that the girl's strength was surprisingly large. Before he could resist, she was pulled out of bed by the girl and dragged into his wardrobe.

Entering the wardrobe, Xiaowu saw that this was not the wardrobe full of clothes he knew, but a vacant lot. There was a incense table with two white candles on it, a censer in the middle, and three columns of incense burning inside.  But the girl was gone.

Small arms were running around. He wanted to run out of this strange place, but no matter how he ran, he couldn't run out.  At this time, a strange voice sounded, auspicious time has come, new people worship the heaven and earth.  With the sound of the voice, two people came out from the darkness, a woman wearing red wedding clothes and a cap on her head, beside her, and a person wearing the wedding attire of the Republic of China.

From the close, small arms to see clearly, the man in the costume of the republic of China, was a mummy.  Small arms frighten a butt sitting on the ground.  The mummy came up lightly, pulled up the small arms that were on the ground, walked to the woman with the red cap on her head, then retreated aside and shouted, the new couple began to worship heaven and earth.

Small arms only feel that his body has not been controlled by himself. He followed the woman with the red cap for three times stiffly. Then, small arms involuntarily uncovered the woman's red cap. The girl who appeared in front of small arms was the one who gave him glasses in the toilet. However, now the girl's face is horrible. Her lips are black, her face is green and her eyes are red.

The next day, when Xiao Wu's mother was cleaning his room, she found Xiao Wu in the wardrobe. he was standing straight in the wardrobe and had already lost his heartbeat.  The story is over. I saw the author's name, Xiaowu, at the end of the story.

When I got home, I lay in bed thinking, if I met such a girl, she could help me to get the results I wanted, would I promise to accompany her forever?  Thinking about thinking, I, slowly sleep in the past.

That night, when I went to night lessons, it was difficult to concentrate my thoughts. I always thought about the plot of yesterday's story. Perhaps, the story may be very similar to my current situation. The night lessons ended when I was distracted.

As usual, I came to the library again, found the story area, and took out the ghost story of the library that I didn't finish reading yesterday. I opened the second ghost story.

Xiao Yan is a senior 3 student. She does not feel any pressure when facing the college entrance examination.  The reason is very simple. Her grades have always been the best in her class.  But her character is very lonely, and no one knows what she thinks, including her family.

Xiaoyan is different from other students. Others study under the supervision of their parents and teachers. Xiaoyan has always been studying by himself and never needs the supervision of others.  Sometimes, Xiao Yan's family will even persuade him not to learn any more, because she is not interested in anything but learning.

As we all know, although high school life is mostly learning, high school life also includes youth and warm blood, such as small Yan, this kind of situation is very abnormal.  She has no friends and no one will approach her voluntarily. She comes and goes, attends classes, goes home, eats and sleeps alone every day.

Xiao Yan's family sometimes invites her classmates to play at home, but no one is willing to come, because everyone knows that Xiao Yan is an eccentric person.  Being with her can drive people crazy. No matter what you say to her, she is always a stiff one. Even if she discusses learning with her, she will not ignore you.

Gradually, Xiao Yan's family no longer spoke to her, and Xiao Yan became even less talkative. In this way, no one paid attention to her any more, as if she were a non-existent person.  In fact, Xiao Yan's heart is very eager to make friends, but she never expressed it.

Xiaoyan has been an introverted person since she was a child. She doesn't like to talk, but it doesn't mean she doesn't like to make friends. However, her character doomed her friends to be fewer and fewer.  At the end of the day, other people's attention was only on her study. Others, Xiaoyan, was absolutely useless. No one likes to make friends with a silent person.

In fact, Xiaoyan's parents only think that it is a problem of Xiaoyan's character. If they can take Xiaoyan to see a psychologist, maybe this situation will change. In fact, Xiaoyan is autistic, and this kind of symptom can be cured through the guidance of a psychologist. However, Xiaoyan's parents do not know about this, so, Xiaoyan has become what he is now.

However, no matter how lonely people are, they all have their own hobbies. Xiao Yan's hobby is reading books, no matter what books she reads.  And of course, her favorite place to go is the library.  In the library, Xiaoyan will temporarily forget everything, where all the books are her friends and she is no longer lonely!

Xiaoyan stayed in the library every day until late at night before she was persuaded to go home by the administrator.  The administrator here is an old man with a cold face all day long. However, this is not surprising to Xiaoyan, because she herself has a cold face all day long.

It was the end of another day's lesson. After leaving school, Xiaoyan went directly to the library. She found some books and then sat down and looked at them quietly.  Until very late, Xiaoyan was immersed in the sea of books.  May be bowed their heads and read for too long, small he felt his neck acid and hemp.

She looked up and moved her neck. Then she looked at the time and it was already 12 o'clock in the middle of the night.  Xiao Yan thought to himself, why didn't the administrator come to let her go today?  She was very strange and stood up to leave.  She came to the door of the library and found it closed.

Small, the in the mind a little nasty, won't be the administrator left her here?  But on second thought, no, the lights here are not turned off, how can the administrator go?  Just thinking about it, little Yan felt a little chilly behind her. she turned and looked, and a withered old man stood behind her.

Small he let out a cry of panic, just want to push open the door and ran out.  But she pushed the door hard, but the door did not open. At this moment, she felt a burst of cool wind blowing around her neck behind her. Little Yan's heart beat faster, and now she turned to run to the other side of the library regardless of the door.

Small, quickly ran through the rows of bookshelves, finally she hid in the corner of the rows of bookshelves, hand over your mouth squatted down.  Her eyes were fixed on the front channel, and she did not dare to make a sound.  After a while, the passage in front of Xiao Yan slowly came to a person, the person's body was stiff, his legs seemed not to bend, while his hands were swinging up and down.

Small, has been looking at the body of the same person walked past her, she just closed her eyes, deep breath a sigh of relief.  When she opened her eyes again, little Yan's heart almost stopped because she was standing in front of the corpse-like person who had just passed her.

Small Yan squatted in the corner, she looked up at the person in front of her, it was a mixed body stiff, dry face, his hair is white, his hands to the front, straight to the small Yan.  Small, think, this should be the administrator, just, how did he become like this?

Xiao Yan was too frightened to move at all.  At this time, the same person as the corpse began to speak.  His voice is very strange, he said to little Yan, you have no friends, you have no relatives, you are a lonely person, your life is meaningless, you can't reflect your value, hey hey hey, are you alive, still interesting?

Xiao Yan was originally very scared, but after hearing these words, she froze, and then tears came out.  She felt that the man in front of her was right. She really had no reason to live.  Just as little Yan felt sorry for himself, a piece of paper floated down in front of her. little Yan caught it subconsciously. then the strange voice rang again. do as it says. maybe you will get what you want.

Little Yan did not know how he got home. Her parents saw her coming back so late and did not ask any more questions. They went back to their room.  Xiaoyan returned to her room. She hit the paper she got in the library and looked at it for a while. Xiaoyan smiled. She was very happy.

The next day, when Xiao Yan's mother came in to clean the bedroom for Xiao Yan, she saw that Xiao Yan was not in the bedroom. her mother was very strange. she just wanted to go out and look for it. she felt that her feet were sticky and looked down. there was a piece of blood at her feet.  The source of this blood is the wardrobe behind her.

Xiao Yan's mother let out a cry and passed out.  Xiao Yan's father rushed in and found his wife lying in a pool of blood. He quickly lifted her up and called the police.  When the police arrived, they opened the wardrobe and found Xiao Yan standing inside.

At this time of the small he scared the police also not light, see her face is green, eyes are red, she mixed body is blood, has long been dead.  When the forensic doctor arrived, he found that Xiao Yan's stomach had been cut open, and her face was green, which she smeared on her face with her own bile.

At last, the police found a piece of paper at Xiaoyan's feet, which said that to moisten the face with courage is the only way to get what you need.  Xiao Yan's parents took care of her funeral affairs under extremely sad circumstances, but one thing is very strange, that is, when cleaning up Xiao Yan's belongings, they found that Xiao Yan's black-framed glasses had disappeared. they remembered that Xiao Yan was still wearing them on his face when he came home the night before the accident.

The second story is over. At the end of the story, I saw the author's name, Xiaoyan!  After reading the story, I suddenly understood something.  In the first story, Xiao Wu met a girl with black glasses.  Don't, she is little yan?  The mummy who officiated at their wedding was the librarian whom Xiao Yan met?

I didn't expect that the two stories are still related, but one thing I don't understand is, how do the authors of the two stories have a name with the main character in the story?  Is it to frighten readers better?  Well, it should be.  I thought to myself like this. I looked at the time. It was almost 10 o'clock and I could read another story.

I turned to the third story. Levin is a high school student.  Seeing this, I was shocked. How come I'm a high school student again?  Is this a campus ghost story?  However, this does not prevent me from continuing to read the story. Whatever story he has, let's look at it first.

Leiwen's performance is not very good, how to say, he belongs to the kind of person who is partial, liberal arts is especially good, science is a mess.  In order to meet the upcoming college entrance examination, Levin is also a head hanging beam, awl stab stocks.  After studying day and night, I have to go to the library not far from home to read books.

However, no matter how hard he tried, the effect was far from expected.  In this way, Levin also slowly became depressed. He often couldn't lift his spirits when studying. When he got home, his parents forced him to read more books. His heart was full of irritability and he often quarreled with his family.

On one occasion, he looked up the review materials in the library and looked at them. He really couldn't learn any more, so he didn't look at the so-called review materials again, but looked at other books.  He read a martial arts novel that day. He was deeply attracted by the plot in the book. Before he finished reading it, he was expelled from the library by the administrator.

The next day, he got off the night lessons and hurried to the library. He found the martial arts novel and continued to read it.  Finally, he finished reading this martial arts novel. Just when he wanted to leave, he found another book. The cover of this book was gray. He was very strange. He took it out and opened the first page. It said, "Ghost Story of the Library."

Levin seldom read ghost stories, but he was curious about the contents of this book and opened the first story to read.  No sooner had he finished reading the first story than he was driven away by the administrator.  That night, when he returned home, his parents asked him about his recent studies. He replied impatiently.

Raven's father is a rough man. When he saw his son talking to himself like this, he became angry.  Staring at him will come up to beat him, and Raven's mother added fuel to the argument. Raven couldn't bear it any longer, so he started quarrelling with his mother.  His mother cried loudly when she saw Levin talking back to herself.

At this moment, Levin's father rushed over and slapped him in the face. Levin's eyes turned black.  At the same time, his heart also changed. He gritted his teeth and silently beat and scolded his father.  Until he was tired at last, he waved to Levin to roll. Levin turned and walked into his room, closing the door heavily.

Levin sat quietly in his room, his heart more think more hate.  His mother would say every day that she had no ambition and that all the money spent on him was wasted. It would be better to buy some cattle.  As long as Levin replied, her mother would burst into tears as if she had been wronged. At this moment, her grumpy father would rush over and beat her violently.

In the dark, Levin's hands were clenched into fists.  He doesn't want to live like this any longer, he doesn't want to be humiliated like this any more, so he wants revenge.  Levin quietly walked out of the bedroom door, then came to the kitchen, stretched out his hand and grabbed a kitchen knife, walked to his parents' room.

When I saw my parents in bed mixed with blood, Levin was very cold.  He doesn't feel any sad. He even wants to laugh now.  However, in the end he still cried. He cried silently. Facing the body of his parents, he finally stopped being scolded and beaten. Then, he pointed his kitchen knife at the artery on his neck and cut it down severely.

After reading the third story, I looked down the end of the story. Sure enough, the end of the story said, Author, Levin.  At this time, it was already over 11 o'clock in the middle of the night. I looked up at the front. A stiff man was standing in front of me. His hair was gray and his face was dry.

I got up and walked to the front of the corpse-like person, then I smiled at him and rubbed his body and walked past. I was not afraid of him, because I was similar to him, so I wouldn't be afraid of him.  By the way, I forgot to say, in fact, my name is Levin!