Women under the tree of ghost stories

Another night came, and roommate Wang gang volunteered, "it's my turn tonight!"

"This is also a true ghost story!  And it was also my own experience as a child.

The roommates listened quietly.

It was a late autumn season. Both rice and fruits from various trees had fallen to the ground. The golden yellow of rice and the red and sweet fruit had attracted our children who were full of longing for the future.

That day, after playing farewell with a group of close friends, I hurried home ...

"I'm hungry!"  My stomach growled and I hurried on my legs, seeing that I had reached the outside of my courtyard, I slowly slowed down.

Outside his courtyard, a puppet tree was planted. Grandpa said that he planted it when he was still very young. Now it has a history of several decades.

Today, it seems that in this late autumn season, there is a bit of cold hanging over me, making my goose bumps come out of my skin.

My body quivered gently, "Why is it so cold today?"  He said, and headed for the hospital. However, at the moment when I looked back, there was a woman standing under the puppet tree in Yu Guangzhong.  "But why didn't I find it when I came?"

When I looked at the puppet tree again, where were there any women?  "It must be dazzled!"  My mouth shouted.

But what happened next, I had to believe my eyes!

After seeing the woman under the puppet tree, every time after school, I would pay close attention to whether there was anyone under the tree, and then turn my head again to make sure that there was no one, then I could go into the yard at ease.

It began to rain in the sky, and the students braved the rain to rush home one after another. Of course, I was no exception. When I got home, I must have been drowned.

I was wet all over, so I simply stopped running. "It's wet anyway, so go slowly!"  My heart nagged and slowed down at the same time.

From a distance, I saw my own courtyard and the puppet tree outside.

After the tree leaves rattled, pieces of fallen leaves fell with the wind.

At the moment, I was wet and looked at the puppet tree. My body trembled violently. There was a man standing under the puppet tree!

The rain covered my sight, and the tree in front of me was so vague that I could not see who it was.

"Pa, Pa" splashing in the puddle, my footsteps kept running towards the puppet tree.

"Mom, is that you?"  I ran and shouted, but there was no echo.

It seems that everything seems so strange, rain, or the sound of the next stop.

The rain was so heavy that it seemed that my voice was scattered by the rain, but I just didn't hear it.

The distance from the puppet tree is getting closer and closer, and my yard is also close at hand, but I still run towards the puppet tree.

The figure in the line of sight became clearer and clearer, but my heart retreated, because it was not my mother ... but a woman I didn't know!

This is a woman who wears cheongsam, her feet are bare, and her toes are oozing white in the mud.

And this woman is laughing at herself!  Suddenly I felt goose bumps all over my body and my hair stood upright.

The woman smiled strangely, as if something was right in her throat, and hoarse laughter echoed in my ears.

She stretched out her pale and talon-like hands and grabbed me ...

At the moment, my heart is like being caught by a cat. I am anxious to escape from this woman's sight. Fear pervades my mind.

"Ghost!"  I shouted and ran to the yard, but I was on the verge of the gate, and my shoulder seemed to be severely pulled back!

I wanted to shout so that my family could hear me, but my mouth seemed to be jammed with something and could only whine.

I turned my head and looked back. There was not a single figure. Even the "woman" under the tree was missing.

The pulling force of "plop" disappeared, so that I fell in a puddle.

Strive hard to get up and stride towards the hospital.

"Grandpa, Grandpa" I shouted, but I never saw grandpa or even his family open the door.

Maybe I just didn't hear it, but my beating heart seemed unable to bear the peace except the rain!

It's so quiet, it's like a deserted village.

The courtyard was quiet, and the sound of rain pouring down gave the quiet courtyard an extraordinarily strange atmosphere.

I don't know whether to retreat or knock on the door.

"Shout, shout" mouth mercilessly gasped for air, dripping water stains on wet clothes, but I didn't care.

Because, the door, was pulled away from the room ...

The door of the room was opened, and the room had a clear view, but there was no one to open it!

"Who ... is it?"  I poked around the door and looked into the corner of the room, but there was not a single figure!

"Grandpa and grandma?  And where has mother gone? "  I muttered to myself.

"Can't go in!"  My heart seems to show strong resistance to everything, perhaps because today seems too strange?

Fear pervades my mind, and the fear of the unknown is the most terrible.

It seems that this strange source comes from the "woman" under the puppet tree.  .

I stood in front of the door and looked at the room, all of a sudden, my body suddenly back, fell in the hospital, I swallow saliva mercilessly.

A pair of bare and white legs dangled on the edge of the door!

Only one leg was exposed while the upper body was covered.

That is exactly the legs of the "woman" under the puppet tree!  Abnormal infiltration of white, no little color, blood vessels exposed under the pale skin.

I ran to the outside of the hospital in panic. At the moment, there was only one thought: "Run away!  To run away. "

The rain curtain makes the world in front of us desolate. Dead trees and branches and fallen leaves confuse the soil muddy by the rain.

"Tread, tread, tread" splash.  I ran desperately, my mind was confused, and fear had already filled my mind.

I was already very tired when the water flowed down my limbs, but the thought of that strange "woman" soon covered my body with goose bumps.

But no matter where I go, I always feel a pair of eyes staring at me behind me!

"hey!  Xiao Rui, what are you running for?  How did you get into this? "  From a distance, I heard the voice of my friend, just like I caught a lifeline.

I grabbed him and said, "Quick, go to your house!"

I don't care how confused he is at the moment, I grabbed him and ran, "I'll explain to you when I get to your house!"

Along the way, the two stumbled and ran vigorously, with water stains everywhere, but in the face of that strange "woman", everything seemed less important.

I turned my head and looked at him: "why are your hands so cold?"

But he hey hey smile, smile of flesh rolling, strips of blood on the cheek, pieces of black blood on the clothes erosion.

"ah!"  I was horrified to break those unusually cold hands and flinched back. I saw this friend turned into that woman in a twinkling of an eye!

She squeezed my neck hard, breathing has become so luxurious ...

"ah!"  A loud cry came out of my mouth. In class, all the students looked at me. It turned out that it was just a dream.

I wiped the sweat from my head, lowered my head and pressed down my beating heart.

After school, I am now at the school gate, thinking back to that dream. A sudden fear hit me: "It's just a dream."

Suddenly, I turned around and a scream came from the teaching building.

I saw a group of teachers carrying a fallen and unconscious teacher to the car.

The coma teacher, still sitting in his dream of the woman ...

And on my body, there is still a person sitting, she covered my eyes ...

After ...

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