Evening study phone

Zhang Zhenhua was hiding in an empty classroom on the phone with his girlfriend. This time it was the second night study class, and here was Huaxin College Entrance Examination tutorial school.

It is October now, and it has been three months since the beginning of the Huaxin College Entrance Examination tutorial school.  The so-called senior three and senior four, the most difficult thing is not the adjustment at the beginning and the struggle at the end.  The hardest part is the middle period, when the time is so long and the heart is so tired, how to stick to it, as if you can't see your head or hope.  Every day is repeated mechanical training, making questions, commenting on topics, and then various kinds of questions and so on, endless general.  And Zhang Zhenhua, it is also at this time, put the original intention behind him and began to muddle along.

In the second month of the holiday, he brought his cell phone.  He's not using his cell phone to study. He's just beginning to feel lonely.  Endure loneliness to maintain prosperity, but even if you know this truth, it is useless.  He still brought his cell phone.

Zhang Zhenhua has a girlfriend, but because he was a relatively young student at that time, he actually found a younger sister for his girlfriend.  However, it doesn't matter, because their ages are not much different.

All right, let's talk less about unimportant matters, and here we are just going to give a brief explanation.

In this way, after Zhang Zhenhua brought the mobile phone, he talked on the phone with his little girlfriend every night. After all, his little girlfriend was younger than him for two times. Even if he resumed reading, she was only a sophomore there.  Therefore, his girlfriend has nothing to do with the long telephone porridge every night, and he is miserable. He always dozes off in the first class every day and is unable to keep up his spirits.  The monitor happens to be in his bedroom.

Under the persuasion of the monitor of the class, coupled with the fact that everyone is still single and dissatisfied with the fact that calling during the late break affects everyone's rest, Zhang Zhenhua decided not to call again at night.  Instead, he brought his cell phone into the teaching area and talked to his girlfriend on the phone during the night study period.  However, bringing mobile phones into the teaching area is a serious violation of discipline. However, it seems nothing to him.

After that, Zhang Zhenhua did not doze off in the first class, and everyone slept well at night. However, a week later, Zhang Zhenhua went to the empty classroom again to call his girlfriend.

Due to the shortage of students this year, the classrooms originally prepared by Huaxin cram school for college entrance examination had to be vacant for three rooms, all in dongtou.  This, in turn, provides a convenient opportunity for Zhang Zhenhua.  Of course, he did not dare to turn on the light when he called.  Otherwise, there will be lights in this empty classroom, and outsiders will definitely come to see it. In case the teacher finds out, they will have to face the music.

Little imagine, people like to do some secret things in dark places, in this world, some special things, also like to do their own behavior in the dark.  For example ... maybe you are lying in bed, the room is dark and there is a ghost beside you?  Yes, some things like ghosts.

In the opening scene, during night lessons, Zhang Zhenhua went to the empty classroom to make a phone call as usual.  He has come so many times that he has felt clearly where there are obstacles and where he can go, and there is no problem in the darkness.  According to the route in his mind, he came to the corner of the empty classroom, then he squatted down and turned on his cell phone.

The pale cell phone backlight hit him in the face, as if, some scary.  At this time, the door of the empty classroom was "bang!"  On the ground, suddenly closed automatically.

Originally, the empty classroom could have seen some things vaguely with the help of the diffuse light from the corridor through which the door entered. However, at this moment, when the door was closed, the whole room was plunged into absolute opaque darkness, only the pale back of the mobile phone shone on his pale face.

He doesn't care about this. Maybe it's windy outside.  After all, the window is at one end of the corridor, and the wind and the closed door can make sense.  However, he ignored the fact that he did not hear the door closing of other classrooms and the wind could not be directed at only one classroom.

He pressed the number of the dial and called it.  Girlfriend didn't set color ring or anything, he only heard the beep.  However, the 11 waiting beeps passed, the girlfriend still did not answer the phone and the signal was cut off automatically.

What's happening?  My girlfriend doesn't answer the phone?  I didn't do anything wrong.  Is there something wrong with your girlfriend?  He was a little nervous.  He quickly hung up the button and sent a message to his girlfriend.  Her girlfriend showed 4G online, but ... did not reply to his message.

After waiting for a long time, he dialed again.  However, this time it was answered without ringing.  He was just overjoyed, but it was only a few tenths of a second before he fell into panic.

On the other side of the receiver, it is not the voice of my girlfriend at all.  It was a laugh that sounded ... strange, so to speak, miserable.  His heart was upset and he shouted at the receiver and asked, but the other party did not give any answer. The only sound coming from the receiver was the horrible laughter.  But then, the phone was strangely cut off automatically.

What's happening?  Zhang Zhenhua once again fell into worries about his girlfriend.  However, he did not know that he was really worried about himself.

Take down your mobile phone and glance at the screen, only to find that ... there is no signal!  But what is this place?  No way!

Just as Zhang Zhenhua was thinking at sixes and sevens, a clicking sound came to Zhang Zhenhua's ears, listening to the sound as if it were very close to him ...

He picked up his cell phone and was just looking for it when he found out that it was his cell phone screen that was broken up!  Then, unexpectedly ... I clearly returned to the desktop just now, and now the mobile phone interface turned out to be a call recording interface. Then, a withered hand broke through the crack and emerged from the mobile phone.

Zhang Zhenhua immediately lost his cell phone and ran away, but this time he was out of his mind. Where do you remember how to get there?  Knock and knock, immediately fell to the ground.  Glanced at the cell phone, huh?  The hand is missing?  But a turn, it is a highly decaying head almost close to his eyes!