Dried human placenta

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  Xiao Ying's diploma is very high. She graduated from university. However, after more than one year's graduation, she has not found a job and is waiting for work at home.

  It's not that Xiao Ying doesn't have a solid professional foundation. When she was in college, she got full marks and the highest scholarship for four consecutive years.

  It's reasonable to say that after such students graduate, the employing units should be all scrambling for jobs. But why hasn't Xiao Ying found a job?

  The reason is very simple, because the times have changed, from an era of strength and level to an era of face, so Xiao Ying has run into a wall everywhere. For more than a year, she has not found a job.

  Small cherry is not not beautiful, melon face, willow eyebrow, cherry mouth, in line with the Chinese aesthetic concept.

  But her face was full of teasing. The teasing on her face seemed to be pocketed, which completely wasted the face shape.

  Even the waiter in the small restaurant can't do it. There is only one reason. The customer can't eat these two couplets.

  To say that this face has grown like this, it can't blame Xiaoying. It's a natural disaster. It's the way it was born, but the fact is that it's so cruel that Xiaoying can't find a job.

  For this face, Xiao Ying did not think of a way. She went to several hospitals, met many famous experts and professors, and used many expensive drugs.

  However, it has no effect at all. Under the stimulation of the medicine, it becomes more and more ugly. From the original face full of pimples to the face full of pockmarks, you say, how frightening it is.

  Until one day, a girl friend told Xiao Ying that Zihe car has super beauty effect and belongs to traditional Chinese medicine. There is no side effect. You can try it.

  Xiaoying is very surprised after receiving this news. She specially checks the information of Ziheche on the Internet.

  Under this check, Xiao Ying's face turns green directly. What is a Zihe car?

  Ziheche is the placenta of a woman. It's disgusting to think about it. How can I eat it?

  Xiaoying's psychology is very hesitant. After all, this kind of food is not random. Once there is a problem, the consequences are very serious.

  "Xiaoying, why are you so stupid? It's called health preservation. Now the rich people eat this. There are people in Shenzhen and Guangdong who eat children specially. It's an open secret. What are you afraid of?

  Besides, it's just a placenta. It's not a living child. If you eat it, you'll eat it. It's no big deal.

  It's a lifetime event. If you don't eat now, you won't have a job, you won't find a partner, you'll be old and lonely.

  What's more, look at it. When you get to the street, everyone is hiding from you. Even if you approach actively, you will stare at you like a giant panda. Isn't that pleasant? "

  My best friend said to Xiao Ying.

  If the placenta is really effective, she will eat it. Although she was disgusted at that time, once it is effective, her life will be completely changed.

  Introduced by her best friend, Xiao Ying came to a small clinic beside a hospital building.

  The gatekeeper was a black and thin man in a white coat, with a beard on his face. He seemed to have a sinister feeling.

  After Xiao Ying explained his intention, the big black man took out a black plastic bag from the inside of the counter and handed it to Xiao Ying.

  After Xiaoying got the placenta, her mind was beating. She felt someone was staring at her. Her face was burning like a thief. She walked in panic.

  Only half the way home, Xiaoying felt a little cold behind her back, and felt that her back was almost frozen.

  You know, it's summer. The normal temperature is above 20 degrees. Why does this happen?

  Xiaoying felt strange and looked at the black plastic bag she was carrying. In between, the black plastic bag turned white. At the same time, there was a bloody child crawling out of the bag, which was very scary.


  In a big surprise, Xiao Ying left the black plastic bag on the street and ran frantically towards the rental house she rented.

  Back home, as soon as Xiao Ying opened the door, she saw that the black plastic bag she had just thrown away was actually in her own house.

  Xiaoying panicked. She turned to enter the room, left the black plastic bag and closed the door tightly.