Ten o'clock at night, horror fright _ campus ghost story

Submitted by Chinese ghost story on 2019-10-14 13:21

One night, a boy was going to take a class and took a candle to go to the study room to go to class. He went in from the back door and saw a girl in front of him faintly reading. He didn't care. Time passed by, and he suddenly looked up and asked: What time was the classmate? The girl did not return, whispered: 10:30. Quietly After another, the boys asked: What time is it? The girl: 10:30. The boys were very strange. They didn't care, they left.

The next night, the boy went to the study room and still saw the girl sitting in front. speechless. The night is deep, the boys can't stand the loneliness, and ask: What time is it? At 10:30, the boys are a bit strange: What happened to this woman?

On the third night, the boy brought the watch and still came to the study room with the candle. Sure enough, the girl is still sitting in front. The night gradually deepened, and the boys asked: What time is it? The girl replied: 10:30. The boys looked at the watch, the time was clearly eleven o'clock, so they went up to question the girl: Time is wrong, why do you always tell me that it is half past ten?! The girl did not answer, but looked up, only see 狰狞A grimace; the upper body is separated from the lower body, and the mouth continues to read: 10:30, 10:30, 10:30, 10:30

A scream rang through the entire school building and echoed in the cold night sky.

The next morning, people found the boy downstairs. Although he was still alive, he was already mad. People only heard him say a word: 10:30 and 10:30.

Besides, what else can he say?

That school building was abandoned.