The dead are also affectionate.

These days, the people in the small fence village were scared by a female ghost. No one dared to walk the night at night, because there was a strange thing in the village. Every night, there was a man with a shawl who came to the village to steal chicken. And if you catch the chicken, you will leave, regardless of whether the chicken is called or not.

There are old and young chickens in the village, and there is a young man named Daxie. He thinks that someone might deliberately pretend to be a ghost to scare people to steal chicken. In the middle of the night, when Dad heard the chicken in his yard, he hurryed to see what was going on.

The moon was very bright this evening, and there was a white man next to the chicken coop in the corner of the yard. He was bending over and grabbing the chicken there. "Who is so daring! I have come out, no matter what." Stealing chicken?"

"Cough...cough..." Daxie deliberately coughed twice, and thought that he would scare away the chicken thief. I didn't expect the white man to catch the chicken there.

It’s unbearable, and I’m so embarrassed that I took the top bar and walked over. I lifted it up and looked at the white man. I just said, “You’re also deceiving a dog’s day, I’m coughing, You still have to steal..."

What Daxie did not expect was that the white man had a stick and seemed to have no reaction. He grabbed two chickens in the chicken nest and slowly stood up. When her two hands grabbed a chicken and turned back, she came directly to the face with a big face. After seeing it, she couldn’t help but scream, and the top door bar that had been lifted slowly fell.

"Seven...hey, how is it... you? are not already..."

The seven scorpions in this mouth are the daughter-in-law of the brother of the two brothers. The two tigers are a bitter person. They are only married in the 30s. The Cuihua married and came pregnant. The big fairy in the neighboring village gave it a look. It was a Son, since then, the two tigers have worked harder. But this day does not follow people's wishes. When Cuihua was pregnant in October, she waited for a childbirth. The two tigers got an unfortunate news. The daughter-in-law Cuihua was hard to die. The last one was two lives, and both of them lost their lives. Because it is a horizontal death, it will be buried for three months according to the local rules.

But why did she come to the village to steal chicken? At this time, the two eyes of Cuihua looked at the front blankly, and the eyeballs turned up and could not see the black eyeballs. The white lips were black and black, giving a feeling of sinisterness. The big cockroaches scared the souls of the three souls and flew them out. They got a pair of pants when they urinated.

At this time, Cuihua raised her stiff arm and shook the chicken in her hand and said, "I steal these chickens, it is for the children to eat, my children are hungry." After that, I did not pay attention to the amnesty, but turned and moved. The stiff pace went towards the two tigers.

When I saw the seven emerald flowers, I didn’t harm myself. At this time, my courage grew bigger and quietly followed her behind. When Cuihua went to the gate of the two tigers, she looked up and looked at the yard. The yard has unlimited nostalgia.

Looking at it, Cuihua suddenly cried. If you are not afraid and listen carefully, you will find Cuihua’s crying with infinite resentment and sadness.

At this time, Cuihua slowly crouched down and extended her hands to the courtyard. When she looked at her hands, she found that she had no flesh and blood in her hands, only the ribs were connected, and people looked at them. tremble.

After seeing the yard, Cuihua cried again and cried and said, "Who is going to save my child, who will save my child, my child is pitiful in the grave, my child is in the grave. So pitiful." Just crying, people listened to my heart sour.

Cuihua became more and more crying and sad, sighed again and again, cried for a while and turned and walked outside the village. He took a step back and walked two steps and turned back. Although the action was stiff, it was obvious that she seemed to have a very good position on this yard. She.

Looking at it, tears couldn't help but fall down. They all said that it was a dead man. When they died, they gave up everything in the world and became an unconscious, feelingless body. As can be seen in front of the scene, Cuihua is still deeply affectionate about this yard.

Cuihua went far away, and the big cockroaches wiped the tears. When I looked back at the two tigers, I saw that the two tigers had their heads out, and their eyes were round and round, and they had already become tears.

Daxie walked over and said to the two tigers: "Seven uncles, did you hear what the blind man said?"

The two tiger nodded. "But... but she is already dead. It is a ghost now."

Dad sighed and said: "Yes! But since people are divided into good and evil, then the ghosts are also divided into good and evil! I don't think it is a devil, or else my little life will be explained."

The two tigers said: "Yah, you mean... yes, what should I do now?"

Daxie said: "Seven uncles, let's go behind the scorpion and see if she is going there. What is going on?"

At this time, Cuihua has slowly gone, although there is still a lot of reluctance to go back, but after all, this time the chicken has been called. The two men had been following the new grave. They saw that Cuihua had turned around the grave for two laps. Looking at the four people, they even slowly got into the grave.

"Isn't the Seven Miles already born in the shackles?" Daxie quietly told the two tigers.

"There is this possibility!" The two tigers answered.

When the light was completely released, the two came to the grave of Cuihua. They saw a hole in the grave. A bloody smell came out of the hole. It was clear and clear, and the thin skin coffin of the white skin also had a hole. Moreover, the wall of the cave is mixed, which makes people feel that it is like a handcuff.

"Fast... Come home and get the shovel, crowbar... I heard the cry of the child inside." Big screaming.

When the two found iron shovel and crowbar, they dug the grave, and the coffin cover opened, only to see that the coffin was full of dead chicken. At this time, the two tigers madly jumped into the coffin and threw the dead chicken out. Throwing and throwing, I heard a loud cry of "Wow...", and there was a white fat little fat boy in the coffin holding a chicken to suck blood. One person sleeping next to the child is the two tiger's wife.

The two tigers explored the breath of the explorer flower and found that they didn't breathe. Then they looked at the child who was crying. The two tigers felt a painful pain and grabbed the child's hand. They said with amazement: "It is hot, this is My bones, I have a son!"

When the two tigers said this, they saw two crystal tears streaming down the face of Cuihua, and her face still had a smile.

However, the two hands of Cuihua are already sacred bones. When I look at the coffin cover, there are still traces of pork and blood. The two tigers and the big stunned. "She... for the children, she used a pair of meat. Hand, he made a hole in the coffin cover."

The story is said to be finished, and the story's off-topic means that after a person dies, it will not become a devil. Some people will have a kind of good thoughts in their hearts after death, so that they will become special under special circumstances. Have thoughts, feelings, and be good devils who will not harm people...