Funeral in a deserted village

Here is a lonely village, which itself emits the atmosphere of different villages. Let people think about what is frowning, or just look at it until it happens.

The village is situated in a large field, and whenever the crop grows taller, it is more isolated.

At the end of the field is a road. Crossing the stone bridge is the dirt road into the village. The dirt road is actually a long grass, so it is impossible to enter the village.

There are a few families scattered here, and the disorder is distributed in the whitish land. The entrance to the village road is made of stone, and it is stretched and comfortable like a rain-filled living creature.

The sun is falling straight into this land, and the white and tasteless is flooding here.

After lunch, many of my relatives chat with each other. Coming from home all the way, Yu Lun’s happy mood came to an abrupt end. Listen to the ear, the silence of death.

He spoke of the neighbors not far away, looked up and saw the house intact, but it was still desolate everywhere. The desolate atmosphere compared to this village makes one of the people awkward.

This village is a trace of life left by the youth of the city in the last century. Listening to the old man said that it used to be a place to bury the dead. The dead in that era is everywhere.

And they were arranged here to build a simple house. Work here during the day to rest at night.

The young people in the countryside have a woman and another man who are interested in each other, and the other man also likes the woman, so things have a strange and strange occurrence.

My relatives have a fortune-telling set from the longest person I know, to the people of my uncle. It seems to be a more valuable letter with the story of this clothes.

Moreover, there is a terrible thing in the speech.

At that time, there were more than a decade of experience. It is a great joy to say that Sun’s wife is on the door, but the old lady is serious. Others don't understand it. After more than ten years, people know why she is against marriage.

As a result, the grandson of the grandson was opened with a knife and was not found until the next morning. The murderer was salvaged in the well of the village.

The village gives people an inexplicable sense of loneliness, and the place that wants to be abandoned seems to be in a space that is not seen.

Relatives continue to tell the story that happened around them.

Later, the interested men and women became married, and their children lived here. Later, some of them settled here and settled here. In recent years, his family’s strange things have continued to happen.

The grandson went to school outside the field, and he was able to get home soon after riding a bicycle. In addition, the school did not have a dormitory. Therefore, several children with neighbors spent the night studying and riding bicycles to go home overnight.

It is also strange to say that every day they come back always to hug home, and the distance between them is sometimes zero.

In the high cornfield, the wind blew, and the laughter of several children disappeared when they left their mouths. One day, as usual, his grandson was riding in front.

Suddenly a sudden brake, straight to the raised hard clods, lips and half of the face at that time the blood flowed like a wind blowing high corn stalks.

The child behind was frightened at the time, and he slammed his foot and rushed to his home. They have heard their voices before they even arrive at the village. A few families rushed to the place where the child fell, sitting diagonally in the darkness, and bowed his head.

When I got close, I shouted two times and didn't answer. I pushed a few times and looked like a dream. I looked up and half of my face was already bloody and fuzzy. I stared at us with my eyes, and the light reflected back on my body. I feel cool.

The last few people were so easy to carry him home. Shortly after returning home, my eyes gradually lost my luster, and then I didn't know anyone.

The other children listened to him at the time, "someone in front." The relative said repeatedly, "You know what he saw."

It’s not that one day the grandson was alone at home, and suddenly the house started to catch fire. Later, it was said that someone was ignited, and only he saw it.

His house was a strange thing. When he came out for a walk at night, he walked under a tree. The trunk suddenly fell straight from the air of more than ten meters, passing through the palm of his hand.

"Don't you know fortune telling?"

I really found this thing, but there is something to say about it. It’s really hard to clean up.

Not long after, the child who lost consciousness. One night, I suddenly broke away from going to the cropland, and no one could come back. In the crop field, he said to himself that he did not dare to go in and ask him to come out.

The next day, one day, he was found in front of a grave. The family is only a mental illness. When you go to the hospital in the city to eat a few pills, you will get better. When you get home, you will become the same. It will be self-speaking and empty.

Soon after, a man came from the village and said that his family was not clean. He asked for two packs of cigarettes and left.

Finally, I heard that there was a great horse in Henan. I asked for a lot of things, but the result was not effective.

Finally, everyone discussed the child to talk to his grave and see what happened. Everyone in this old grave village knows who it is.

Several firecrackers were placed before the excavation, and a few pieces of yellow paper were sprinkled. A rotten human bone in the tomb can also identify rusty tools alongside the skull.

In this scene, everyone guessed the result. Contacting his family for a bad job was retribution. No one has said anything about it. No one wants to say it in the same village for generations.

The grave was eventually moved out.

The sun moved, and the desolate scene in the shadows made people shudder. The story of listening to the ear after returning home became cold and there was no impulse to make people want to hear. It can be said that the scene of the family and that there is a heaven in the sky.

I thought the family was quiet from now on, and I didn't expect the home to be worse.

The child suddenly fell to the ground without knowing it, his face turned white. Adults sometimes see someone in the room, and when they look at the truth, they are just home scenes.

Sometimes my family doesn't dare to stay and spend the night at a neighbor's house. Suddenly, one day the family ran out of the house and saw the ghost.

I can't see anything to chase them. That scene is really pitiful. The most unfortunate thing is that the grandson who didn't know the world was inexplicably beaten to death.

The police went into the door and inspected it again. The second monk did not touch the mind, and the wire passage was normal without obvious signs of contact.

In the end, I had to drag the time and gradually let go of the things here. Also involved in other cases.

Later, the village moved to a place adjacent to the city, and the original house was completely demolished.

As a result, a large piece of white bone was made here, and the white bones were mostly unearthed under the house.

Moving to the edge of the city, the family was lucky, and other people still lived a dull life.

After a long time, the field was completely worn away from the memory of the village. No one is willing to recall the unfortunate past that happened.