Ghost play

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Another summer vacation is coming. The happiest thing is that the students can finally put aside their boring study life and have a good time.  Four senior 2 students agreed to explore remote mountain villages to add a stimulant to boring life.

Yunfan Village is located in a big mountain. Due to its geographical location, the forest where Yunfan Village is located is humid and foggy all the year round, hence its name.  This village has been abandoned for a long time, and the villagers have all moved to other places. It belongs to a real unmanned village.  It's really exciting to explore such a village.

Four people, two men and two women, two couples, a few of them are children who study poorly and have little ambition for their own future, but it is good to be happy and happy if you want to live each day well.

When the four arrived at Yunfan Village, it was already noon. After eating some dry food, they split up.  There are some dilapidated houses in the village, which contain some broken jars and unused old cabinets left behind by the villagers. The houses are full of dust and spider webs.

Several people found a well and planned to clean up one of the slightly better houses so that they could stay at night. If it was suddenly windy or rainy, there would be a place to shelter from the wind and rain.  One of the boys, He Rui, was in charge of fetching water. Just as he was putting the bucket into the well, he heard a woman's lament. He almost threw the bucket into the well.

This lament is especially clear in this quiet environment. He Rui looked around but found no suspicious characters around.  He thought, does this sound come from the well?  He hit a tingle and then shouted the names of the other three at the top of his voice.

The other three came, looking at He Rui standing at the edge of the well dragging the barrel rope motionless, seems to be very afraid.

"what's the matter?  He shouted and shouted. "  Wang Wei asked.

"This ... this well has people talking."  He Rui horrified said.

Wang Wei was so daring that he went up to the well and saw nothing but well water.  He pretended to shout loudly: "ah, inside ... there is a rotting corpse floating head up ~" and started to run.

The other three also ran with their lives. After running for a while, they found that Wang Wei was out of breath with laughter. Only then did they realize that they had been cheated and were all chasing Wang Wei.

The time for the four people to laugh passed quickly, and it was night in an instant.

The hut has been cleaned out. The girl named Gu Gu lit candles in the house and the four played cards by candlelight.

"dong ... dong ... dong ..." a burst of drums reached the ears of the four.

"Have you heard the sound of drums?"  Wu Tong looked at the three.

"You also heard?  I thought it was my bad ear that caused me to hallucinate again. "  He Rui said.

At this time, there was the sound of playing gongs and trumpets and playing erhu. A good play of playing Buddha was about to begin. It was just like trying on an instrument.

"Strange, here is not a person all have no, how can ..." GuGu afraid dare not say.

"Whatever it is, let's go and have a look. Maybe there are ghosts in this world."  With that, Wang Wei stood up. He patted his ass and was ready to go out.

The other three people saw that Wang Wei was so daring that they were not afraid. They all stood up to look for the source of the sound.

When the four went out, they saw the place in front of them, which was blocked by the house, seemed very bright, as if they had lit a lot of candles, and the Buddha's light was so great that the sound came from there.  All four were curious and walked to that place.

When they arrived at their destination, the four found that a stage had been built in the spacious area of the village. The table and bench were set up under the stage. What was even more surprising was that the stage was full. There were men, women and children. They were dressed in uniform black clothes and sat upright and motionless.

Seeing here, even the stupidest person knows that he has hit a ghost.  The four planned to turn around and run, but found themselves unable to move.  At this time, four chairs appeared out of thin air in the last row of the audience.  A dull male voice sounded behind the four men: "Come on, I'll take you to the theatre."

The four men, like muppets, were controlled by the men behind them and walked towards the four chairs and sat down.

After a beating of gongs and drums, the play began.  The audience clapped their hands in a unified and wooden manner. He Rui, Wang Wei, Gu Gu and Wu Tong in the last row were all paralyzed and sweaty with fear.

"Wang Wei, it's all your fault. You have to come and see it. That's all right."  Wu Tong's voice brought tears to her eyes, but her body could not move.

The black dress person sitting in front of Wu tong suddenly turned his head 180 degrees to Wu tong and called out, "no talking at the theatre."  Wu Tong passed out in terror ...

Because his face was so horrible, it was badly deformed by the fire, and his eyeballs fell on his cheek. Due to the high temperature, they stuck together with the meat. The Buddha's eyeballs were embedded into his cheek. The eye sockets were no longer there and were blocked by the burnt meat.

The ghost in black then returned his head to the original and continued to watch his play.

The other three, overwhelmed by the situation, shouted and tried to move their bodies to escape, only to find that they could not move at all except to make a sound.  The shouting of the three made all the ghosts sitting in the front row make a 180-degree turn. They all said to the three, "No talking at the theatre."  Say that finish and unified turned back.

When all the grimaces turned around, the hearts of the three were almost scared to stop beating.  Every grimace is full of all kinds of horrible scars caused by burns.

Some have no facial features on their faces, some have only two black holes on their noses, some have crooked mouths and slanting eyes, some have only a pile of rotten meat, and all kinds of terror.  Three people can't support, passed out.

The man who took the four to the theatre rang again: "hey hey, there are a few more theatre goers."

Long, long ago, this man was the head of a theatrical troupe and came to perform in cloud village. however, people in this village had no interest in opera and did not have much money to watch it.

The class leader felt that he was insulted, and because of the war, his business was not good enough to maintain the operation of the troupe. He thought too much and poisoned the villagers who came to the theatre for free and burned them.  The troupe ran away, and the troupe leader burned himself in the blazing fire.

From then on, if someone goes to cloud village and happens to see the ghost play at night, a few people will add more positions and none will be able to run.