Shade umbrella

I remember that there was a summer vacation and the weather was particularly hot. Mom and Dad proposed that our family go to the grandmother's house in the country to avoid the heat. I heard this news and my sister and I were very happy at the time.

We don't have many small partners to play with us in the city. Every household is closed all day and doesn't care much. It is not as novel and interesting as the country. The distance from the memory of the last time Mom and Dad took us to the grandmother's house in the country seems to be a long time.

I was about 11 years old when I was eleven years old. I remember that she was the happiest to hear this news. I was very happy to tell the truth. We thought that we would spend a happy summer vacation in the grandma's house in the country.

If we knew that something happened later, we wouldn’t bring anything to the country.

After planning that night, Mom and Dad immediately packed up their bags and placed them in two large bags.

The next day, when I went out, it was overcast, but it was as hot as the previous days. In order to see it all, Dad brought the black umbrella at home.

But our daily necessities and clothes have filled the two bags, so we have to take the umbrella in our hands.

At that time, my family didn't buy a car. The four of us went to the station to buy a ticket and then got on the bus to the country. The people in the car were very crowded, and the bus swayed in the city for a while and then drove to the suburbs.

Perhaps it was for a long time in the city that I did not come out to appreciate the scenery of nature. We were very happy along the way and never felt so relaxed and happy.

After a while, Dad told us that we should get off. After getting off the bus, I discovered that we were standing at the intersection of a mountain road.

My grandmother's house I have been there twice when I was a child. I don't remember that there is such a way. Probably I saw the doubts in my eyes. Dad explained that it was because the road that had been coming from the city was sealed and was rebuilt, so I had to take this remote road. Dad said that this road will take another twenty minutes to get to the grandmother's house. So my sister and I walked happily ahead.

I still remember that when we got off the bus, the sky was a bit sunny, the sun was shining straight, and it was hot and hot. In a short while, the dark clouds began to gather from the surrounding hills to form a piece of black pressure. I heard a lot of thunder in the distance.

I was frightened by the scene in front of me, and I was tightly attached to my father and mother. Dad looked up at the sky that turned into a moment, and seemed to be a bit stunned.

We stepped up and walked for a while, when we saw a dilapidated tile house under a curved slope. Dad led us and went in to hide from the rain.

In a short while, the rain seemed to be a little small, and he began to run back and forth in the open space of the house. Mother yelled at her several times before she sat on the side. This time, when the rain is small, I also want to run like my sister. When my father and mother suddenly talked about my grandmother, I went over and cocked my ears and listened.

Mom and Dad said that Grandma had a serious illness in the past few years. After he recovered, he began to set up a incense burner in the courtyard. Burning incense and worshipping Buddha three times a day, morning, evening and evening. This is not counting, and gradually it is still a good way to see people and drive the disaster. I heard that it is still very effective.

Listening to Mom and Dad, I am more and more eager to see my grandmother.

Just then, my mother suddenly called, and she said that her sister was gone. As soon as I heard it, I immediately looked to the place where my sister had just sat. There were only two bags, one of which was opened, but I had already disappeared from my sister.

So I and my mom and dad rushed out to find, the road was in front of the house, no one before or after. We looked around the dilapidated house, and finally we found my sister in the wild grass not far behind the house.

He held the umbrella in one hand and held it there. The two legs got stuck in a hole in the ground. She saw us coming over, and "wow" cried.

We pulled her up. Mom couldn't bear to blame her for comforting her. Dad looked at the pothole that had been washed by the rainstorm, and the face was blue and pulled us away.

Later, we finally arrived at the grandmother's house. The grandmother's family lived behind the mountain village and seemed to be solitary. Grandma knew that we were coming, and it seemed to wait at the gate of the hospital for a long time.

Although the grandmother looks a little older than the memory, but she can still see it with great spirits. Seeing our eyebrows and laughing, we are coming in.

Walking into the yard, I smelled a very pungent scented candle. I looked around and saw a incense burner in one corner of the yard with three burning incense sticks. Seeing this, I feel that my grandmother said that the grandmother who said on the road should be true, but I don’t know if she will see a doctor or drive a disaster.

When I was eating at my grandmother's house at noon, my sister suddenly said that she had a headache. At that time, we didn't take it seriously. I thought she was tired. Mother asked her to go back to the house. Only the grandmother’s quiet meal seems to be like something else, and there is nothing to say to him.

When I broke into the inner room, my grandmother whispered to herself in a whisper: "I know that I am causing trouble." At that time, Mom and Dad were eating while talking. It seemed that I didn't notice, I sat next to my grandmother. After listening to what my grandmother said, she looked at her strangely. Perhaps it was my perception that my grandmother put down her rice bowl, smiled and stretched out her right hand and touched my cheek and said, "The best of the family is..."

I listened and politely rushed to the grandmother, then lowered my head and continued to eat.

My sister started to have an accident that afternoon. At that time, I was watching TV at my grandmother's house. I suddenly heard the noise in the room next door. It was the room where I went to lie at noon.

I ran over and saw my father holding the bed lying on the bed, and my mother was crying.

I have never seen a sister like that. At that time, her face was blue and her mouth was foaming, but her eyes were wide, and she stared at somewhere in the void, her body twitching.

When I saw my sister, I was scared and didn't know how to help.

Dad turned his head and said to his mother, what should I do? Hurry and ask the doctor.

At this time, just as the grandmother came in from the outside, she put down her hand and immediately sat on the edge of the bed and looked at it for a while. Really, I was there next time, and I saw that my grandmother’s eyes were so sullen at that moment. Grandma looked down on the wall with her gaze, and I saw that there was nothing more than the umbrella that we brought when we came.

After looking at the two eyes, the grandmother bowed her head and sighed, murmured, hey, worried, it will come sooner or later. I have a glimpse of it after listening to my mom and dad.

Don't worry, Grandma turned around and said to her father and mother. There is no car in the village. It is too time for the doctor to go to the county to see the doctor. I am afraid that she is really irritating.

Mom and Dad looked at each other for a while and didn't know what to say. I looked at their faces and they were dubious about their grandmother's words. They must have felt that the grandmother was old and confused. Although she had heard the grandmother exorcism, she basically did not really care and take it seriously. But the younger ones have a good impression on such a kind but mysterious grandmother. I don't know why, I have a little trust in my grandmother.

When you came, you didn’t lose your way on the way? Grandma asked mom and dad.

Dad patted his head and said, oh, yes, is it really difficult to break the hole behind the house?

Then Dad told her grandmother how to run the baby behind the sheltered house after the rain stopped and then fell into the pothole.

Grandma pointed out that the black umbrella hanging on the wall asked, did you drop it with this umbrella?

I said, yes, I remember more clearly at the time. Grandma sent me a thumbs up.

Go out first, wait a moment outside the door, I can cure her. The grandmother took the black umbrella and said it to us. Mom and Dad still hesitated, but the grandmother pushed us away without saying anything, so we all retired.

Standing outside the door, Mom and Dad and I are anxiously waiting. I don't know how long it took, maybe it might be a quarter of an hour, and my grandmother finally opened the door.

Grandma was sweating and said to her father and mother weakly. If you look after a good point, don't let the cock run again. Mom and Dad promised to enter the house to see the cockroach, I also followed.

I saw that the sputum color has slowed down, the breathing is steady, and it looks like it is asleep.

Oh, nothing, let her sleep, wake up at night. Grandma turned and said.

I remember when my father opened his mouth and asked what to ask, but finally he stopped holding it. In fact, I know that Mom and Dad, like me, are very curious about the exorcism process of Grandma.

Of course, I don't even understand how the good-end sister hits the evil. This is unimaginable in my young mind.

When it was dark that night, I really woke up like my grandmother said. I still remember the first sentence after she woke up, I was hungry. At that time, our family laughed.

Things that happened later that summer were unremarkable. During the rest of the time, my sister and I spent a relaxing and happy summer vacation there. I only remember that when she left, her grandmother deliberately wanted to leave the umbrella to commemorate. Dad did not say anything at the time.

To be honest, I have been jealous and long-lasting about this matter. Later, I asked my father and mother about the ins and outs of things. They were all covert, but once in a while, Dad was drunk and told me that the sister fell under the hole. I heard that a coffin was buried, and my sister was only over-excited.

For the grandmother to exorcise the sister for her sister, one time the mother told me that it was all the grandmother who believed in God for a long time and was confused and played with fun. There is such a mysterious thing in this world.

Of course, I am not too satisfied with their explanation, but as time goes on, I also slowly doubt the accuracy of the memory.

Just when I was about to completely forget this, once I saw a passage in a gossip post about a fox, which reminded me of the experience I experienced at my grandmother’s house that summer. Strange things. So I decided to tell the original story.

(attached: the original text of the post is as follows,

The black umbrella, its use to cover the sun and avoid the sun, has always been regarded as the object of the yin, so the ancients have three bogey, 曰: one, sunny days do not play umbrella; second, the house does not play umbrella; third, the rainy day does not pass the graveyard Umbrella. )