Dead grandma

The dawn of dawn quietly shone into Xiao Jing's room!  Endless darkness is slowly dispelled by light!  It was another night when Xiao Jing, who had not slept, sat in front of the computer with red eyes and printed the company reports.  The National Day is coming soon!  The work is much more natural, but it's good to have a good rest after the National Day holiday.

When the time comes shall not have a good play!  Thought of here was already too sleepy to fall asleep small static suddenly shake shake spirit, then sat up with really, today is already 30!  Tomorrow is the first day of the National Day holiday!  Now think about the small quiet heart is a little happy, hand work involuntarily accelerated!  Unconsciously, the sun lit up the whole room!  However, Xiao Jing's efforts all night were not in vain. She finally finished the company report before going to work.  She got up from her seat and walked towards the bathroom with a long yawn.

After washing, Xiao Jing suddenly got better. Xiao Jing, who changed clothes, took the report and walked out of the house.  The time of day is how bland it is!  These things passed unconsciously and finally ushered in Xiao Jing's favorite vacation.  Xiao Jing, who came home from work, was already over 9 o'clock!  After gradually washing up, Xiao Jing could not sleep in bed.  Is it because tomorrow's holiday is exciting?

Xiao Jing, who turned over, suddenly covered her head with a quilt!  In this way also don't know how long after the small quiet unconsciously fell asleep!  The moonlight shone through the window, "Dangdang ~" and I don't know how long it took!  I think of strange knock on the door outside!  Wake up Xiao Jing who had just fallen asleep!  So the sleepy little Jing sat up on the bed and looked up at the watch on the wall!  It's already twelve o'clock midnight now, why is it so late and who will come?  So I thought that Xiao Jing came down from the bed in her pajamas.

"Click ~" just came to the door a hand small static opened the door!  Through the stairs corridor light small static finally see the bearer, suddenly slightly one leng!  Because now the man standing at the door is actually Xiao Jing's grandmother who is over 80 years old!  How did she get here?  You know, she lives in a small mountain village hundreds of miles away from here, and how can she find here with poor legs?

Soon returned to absolute being, Xiao Jing looked at the man in front of her and cried sweetly, "Grandma!"  Then he hurriedly took her by the hand and brought her in. Grandma's face was full of kindness, just like before.  Recalling that Xiao Jing played in grandma's arms all day when she was a child, now think about it, it really makes people miss it!  Xiao Jing, who poured a glass of water, came to grandma and handed it to her hand. "grandma!  Why are you late? why are you here?  You see, you don't call ahead!  I'll pick you up!  What if it's too late? "  Although Xiao Jing likes her grandmother very much, she still complains a little when she comes here alone.

"Girl!  You also don't blame!  Why haven't you come to grandma for such a long time? grandma has missed you for a long time. I can't look at you without looking at me! "  Although grandma said what she said in her mouth, she didn't mean to complain at all on her face, but this sentence turned Xiao Jing's face red.

Xiao Jing, who was about to defend, was about to speak, but grandma opened her mouth and said, "ok, girl, don't blame yourself!  We who see who can't!  Now Grandma has seen you too. I should go too!  Remember to take good care of yourself in the future! "  After that, grandma stood up and walked to the outside of the door without looking back. no matter how Xiao Jing shouted at grandma from behind, she couldn't head!  Soon disappeared in the room!

"Grandma!"  Suddenly Xiao Jing sat up with a loud cry from the bed and looked up at the dark room. There was nothing but the alarm clock ticking in the room. In this quiet room, it was introduced into every corner of the room.

I don't know how long it took Xiao Jing to return to absolute being. it turned out to be a dream!  Xiao Jing, with a long sigh, lay back on the bed with her eyes as big as a light bulb.  Looking at the ceiling loomed only stunned!  Recall that I haven't been home to see Grandma for several years since I graduated from school and started working. Maybe I miss Grandma.  Tomorrow is just the day off when I can go back to accompany her, and my whole heart relaxed when I thought of here, so I went to sleep again unconsciously.

Shortly after dawn the next day, Xiao Jing's room was wearing clear and crisp alarm bells. this was Xiao Jing's time to go to work on time every morning. she forgot to turn it off because she didn't have to go to work today. she heard a burst of rapid alarm bells. Xiao Jing finally rolled over and sat up from her bed. bright sunshine shone through the window. today was a beautiful day. Xiao Jing, who had washed up and had eaten hastily, took her luggage and walked to her home in the countryside.

Xiao Jing, who was traveling home, had a lot of thoughts in her mind. she didn't know how grandma was now. her parents hadn't seen them for a long time. she was involuntarily happy to think of it. as time went by, the morning train arrived at Xiao Jing's home at night. it seemed far from where Xiao Jing worked.

Since their family lives in the mountains and the roads are not very good, where would they like to go without a car, let alone at night?  So Xiao Jing had to pull her luggage and walk on the way home. A bright round accompanied Xiao Jing with stars all over the sky. When Xiao Jing returned home, the night was already deep. The whole village was quiet everywhere. When she returned home, the door was also closed. No one came to see her for a long time.  Aren't both parents at home?

As Xiao Jing's family did not live far away from grandma's, grandma did not live together. she called at the door for a while and did not open the door. Xiao Jing took out the long-lost key from her bag and opened the door. then she went in. the courtyard was the same as before. just like when Xiao Jing left, Xiao Jing went into the room and turned on the light. then he found that there was no one in the room. why did they go back there late?

Although curious, Xiao Jing was going to wait for her parents to come back after a long day's hard work, but she fell asleep on the table because she was too tired, and the night gradually deepened.  I don't know how long it took before there was a knock on the door outside, so Xiao Jing stood up in a daze, maybe his parents came back!  But came to the door to open the door at that moment small static leng leng!  Because the door is standing at this time is small static grandma!  See clearly the appearance of the bearer, small static immediately held grandma in her arms!

"Grandma missed me so much!  How long have you been doing? "  However, Xiao Jing, who had just hugged her grandmother, immediately released her hand, because she felt the special ice in her grandmother's hand and asked with concern.

"Silly wench!  How old are they?  Still like this!  Be careful not to marry later! "  Grandma said and then leaked a kind smile, stretched out his hand and stroked Xiao Jing's face and said, while Xiao Jing spat out her tongue at grandma mischievously!

"Your parents are in my house, I heard that you are back!  I'll come and see you!  You must take good care of yourself when your eldest brother is not young, and don't let your family worry about it, okay?  After that, we will discuss more with our family! "  Xiao Jing frowned as she listened to Grandma's nagging.  What happened to grandma today?  This is not how it usually looks!  Why did you say so much today?  Although feel strange, but small static nodded his head.

"okay!  It's getting late!  I should go too!  You have a good rest!  Don't be tired!  They are still waiting for me!  Remember to miss Grandma in the future! "  Grandma turned and left after saying that, and soon disappeared into the night!  Xiao Jing, who wanted to send grandma, heard someone waiting for her at the door, thinking it was her father and them, so she didn't worry too much. she came back anyway. it will be the same to accompany him well tomorrow!

Therefore, Xiao Jing went back to her bedroom to sleep after thinking about it. after knowing what her parents were doing, her whole heart sank.  So he fell asleep soon!  It was so bright without washing, and Xiao Jing got up early, but Xiao Jing's parents came up from the outside with a tired face just after getting up, but a smile leaked from Xiao Jing's face immediately.  But when Xiao Jing asked about grandma, their faces changed!

"Small static what did you say?  Your grandmother came here to see you last night? "  Hearing the grandmother who came here last night, Xiao Jing's father looked at Xiao Jing with an incredible face, while Xiao Jing's mother's face was still a little pale!

"Yes!  She also talked with me for a long time!  Grandma is as kind as before! "  Xiao Jing smiled proudly, but soon he found that his parents' faces were not very good, so Xiao Jing said with concern, "parents!  What's wrong with you?  Do you feel strange? "  Looking at her parents, Xiao Jing was sure they must be hiding something from her, so she asked.

So the father looked at Xiao Jing with a sigh and said, "Xiao Jing!  In fact, your grandmother has passed away!  Just last night, and just the night before yesterday, today is exactly three days!  !  !”  Hearing this, Xiao Jing was like a bolt from the blue, unable to recover for a long time. grandma has passed away. who was it yesterday?  Looking at her parents, Xiao Jing had to believe all this was true!

Looking back on the strange dream I had the night before yesterday, and the strange performance I met my grandmother last night, Xiao Jing's face turned pale involuntarily and did not return to absolute being for a long time.