On the 15th of August

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May fifth day of the Dragon Boat Festival, August 15 Mid-Autumn festival and our year Spring Festival, the three festival is the most important of our country three big day, are three festival reunion day, today again on August 15, like most people, a small open from early in the morning go to work, is eager to leave work early, so the family can get together for the reunion dinner, earlier after can also eat moon cakes and enjoy the moon think that kind of feeling is full of unlimited comfortable!

But good ideas always is defeated by the cruel reality, in the other words: a small open leadership "is to observe a festival, but our life will continue, we have to do work, don't let us become lazy, because is a holiday so I have to work overtime to stay one, complete a glorious and arduous task." Yes after the careful consideration of the superior leadership, finally this glorious task without any suspense fell on the head of zhang xiaokai, let a person depressed unceasingly is, zhang xiaokai still can not find any reason to refute, can only unconditionally obey!

Off his mum is busy home for colleague leaders, small open one begins to busy, work overtime, but his time elapsed more delay one second is their losses, although small open has opened to hang, but after finish the glorious task, looked at the time was more minutes at eight o 'clock in the evening, eat family reunion dinner time already passed, now estimates that families have come out to celebrate, a telephone call from a dozen of the people have to urge the small open, now finally can answer them!

Xiao kai told relatives at home, their work has been completed, about half an hour later you can go home, listening to the phone just to hang up, the family busy voice, xiao kai heart poured out a burst of warm happiness!

Because it is a festival, many shops are not open, a lot of people are also early to go and family reunion, so the street seems a lot colder than usual, small riding his motorcycle, in the cold street fast driving.

Walk small open discovered a strange phenomenon, that is, except for their other vehicles regardless of cart car, car or bike, all neatly in a row on the other side of the road, while the small open is alone on the other side of the road and they are moving in the opposite direction, as if it is not the road for hundreds of times, small open make sure no wrong, I'm afraid I also really want to turn around and the car.

A start to see this kind of phenomenon, small open didn't care, just think it just happens to be, but the appearance of small open cycle for more than ten minutes, discovered this phenomenon continues to feel a bit wrong, heart faint with a feeling of horror, but small open in the heart still comforted myself, it just happens to be, so small open on motorcycles and drive forward the ten minutes.

This strange phenomenon continues, under the small open really a bit afraid, not just in the fear of the vehicles and their driving in a different direction, is usually small open more terrible ride a motorcycle to go home, only need less than half an hour, in order to get home early today to have a meal, cycling speed faster than usual, but this is more than half an hour, not only have no home, but found he was now walking this road began to become a bit strange, small open unexpectedly in this article on the way to and from work every day are lost!

Small drive will slow down the speed of some, slowly forward on the street, while riding a bike while looking at the street on both sides of the landmark buildings, billboards, hoping to find some familiar clues, can find the way home.

Also don't know if I express what wonderful in the street, everything around is so strange, the shops were all closed on both sides of the street lamp closed, in addition to the thick white doors other what all can't see, is now around a dark, only the a circle Huang Yun bright moon in the sky, the scenery around as a pale, looks extraordinarily strange!

This street the silent, because the streets unexpectedly can't see a car or a pedestrian, and this street is very long, seem to have no end, small open know this place is not very large, they live in together are so SanSiTiao street, every street is eight hundred meters, the longest in this place of life no matter how, as a local thickly, will find a way out, but a small open and riding a motorcycle along the street for more than an hour, also found no exports, abnormal straight on this street, and was halfway doesn't even have a bend or fork.

Small open the car stopped and took out a cell phone to want to call a telephone in the home, found the mobile phone has no signal, the silent around doesn't even have an insect calls, small open even can hear themselves because of fear and a heavy breathing, a terrible idea emerged in the small open mind, small open guess he may met the legendary "circle"!

This kind of thing is said to have met a lot of people, but to date has not been proven, also did not say this is what reason is caused, the only a superstition is that there is little devil being naughty, think we cheat you, there is a more scientific explanation is that because this person overwork caused confusion, results happened some illusion, makes "circle" phenomenon appears, small open has seen similar news reports and data, but very regret to see just feel very fun, also did not take it seriously, more do not know one thousand met should with what method is solved.

Xiaokai is now in the heart of fear of death, the brain inside a mess, the car parked in the side but dare not turn off, and has been on the lights, looking at the lights xiaokai can more or less feel a sense of security.

In place to stay for a long time also didn't find any strange, small open hearts secretly suspect that the "circle" may really like the fabled, just to let you can't find the way home, as long as you don't wander around should not be other damage, so small open decided to wait until the morning here, at the first light, such as the "circle" and disappeared!

"Yesterday is Mid-Autumn festival, the day of a family reunion, but you say you are working overtime in the unit, well I believe you are working overtime, but you add the way that finish class to say to go home again met ghost dozen wall, this kind of reason you let me how believe you?" Zhang xiaokai returned home early in the morning, was punished by his wife kneel rub clothes board, because he did not go home after work last night.

He could not explain it, for after a few turns he had lost himself, until he awoke at his own door, and it was broad daylight!