The wish of ​​Daxie

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Although Daxie likes to brag, he is a good person with good heart. After a hero rescued the United States, the United States saved it but lost its life.

When he saw such a desolate scene in the underworld, he couldn't help but feel that the cruelty of the prince was actually set up with eighteen layers of hell to torture people.

All the ghosts from the beginning of the long-awaited sigh of reality, are thinking about how to let the judges give their own life to get a dignitaries.

The idea of ​​Daxie is different from them. He thinks that the law of the sinister is too embarrassing. It is simply inhuman. He wants to be an owl who can foresee death in advance.

He told his judges his thoughts. The judge felt that this person had some strange exceptions and talked a few more words about him. He said that he could be an owl when he was a big man in his next life.

Daxie said: "The law of the local government is too strict. It is too cruel to move people into the pan. I will reincarnate as an owl to warn people in advance that there will be disasters to prepare them." The judge angered: "The sinful people It should have been tortured. This is a rule that has existed since the first day of the establishment of the government."

Daxie did not listen to the judge's rhetoric and looked for an owl. The judge was not allowed to judge him as inhuman. As a result, the judge became angered and fulfilled him.

If the wish is really an owl, the first person to come to war is a scholar.

The book is cold and the window is ready to go to Beijing for fame, but he will have a serious illness on the road to the exam and then die. Finally his wife sighed.

On the eve of the departure, Daxie screamed like a human laughter on the big tree in the courtyard of the scholar's house to remind him not to go out. I knew that the scholar had thrown a stone at him and spit it in his mouth.

When the next night came again, the scholar had already set off. It only saw the scholar's lady and embroidered a pair of baboons. The big man fell to the woman's window and warned her to hurry up to get the scholar back. But he couldn't say a word, just made a kind of laughter.

The woman squatted and pulled the curtains up.

It didn't take long for the scholar's death to come.

Daxie rushed to find the bookstore's maiden's house, and screamed in his house overnight, but they only wrapped up the quilt tighter.

The scholar's lady also followed her husband, and the rescue action of Daxie failed again.

It is foreseen that Xiaoyan’s death message has become more urgent than ever, but she has saved her life and saved her. How can she let her die again?

The last time I saved Xiaoyan was because of an accident, but this time I committed suicide because I was abandoned by my fiancé.

Like the last time, Daxie made a sharp call on the wall of Xiaoyan’s house to remind her parents to be optimistic about their daughter. Xiaoyan’s father also smashed a stone like a scholar, and he still had ugly words in his mouth.

Just when Xiaoyan was going to be self-sufficient, she had already waited for the big screaming on the edge of the pond to fly to her, grabbing her clothes and trying to pick her up. However, it is no longer a big one. Now it is just a bird. How can it be possible to bring a big living person up?

Daxie sank with Xiaoyan, and only the body of the body floated up.

Xiaoyan’s father found the owl’s body and sorrowful curse: “It’s really good to say in the old saying, the night owl is going to the house without anything to come.”

Once again, I saw the judge’s amnesty and looked frustrated: “I found that I can’t save people from the world and can’t save their feelings. I’m an apologizing to my ignorance and impulsiveness.” “You understand, you say the land The law is too cold, because the people in the world are too cold, perhaps the first thing that should be changed is them." The judge said with a strong heart.

The judge announced a woman in front of the big man, and the surprise was discovered by Xiao Yan.

The judge told Xiao Yan to turn into an owl to save her.

Xiaoyan was greatly moved to express her willingness to serve her life for the rest of her life.

The judge sentenced Daxie to be a parent and asked him to fight the world, and Xiaoyan became his wife.