Baby stew

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"Wait for so long, only two? Is too little." Ayu said angrily.

"There is no way, now the investigation is so strict, and the people who want the goods are also very special. I can't just give you one person." A middle-aged woman wearing a nurse's suit said.

"Let me leave more time next time. The business is so good recently that it is not enough. The price, I can give you more."

A Yu said while taking a bundle of money from the bag to the nurse. The nurse took the money and counted it, then handed the black bag in his hand to A Yufen. A jade bag sneaked away from the back door of the hospital. And the nurse also looked around and hurriedly left.

A jade is sold and stewed, and her stew is not the same as that sold by ordinary people. She does not open a shop, does not set up a stall, just in her own home, there are acquaintances to introduce visitors. But the price of that bowl of stew is even more incredible. The stuffing is the bag that was brought back from the hospital.

Anfen, who is just out of her forty years old, is a big boss of a listed company. And Anfen, a full-time wife, has money at home, and naturally does not have to go out to work. Every day, about the broad ladies who play cards, go shopping, do beauty. And those women are together, nothing more than the husband who is richer, who's clothes are beautiful, who is good, who looks younger. Although they have money, but the years have nothing to do with money, not because of who has money, they do not care. After all, it is in his forties, no matter how to do beauty, even if it looks younger than the poor people of the same age, but some wrinkles can not be erased. Anfen was very upset recently because her husband’s business grew bigger and he went home less and less. In fact, the mouth does not say, Anfen also knows that her husband already has a small lover outside. People say that men become bad when they have money, and they are not fake. After all, I have become a yellow-faced woman, and my husband has long been tired of watching. Although I tried every means, it didn't help.

A few days ago, Anfen learned about Ayu's stew from a friend. I heard that after a long time, the face was smooth and jade, just like the skin of a girl in her twenties. After listening to Anfen, he seemed to see the hope. After inquiring about the address of Ayu, he set off. After inquiring for a long time, I found the place where Ayu lived. After all, it is the wife of a wealthy family. When I came to this small residential building, I couldn’t understand anything. The handkerchief kept holding my nose. Ayu opened the door, wearing pajamas and slippers, and said lazily: "Come here. Come in and sit down." Anfen entered the room and sat at the table. Ayu went to the bathroom to wash it. After washing, he went to the kitchen and began to stuff the stuffing. , and noodles, stewed stew. After a while, a bowl of steaming stew came out. Anfen clamped it up with chopsticks, and it looked crystal clear, but when he thought of the stuffing, he snored, because Ayu's stuffing was made with a fetus for five or six months. Ayu has an acquaintance in the hospital. When someone has abortion, she takes the fetuses back and makes the stuffing. The fetus is too small, the fetus is too big, it can only be five or six months old. It is said that eating can nourish yin and tonify the kidney. The woman eats the skin as white as a baby, and the man can eat aphrodisiac. Most people can eat and keep fit. Anfen’s hand slammed, and a cockroach fell on the ground. Ayu saw it and quickly picked it up and said: “Hey, this is a very nutritious good thing, can’t be wasted.” Then he squatted and buried it. In a pot on the window sill. I saw that the potted flower grows leafy.

Anfen remembered her husband, and the broad-spectrums of the comparison, picked up a cockroach, ate it with a closed eye, and then ate all the remaining bowls. In the next few days, Anfen came to eat a bowl of Ayu's cockroaches every day. After a week of work, Anfen’s face was as smooth as jade. Husband also discovered her changes. She recently went home early, and said that Anfen said: "Wife, you are getting more and more beautiful now, better than the skin of those girls in their twenties." Anfen asked the broad ladies to come to the house to show off their skin. The women came to the house, "Hey, Anfen, I said that I haven't seen you recently. Are you going abroad to be a beauty area? How is your skin so good?" said a woman. Another woman reached out and touched Anfen's face, and shouted in surprise: "Wow, it's so smooth, it's like a baby's skin." Then everyone looked around Anfen and asked Dong. Ask the West. Some even asked Affin specifically where to do the beauty, they are also ready to go. At this time, Anfen felt glory at once, and swept away the previous dissatisfaction. Looking at the envious eyes of the women, she did not mention how happy she was.

After a few more days, Anfen’s birthday, the broad ladies were coming, everyone was sitting on a long table and preparing to eat. Suddenly a woman covered her nose and said, “What smell? Is it stinky?” As soon as she finished, others also echoed: "Yes, it smells good." Anfen also smelled a lot of pungent smell, feeling very strange, then bowed down and smelled himself, this smell, immediately I just turned my face. The stench is from my own body. She quickly said that she was uncomfortable and sent everyone away. Anfen wanted to come and think, it should be that the jade of Ayu became like this, she regretted it. Go to Ayu theory. Ayu sees that Anfen has no expression. Anfen tears Ayu and asks: "It's you, it's you, right? I just ate your cockroaches. Now I am very stupid, I can't press with perfume, I How could it become like this?” Ayu disdainfully opened Anfen. “It’s okay if someone else eats it. Why did you eat something? Moreover, you volunteered to come to me, what is wrong with me.” Anfen sat down on the floor, yes, Ayu said yes. However, she is still reluctant to say: "I want to call the police and tell the police." "Hey, go, do you have evidence? Besides, you are not afraid of evidence. I am breaking the law, you are breaking the law, I just put them in the package." It became awkward, but you ate them," Ayu said. Anfen completely collapsed, remembering the fetuses who ate, could not help but vomit.

After a few days, a man knocked on the door of Ayu, the man was Anfen’s husband. He grabbed Ayu's wrist and asked: "Is Afun eating here?" Ayu said infinitely: "That is her voluntary, what is the relationship with me." He said that he also deliberately revealed his own Crisp chest and half a shoulder. This a jade is also very dignified, although not very beautiful, but it is also charming and charming, it looks like it is only thirty years old. Anfen’s husband is a erotic person himself. When he sees Ayu deliberately seduce himself, he takes the opportunity to enter. When the two were intimate, Anfen’s husband accidentally knocked down a photo of Ayu. When he lifted the photo, he saw the shooting time above. God, according to the time above, Ayu is now the most At least fifty or sixty years old. Anfen’s husband was shocked and pushed Ayu away.

Anfen's odor was found in many hospitals and there was no way to remove it. Finally, her husband divorced her and married a young and beautiful woman. Anfen finally went to a nursing home. And Ayu still sells her cockroaches. After three or five, she goes to the hospital to mention a few fetuses. The business is still booming, and the rich people at the door are endless.