Modern ghost story -Old man in the last bus

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The twilight had already arrived, and Wu Quan panted and ran to a stop sign. He looked at the crowds and vehicles that were gradually scarce on the road, and the lights that gradually increased. I thought, "Oh, today, even the last bus could not catch up."

Thinking of this, he began to curse the boss.

“Why is there always a sudden need to do after work? Why is it always me to stay overtime? Why can an office’s little king escape from time to time...”

I don't know how long it took, and the faint blackness in front of me was like a black gauze covering the sky. I opened the phone and saw it at 6:40. In the late autumn season, it was darker. On the tree beside the road, a few leaves slowly fell, contrasting with the anxiety of Wu Quan.

From here, from your own small rental house, there are five stations, only two yuan by bus, if you play it may be more than ten times, I have just been here to work for more than two months, in addition to rent and living expenses Apart from the fact that there is almost nothing left, Wu Quan can't wait for a piece of money to be divided into two dollars. And he likes to take the bus. There is another reason. The bus 323 he often sits on is a no-sale ticket car. The fare is 2 yuan. Whenever he has some broken one yuan, he has He was stuffed into the coin box, and that money could not be spent anywhere else.

And not long ago, Wu Quan returned to the sword for a dozen game coins. Its appearance was exactly the same as that of a dollar coin. In order to save money, he racked his brains and even thought about it. He used these coins to sit. Buses, anyway, they can't be seen at all, and the driver's seat is not too close to the coin box.

Thinking this way, Wu Quan puts into action - he took the bus a few days ago and he used the game currency.

A bus stopped in front of the stop sign. I don't know if it was because of the night color, or the illusion of Wu Quan. The car looked like a thin layer of black gas, and the 323 on the body was not very clear. Wu Quan hurriedly ran over and wanted to see more clearly. The bus stopped and the front door was facing Wu Quan. He got on the bus.

He thought that no matter whether he was sitting in the wrong car or not, he would always be able to follow the road. Anyway, he was familiar with the section of the belt. Now he can see the road clearly. If the car is driving on the road he is going through, he will always sit if he runs. When he arrived at another road, he quickly got off the train. At that time, he could take a taxi and it would be cheaper.

After getting on the bus, Wu Quan found that he was sitting in the wrong car. This car is not 323, but 333.

It’s strange that I have never seen this bus before, but it may be because it is very late, and Wu Quan must take 323 every day before it, he did not see it. Anyway, I have already laid out the abacus. Wu Quan took out the wallet and fumbled for the two silver game coins in the mezzanine. When he was preparing to put it into the coin box, the driver braked suddenly and the body slammed, "Dangdang" Sound, the game currency fell into the car, I don't know where to roll.

It turned out that someone got on the bus. After the new passenger got on the bus, he stuffed two banknotes into the coin box and then walked into the car. Wu Quan felt that this person's face was very white, but he did not think much, but let the passenger walk over and then said to the driver: "The driver master, you also saw, my two coins fell in your car. Now, I don't have any change now. Anyway, it falls in your car. When you return to the terminus, you can look for it again. It should be very good in the previous place."

The driver did not speak, even faceless. Wu Quan felt that this was the default he had just said, so he was ready to go behind the car.

"Come again!" An old man in the car suddenly said loudly.

The secret of the heart has not yet spread, Wu Quan was shocked, he subconsciously looked at the old man, about sixty years old, tall and thin, but belonged to that kind of lean, quite powerful feeling.

The people in the carriage were silent, and they did not turn their heads to see the excitement. They were all expressionless. Wu Quan’s heart began to be strange, which is not in line with the Chinese people’s habits.

"Young man, how can you play it? Please vote again!" The voice of the old man rang again.

"Excuse me, are you?" Wu Quan could not help but ask.

"I am just an ordinary passenger. I really can't understand the current bad behaviors of young and young people. Moreover, I am still young and still care about these little money. The future is worrying," the old man said.

As soon as he was only a passenger, Wu Quan sighed and refused to take care of him. He turned to ask the driver. "Driver master, you said, should I vote again?"

The driver still does not speak, still expressionless. Wu Quan proudly, he quickly went to the back of the carriage, there are several positions.

Who knows that the old man actually stood up and walked straight toward Wu, and stopped in front of him. "If you don't vote again, I will not let you go!"

"I respect you as an old man, don't care about you. If you don't let me go, I will stand here and forget. Anyway, I just took a long road and may get off the bus soon." Wu Quan said a little rogue.

The old man grabbed Wu Quan’s hand and pulled him to the front door coin box. The old man may have practiced Tai Chi. It seems that the movement is gentle, but the young and powerful Wu Quan can’t break free, and he is quickly pulled by the old man. In front of the coin box.

Wu Quan felt very faceless, although the car people did not express any opinions, no one said anything, no one saw their excitement, but this does not mean that their hearts are not laughing at him. So he couldn't help but take out his wallet and took out two one-dollar bills, which hurt him a bit, but he still stuffed it into the coin box.

"It's still a dollar!" the old man shouted.

"I just explicitly voted for two yuan!" Wu Quan could not help but arguing loudly.

"I clearly saw that you only voted one!" The old man voice is louder.

Wu Quan is also angry. "I respect your age, but it doesn't mean I am afraid of you. You have nothing to look for, be careful with me..."

"Do you still threaten me? You don't give money by car, are you still reasonable?" The old man grabbed Wu Quan's hand tighter. He said to the driver: "Master, we will affect other passengers in the car. Please ask Stop the car and we get off the bus."

But the driver still doesn't talk, and of course there is no parking.

The old man continued to find various reasons to fight against Wu Quan. Soon the car was a sudden brake and finally stopped. It turned out that someone was on the train.

A young man like Wu Quan came up and threw two coins into the coin box. Then he walked behind the carriage and said, "Fortunately, working overtime, you can still meet the last bus."

The old man said: "Our things must be made clear today, or they are not finished!" Then, before the door was closed, go outside the car, and pull Wu Quan out.

When the feet of the two fell to the thick concrete floor, Wu Quanjiao waved the boxer, but the old man reached out and blocked him. He said, "Young man, I saved your life. You actually still started to me?"


"You look at the car just now, I will wait to tell you."

Wu Quan hurriedly looked at the car that was going far away. I saw that the car body was full of black smoke, and they kept shaking like many ghosts of claws. The fist he was about to fall to the old man was released, and his hand slowly hanged down. "Old man, thank you for saving my life. But what about the car?"

The old man said: "I have been on the train for a long time, but when I got to the station and shouted to get off the bus, the driver didn't stop. At this time, I found out that the people in a car were very strange. They all looked pale and paperless, and they were expressionless. Because they are not all people, and I also found that all the way, only when the passengers get on the bus, the car will stop, and when the passengers have to get off the car, the car will not stop, in fact, no one has to get off, except I."

Wu Quan was scared to fight a beggar.

The old man went on to say, "This is a death train. The people who got on the train have no return. They are all pulled to the other side of death. Just when I thought about how to make a smart underground car, you got on the bus, so I decided to use it. Quarrel with you for the reason to let the driver stop, but you see, the driver does not stop. Until the last guy gets on the bus, in fact, your life is not saved by me, your life, my life, are the last guy to save of."

Wu Quan understood. "The driver didn't stop. When the last guy got on the bus, we squeezed the car through the gap in the car door and escaped the robbery?"

The old man sighed, "Yes. Unfortunately, there is no way to rescue the boy."

The next day, local news reported that there was a traffic accident on this section. A young man died and the death was extremely miserable. The perpetrators were unknown and the police were investigating.

Wu Quan was shocked and knew that things were related to the 333 bus last night. He immediately took leave and went to the location of the incident. He had already surrounded a large circle of people. Wu Quan knew that this was normal and it was in line with the Chinese people’s love. Lively features. In the crowd, there were also old people who saved their lives last night. The old man pointed to the dead who had been covered by white cloth and said, "I came early, I saw it. The deceased was the young man who finally got on the train last night."

The family of the deceased was crying, and the old man suddenly walked over and said a few words to them. He also recorded something on his mobile phone. Then came over and said, "I just asked the parents of the deceased to get the mobile number. The poor boy saved my life after all. I intend to give his parents some money each year until the day I went."

"Not only saved your life, but also saved my life." Wu Quan said hurriedly, "So I will give his parents a sum of money every year, how much is a heart. But this thing will not go out." Some people believe that I intend to be anonymous."

The old man said: "Like my thoughts, I also intend to use an anonymous way."

Three years later, the local news reported on the situation of the deceased: the perpetrators have never been found, but there are two good-hearted people who send a sum of money to the deceased’s parents’ bank card every year.