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Wang Haiyang was my junior high school classmate. Later, the classmates competed for the “single bridge”. Wang Haiyang knew that he was too lazy to study and went to the police school. Now is also the captain of our team!

I saw Wang Haiyang some time ago. We all joked and called him Wang Chuantou. The ancient catching head caught the thief and took the thief. In addition to the violence, the modern Wang team Wang’s head has unfinished family and neighborhood disputes. Two big.

No, "Wang Chuantou" tells us a story about the Youth Court:

Youth Garden is a real estate built in recent years. It is a convenient, worry-free and efficient route. It is home to young people and newly married couples. But this story is happening on the 38th floor of the back door. Two elderly people in the same unit to the door:

The younger ones of the 401 are surnamed Huang, and the surname of Zhang, who is the fourth and the second, is the son of the old couple who bought the filial piety. Originally lived for more than half a year, nothing more than nothing, but some time ago, Xiao Huang’s wife, Arlene, suddenly died of miscarriage after more than three months of pregnancy. Xiao Huang’s mother, Arlen’s mother-in-law, was “qi ill” and said that she could not take care of her daughter. "Small moon", Arlene's mother was distressed by the prostitute, and came in with a small bag.

Alin Mama really does not like the old man and Zhang Laotai who are at the door of the prostitute’s house. It is because there is a “mirror” hanging above the door of Zhangjia. It used to be common in the past. Sometimes people in the whole building are hanging mirrors on the doors and windows. The so-called "blocking" and "fierce." Zhang Jiazhen is the only one who can do this in a place where the Youth Court is so "modern".

Earlier, Arlin’s mother looked at the mirror and was not pleasing to the eye. She got the chance to go out to the door, and she stopped asking Zhang’s house to hang the mirror. Zhang Laotai only said that she used to live in the country and used to live. After living in the city, the old man was not at ease. He hung up the mirror and asked him to ask for a peace of mind. Nothing happened.

But this time the niece Arlene has no reason for a small production, and Alin Mama has more heart. She always thinks that Zhang’s mirror has turned her suffocate into a niece’s house, otherwise the good fetus will be gone!

After taking care of Arlene for a few days, Arlene’s mother thought more and more wrong. She knocked on the door of Zhang’s house and let Zhang Laotai take the mirror down. She said that her niece is weak and can’t see these gods and things. Neighbors, it’s convenient!

Zhang Laotai fell down, moved into the house and put a chair under the door, and stood up, not only did not take the mirror off, but instead wiped it with a block of cloth. Zhang Laotai said: The old man of the family believes this. If he takes it down, he can't sleep, and then say that your family has a small child, and with blood and disaster, don't rush into our home!

Arlene was so angry that she turned her eyes and heard the opening and closing of the opposite door for several days. She had to curse a few times!

Early in the morning, it was Alin’s mother carrying a bag of food wreckage and going downstairs to throw garbage. The building of Youth Court had an elevator, but the card was charged. Although it was a few cents, it still made Alin’s mother feel distressed. The stairs are all climbing stairs. They are said to be the body of the activity. The same is true of the old man who is at the door. The children and children are persuaded not to listen.

When Arlin walked to the stairway, the bag leaked a hole, and some greasy vegetable soup came out. The prostitute Xiaoyuezi, the home dish was fat chicken trotters, the soup was filled with oil, and soon it was tired on the stairs. .

When Arlin came back, she still thought about cleaning it. But when she saw that greasy was leaning toward the stairs at Zhang’s side, she snorted and thought that she would not clean up, disgusting and disgusting the two old things, who could not understand who Pack up!

But before I had been in the first half hour, I heard the sound of the stairs outside the door, and then the old man’s snoring!

It turned out that Zhang Laotou got up early and went out of the door, stepped on the greasy fall, and the sacral vertebrae were injured, lying there and couldn't move.

Arlene helped Mrs. Zhang call the ambulance, but it didn’t make trouble. After Zhang Laotou entered the hospital, Zhang Laotai reported to the police, saying that Alin Ma "spoiled the oil and killed his life", the stairs you wiped clean is useless, the old man's shoes are still stained with oil!

Under the police persuasion, Zhang Laotou lived for a few days, and Arlin’s family had tens of thousands of dollars. Originally it was a private thing, but that day, Arlin did not know where to hear about the "feng shui" thing, saying that Zhang is the victim of the first, this money they are not awkward!

It turns out that their building is facing south, and the north is cloudy. It is leaning against a curved road. Their unit is facing the center of the arc. This is a small “sickle” pattern, like a bow archery, it will be yin. The suffocating rushes to the building. Fortunately, the arc of the road is still flat, and it can't lead to chaos. As long as there are many people living in it, the popularity is strong, and the body is strong and strong, it will be neutralized, and most people can't feel anything. .

A mirror can be hung on the Zhangjiamen. The intention is to block the transfer of gas from the house, but it is to rush all the suffocating into the home of the door. Arlen’s small production is not allowed because it can’t stop the “double” suffocation!

Arlene got this "inside", and then refused to pay for Zhang Laotou to see a doctor, and Zhang Laotai was noisy, and let Zhang lose her "outer grandson" life!

This incident almost went to court, and "Wang Chuantou" two busy and persuaded, so it was calm, and Arlene's mother caused the old man to fall, how to pay compensation, and the medical expenses already paid were even compensation. Zhang Jia made a "hanging mirror", and Zhang Laotou and Zhang Laotai probably also lost money. They did not continue to bite and took the mirror down. In order to "neighborhood and ambiguity", they would not hang up.

"Wang Chuantou" lost a lot of hair for this matter, he said that it was calmed down, but now Arlin's mother Zhang Zhang "defective", Zhang Jiaxuan her family "black heart", this neighbor is a hate I don't know if I will make any more outrageous things in the future!

This matter can be solved by law provisions, but it is a good solution. It is afraid that people will only care about their own homes. By means of the transfer of feng shui, they will cause contradictions that were not necessary. Zhang Laotou’s old lady hangs a mirror and does not "Unexpected disaster"! Being a good person is more important than feng shui!