Comfort woman

During the Pacific War, in order to satisfy the normal sexual life of the soldiers on the front line, the Japanese military plundered a large number of comfort women from various parts of China through various channels. They were collectively loaded into the train compartment and sent to Nanyang by rail. .

Xiaomei was only 17 years old. When she and her father went to the city to sell vegetables, they were forcibly taken away by Japanese soldiers. My father wanted to stop the Japanese, but he was shot on the spot and murdered on the streets. Xiaomei was forced to take a train to Nanyang with hundreds of comfort women.

The father is dead, and she is about to become a tool for the Japanese devil to vent their lust. Xiaomei is getting sad. However, what the comfort women did not think was that they had not yet arrived in Nanyang. The Japanese soldiers who were responsible for escorting them could not bear the hunger and thirst of their hearts. They broke into the carriage and untied their clothes like a hungry wolf. Generally, they are rushing to these panicked women.

The comfort women were scared to escape, and the Japanese devils laughed and chased after them. Soon, the comfort women were pushed to the window by these devils. The devils approached them step by step. At this moment, Xiaomei suddenly stood up and shouted loudly to the comfort women: "Sisters, we are born Chinese, and death is a Chinese ghost. But we must die with dignity and we must not let these beasts succeed. After that, Xiaomei handed out a stick placed beside the window and rushed to the Japanese soldiers, and hit a Japanese soldier closest to her.

The Japanese soldier suddenly escaped, and then walked over with a smile: "Flower girl, your ... afraid of not, I will not hurt you. After that, he and a few devils next to Xiaomei Come over. Seeing that I was surrounded by a few devils, Xiaomei shouted loudly to the comfort women: "Don't care for me, hurry up and jump, and the jumper may survive."

Those comfort women listened, and climbed one by one to the window of the car. They bite their teeth and jumped. The Japanese soldiers met and hurriedly tried to stop, but they were few people. Most of the comfort women in this compartment have successfully escaped. There are only Xiaomei and several other women left. The Japanese were furious and angry. They vented all their anger to Xiaomei and the women. The Japanese forced them to rape them. After they vented their desires, they used a bayonet to kill these innocent women. When Xiaomei died, eyes It is very big, she is not blind. . . . .

It’s a big deal to escape dozens of comfort women in a single carriage. The Japanese sorcerer who was responsible for escorting the comfort women slaps the slap in the face of the Japanese soldiers. But this is the end of the matter, and it can only be done.

The aggressors are destined to fail. Soon after, Japan failed in the Pacific battlefield and the navy was almost completely wiped out. Subsequently, the United States dropped two atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, respectively. The Japanese government has been defeated, and they have reluctantly recalled a large number of soldiers.

The Japanese devils who were responsible for escorting the comfort women went to the military trains. They had to sit in the port and ship back to Japan. Although Japan was defeated, on the train, these madmen still sang their military songs loudly. When the train opened to a dark tunnel, it suddenly stopped.

The Japanese soldiers stopped at the train and saw the train screaming. Suddenly a Japanese soldier pointed at the front window in horror and yelled loudly. The other devils looked in the direction of his fingers. They were instantly scared to the ground. The windows were covered with blood. The blood was From the window, they slowly flowed into the carriage through the window glass. They came together and slowly turned into several human figures. It was a few women. They were pale, and two red eyes stared at the Japanese soldiers in anger. The one headed by him was Xiaomei who was raped and killed by the Japanese.

The Japanese were so scared that they wanted to jump off and ran away, only to find that the window stained with blood could not be opened. Xiaomei smiled coldly: "The animals, you also have today! As the saying goes, blood debts are paid, today is when you are going to return to Huang Quan. After that, Xiaomei and the women invariably pulled out a sharp dagger from behind. , quickly rushed to the Japanese who were scared and stupid.

A few days later, when a group of Chinese soldiers patrolled, the stagnant Japanese train was found in this tunnel. The train was full of blood, no one survived, and the genitals of the Japanese soldiers were all cut off. People know who did it. . . . .

The author's message: Japan's right wing owes the Chinese people's blood debt, sooner or later it is necessary to return!