Residential geomantic

House purchase with unfavorable geomancy should be cautious

Now the house price is very high. A few years ago, the full amount of money for buying a house is not enough for the down payment now. Buying a house needs the savings of three generations. But buying a house is just a need, especially for men of marriageable age. Of course, if children want to study, they'd better have a house. Otherwise, according to the work contract, they may be assigned to far away places.

House feng shui

For the placement in the home, many people will be placed at their own pace, not to be placed according to the feng shui, it is easy to touch the feng shui taboo, and if you touch the feng shui taboo will affect the fortune. So, what is the taboo of Feng Shui in the home? Let's take a look!

How does the door god paste, how does the door god paste correctly?

Many people will post Spring Festival couplets and pay homage to the gods during the holidays. This is one of the customs of our traditional Spring Festival. The door gods are mostly two. There are many generals who are common, and they are called the Wumen God by the people. So how do we stick ourselves when we are sticking to the door god? Any precision? Today we will use this article to understand a lot of details about the god of the door.

Home Feng Shui: What harm does Scorpio cause?

There is a kind of cockroach in the feng shui, called the scorpio. This kind of scorpion is a kind of suffocating gas formed by the cracks of two floors. This kind of suffocating feng shui is an ancient book: the person at the mouth of the wind is fierce. "The vent" is what we call the Scorpio." The cockroach seems to be on the verge of a "wind knife" that can be said to hurt and invisible. And let's talk about the harm that Tianzhu will cause to the home at home:

Six home feng shui that cannot be ignored

Home feng shui is part of feng shui research, and its research objects are people and the environment. The study of home feng shui is to make the two blend, fit and match. It can carry out detailed analysis and observation of the external environment and indoor environment of the home. Taking people as the core, combined with the comprehensive evaluation of time and ground transportation, the results are obtained, and the corresponding solutions are designed according to the problems that arise.

How to look at the layout of Feng Shui in the house?

How about home feng shui? How do you feel about Feng Shui? Home is the harbor of each of us, and it is also the attribution. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the home feng shui is vital to every family. The feng shui of the house affects the fortune of every member of the family. What is the common sense of home feng shui? Everyone should know more or less.