Kitchen geomantic

Display of kitchen utensils

Chopsticks are commonly used at home. They are the main tableware of Chinese people. In the kitchen, it's better to put it horizontally in the storage box, so as not to add trouble to the home and make it stable. If the chopsticks are placed vertically, they will be like sharp swords, making the kitchen full of evil spirit, causing the residents to be uncomfortable and miserable.

Kitchen decoration Feng Shui What are the taboos for kitchen decoration Feng Shui?

The kitchen should not be to the south, the south is a fire, the kitchen is also a fire, the fire is on fire, it is unfavorable to the home, and the food is perishable to the south; the kitchen is not suitable for the center of the home, and the center of the house is the most untainted. The most suitable location is the east and southeast of the house. The five rows of east and southeast are wood, and can coexist peacefully with water and fire. It is especially suitable for use as a kitchen and breakfast.