Good luck feng shui in the office

The placement of the desk in the office is very important and will affect the quality of the entire office. In the feng shui, there is a backing, so it is better to have a solid wall behind the desk, or a relatively large cabinet, so that you can rely on it to help stabilize the development of the fortune, enhance the nobles, and get the support of the nobles in the work. There is more help.

Good luck feng shui in the office

Office feng shui

2. In order to reflect the spirit of Longma, some companies tend to put some things in the office, such as the Condor wings, or the tiger pictures, which are not suitable for office placement, because it is harmful to the health of the boss or employees.

3. For the placement of office plants, the plants generally used are large leaves and broadleaves, while the fine leaves or needle-like plants are preferably used less. In addition, some people use cactus because they are difficult to raise or convenient. It is also wrong to grow well, there will be disputes.

4. The direction of the fluorescent lamp and the position of the employee is preferably that the vertical direction of the fluorescent lamp is on the top of the employee's head, which is not suitable for being directly in front of the employee, which will reduce the efficiency.

5. Some simple rules: if the beam is not pressed against the desk; the door is not facing the mirror; it is best not to border the toilet, such as the door, back to the toilet.

6. It is common for some people's desks to be behind them, which means there is no backing behind them. Like some people who love to put their desks in the middle of the house, this is not good. Generally, there should be space in front of the desk. Be broad.

7. The position of the financial staff is very important. Generally, it should be placed in a stagnation and quiet place. Some companies are often more diligent because of the needs of the business and the financial place. This is especially important.

8. Generally put things on the desk, preferably left high and low right, the left side is thick, the right side is weak, this is good for wealth, because the left side represents the green dragon, the right side represents the white tiger side.

9. Office ceilings or walls seep, water or cracks, which is a symbol of financial loss. It is necessary to remedy the situation and the ground in the office should be stable, low before and high.

10. The location of the feng shui fish in the office is generally best placed in the Mingtang position or the financial position, or if you don't raise it, if you raise it, you must put it well, otherwise you will not be able to make a fortune.