A terrible funeral

Old Qin died of a heart attack. His body was lying in the crystal coffin of the funeral home, kneeling under his two sons and two daughters. The children knelt by his coffin, as if they were filial. But the careful guests still found that the four children were very nervous, and some people's bodies were slightly shaking.

marriage to a ghost

Luo Qionghua suddenly received a wedding invitation, which was written on the bride's column: Liu Yan. The bridegroom is Ding Peng. Luo Qionghua thought for a long time with her head askew, but she couldn't remember who was Liu Yan and Ding Peng. She can't remember when she met these two friends, maybe one of them...

The disappearing noodle shop

I heard this story from an old driver surnamed Wang. He has run for more than 20 years, experienced many wonders on the road, and will tell his story later. Listen to Lao Wang. It was in 2000. Once, Lao Wang pulled a load of clothes from Urumqi to Aksu. As the boss urged for goods, Lao Wang had to drive all night...

Ghosts in the Qing Dynasty

Since the establishment of the Qing Dynasty, the imperial examination system has been adopted to select talents for more than 200 years. The three-year scientific examination has attracted many students. One year later, it was the day of the imperial examination. Candidates from all over the country set out for the capital, with a sense of tension and excitement, trying to get a position in their own future.

Internet cafe toilet

"Didi. Didi... " The phone rings, "who the fuck? People call at this time of the bath. That's true. " I keep saying that in my mouth. After the bath, I looked at my cell phone. It turned out to be a sworn party... I called.

Pick up the ghost car

At 11:50 that night, Wang Qiang and her colleague Zhang Ling worked overtime so late that there was no bus, so they went out of the company's gate to the bus station, hoping to intercept a taxi here. They waited for a long time, let alone a taxi. They didn't even see a person. They were surprised. As usual, there are often night buses...

Negative men and women

Xiaojing is from a remote village, located on a hill. She was the only one in the village who came to the city. Today is the first day of entering the campus. Xiaojing understands that this society has nothing to do with learning. As long as you have money, you can talk.

Never video

Xiaoning is a girl who likes chatting online very much. She often goes to an Internet bar called "white star sky" outside the school to surf the Internet during lunch and dinner. After class this noon, she ran to the Internet bar again, turned on the computer and began to chat. She usually doesn't add strangers, so all she talks to are her relatives or classmates.

Thriller Hotel

The sweet music sounded in the ear, sang Kui rubbed his eyes, yawned, picked up the cell phone that had been ringing the music, and said lazily, "hello? Who? In the early morning, I'm bored!" "Sang Kui, come on, big news, a new hotel opened at the street corner, as long as two people stay in the first day.....