Story of Zhang Zhengui

There is a popular legend in this building. If you walk in the dark corridor, you can help each other or the walls of the corridor. Ah! There is one hand, the other hand, and a cold hand under myself... "

Cemetery 3

Today is the day of master Zhou Ming's death. His master died in front of him. He is a Taoist, but Zhou Ming just can't learn 30% of his master's skills. Zhou Ming was supposed to come during the day, but he stayed up until evening. No, he didn't catch up with the cemetery mountain where his master was buried until 7 p.m.

Barren house haunted

On a heavy night, a man stumbled on the muddy mountain road. The mountain road is too slippery. He will fall every now and then. He ran very fast. He looked back as he ran. It seemed that there was a hungry man eating ghost running after him. He looked around, surrounded by tall trees and low grass...

Fatal night shift

Near the end of the year, things always become more and more. The company needs to finish the order at the end of the year, smoothly deliver this batch of goods to the customers, and then create a good performance, and explain to all employees of the company, and make sure to complete the task.

Uninhabited Village

No one village, at that time, was not called no one village, but no one knew what the ancient village was called at that time. In this old country, there is a young girl named Qiuju. When Qiuju's parents found out that Qiuju was pregnant, it was too late. People in the village asked Qiuju...

Movie theater ghost show

The old cinema in the town, the building in the 1940s, after a long period of time, has been repaired several times in the middle, but after all, it occupies a golden land. However, the operation situation is more and more competitive, but the small video hall opened by the private sector. Therefore, foreign businessmen are willing to pay the highest price to buy the land, dismantle the old cinema and build a five story shopping mall....

Ghost Pavilion

Rofin and Gaorong are a couple who have been known by people. On this night, Gaorong takes rofin for a walk in the street. During the walk, rofin, who has a sharp eye, sees a beautiful pavilion from afar. She immediately suggests where to sit with Gaorong. Gaorong is stunned at that time. He digs the topic and hopes that rofin will not go to that pavilion.

Things that can't be seen

As a child, grandpa often said that children's eyes are not turbid and can see many things clearly. People grow up, see more things, eyes also become turbid, a lot of things are not seen. Besides, even if children see it, they don't have any consciousness, because they don't know much and don't remember much.

Meat jumping room

Chen Lin went to the window and looked out. It was dark outside. Occasionally, a gust of wind blew by. The leaves rustled. Only when they were shaken, could the trees and the ground be distinguished visually. Chen Lin sighed immediately. Although the mountain and water are beautiful and the air is fresh, it's a rental house inside the Agricultural Research Institute of the town. There are security guards at the front and back doors....

Ghost killing wife

When Xiaowen was sleeping, a smoky blue smoke drifted into her room. The blue smoke slowly gathered and slowly became the most familiar father of Xiaowen. Xiaowen’s father gently called Xiaowen. . Xiaowen in her sleep heard the familiar call, and she slowly opened her eyes. When she saw her father standing by the bed, Xiaowen immediately got up from the bed with tears.....