Short story story _ short story horror story selection 100

1, a taxi with a short horror story

I am going to take a taxi alone. The driver asked me: Where are you going to go?

2, one of the short horror stories

One person walked away from the scene of the car accident, and someone stopped him on the spot: Hey, one of your hands is still in the car.

3, super scary a story outside the window of the old lady

The car drove fast, and an old woman looked at me out the window.

4, the hand of a short and scary story of a girlfriend

I started the motorcycle and got my girlfriend off work. It was a bit cold in the middle of the night, and my girlfriend gently opened my hands and held me.

Suddenly she touched my face: "Cold?" Just wanted the interface

Suddenly found that the hands of the waist girlfriend have not left, ah

5, scary short story friends outside the window of 50 words

I went online last night, and my friend suddenly knocked on my window and told me to go out to play~ I was about to open the window and said no.

I suddenly remembered that I had moved, moved from the first floor to the 10th floor~~ Who is that??

6, the horror story 100 words of the brother's head

At midnight, I was awakened by my nightmare and saw my brother sitting on the edge of the bed and asked me gently: "What happened?"

I said: I dreamt of a group of ghosts holding my head chasing me.

Is this the case? Speaking, my brother took his head off.

7, short story 100 words on the 14th floor of the white man

The high-rise elevator in the office only stops on the 15th to 30th floors, and the small F working on the 30th floor, after working overtime until late at night, take the elevator downstairs alone.

The elevator stopped at each floor and there was no one outside the door. Finally, it was parked on the 14th floor.

A white woman outside the door said: I am so crowded, I have to come in. . . . . .

8, ultra short ghost story: Who do you believe?

One year the mountaineering club went hiking, and there was a couple with good feelings together. When they went down the hill to prepare for the peak, the weather suddenly turned bad, but they still insisted on going up the mountain. So I left the woman to see the camp, but after three days I didn't see them coming back. The woman is a bit worried, thinking that it may be because of the weather. Waiting, wait, on the seventh day, finally everyone is back, but her boyfriend has not returned. Everyone told her that on the first day of the peak, her boyfriend died unfortunately.

They rushed back in the first seven, thinking that he might come back to find her. So everyone formed a circle and put her in the middle. When it was almost twelve o'clock, suddenly her boyfriend appeared and was mixed with blood. She grabbed her and ran out. His girlfriend was scared and yelled, and her boyfriend struggled. At this time, her boyfriend told her... On the first day of the attack, the mountain was full of people who died. Only he was alive...

Who do you believe?

9, short story of ghosts: night swimming women

The incident took place in the Fuxing River next to Yujiang Road in Hexi District. On one night in July 2005, the weather was very hot and several young people went swimming in the river. In the moonlight, they found that a woman with long hair in the river not far away was swimming, and her long hair floated on the water behind her, which was very beautiful. For three nights, these young people found the girl swimming alone. Driven by curiosity, they decided to be close to the girl, getting closer and closer. One of the young men suddenly found some weirdness. The swimming woman seemed to never have her hands and feet out of the water. At this time the woman quickly swam to one of the youths. In the moment of colliding, the young instincts opened their hands to meet, and only one of them with a long hair exudes a stinking woman's head...

Three days ago, a murder occurred nearby. A young long-haired woman was dismantled and her head was not found.

10, ultra short ghost story: 12th floor elevator

Generally, the friends who live in high-rise residences are mainly elevators, and the stairs have become neglected by people. A 13-story girl came home at night and happened to catch up with the elevator and could not use it. Looking at the long stairs, I was a little scared. I asked my mother to pick her upstairs. My mother came down with her and went upstairs. When they walked up to the 12th floor, the girl’s phone rang and her mother’s voice came out: Prostitute, my mother is down, where are you?"

11, super scary short articles: collection hobbies

Now the collection is booming. A foreign girl is working in Tianjin. She works in a hotel in Tianjin Development Zone (located in Tanggu). The female boss of the hotel is very good to her, even a bit too much. At the end of the year, the girl wants to go home, the boss Ask her to eat, some drink high, the female boss smiled and said to the working girl: "Good sister, do you know what hobby your sister has? My sister likes cute things."

Said, non-laden girl to visit her boudoir, open a large cabinet, the female boss said: "Good sister, see this is my collection for many years." There is a dried woman's head in the cabinet. "It seems that my collection has to be new." The female boss smiled and looked at the working girl.

12, short horror story: the building and lake of Nanda

The building of the Department of Economics of Nankai University, and the building of the gossip shape in the back formed the shape of the tomb, so several people were killed by jumping from the top. One year, the lake in Nanda flooded a few international students. The teachers of Nanda went down to save people. The teacher who saved the people was later said to be crazy because the teacher who saved the people often saw a woman squatting. Look at him and ask him why he has to do more business~~

13, 150 words ghost story: picking up the money

In 2004, a person who was riding a bicycle on the Jiefang South Road in Hexi District (opposite to Shunchi Mingdu) was crushed to death by the car. Afterwards, the crowd found that the deceased had a hundred-dollar banknote in his hand. According to the driver who drove, his car had just crossed the overpass and the speed was very fast. Suddenly a cyclist in front of the car rode the car to the middle of the road to pick up a banknote on the ground. It is said that this is the person who was previously crushed here, set the trap, and is looking for a ghost. I am reborn.

14, 200 words short story ghost story of three piglets

It happened in the late 1990s. Three people took a taxi one night to go to a family in the rural area of ​​Jinnan District. The three of them wore black, white and colored clothes. After arriving at the destination, they gave the driver. Money, entered the family, the driver didn't care. When he got home, he found that he was collecting the money. The next day he went back and found the family to ask if there were 3 people who came there last night. The family said that time. No one has ever been there, only the sows in his family have been born black, white, and three small pigs...

15. Terrorist Story: 162 Racecourse Road

This is a small European-style building close to the racecourse. It is currently uninhabited and many glass is broken. Before liberation, a rich capitalist lived here, and he had a beautiful daughter. One morning, the servant called the lady out for dinner, but did not open the door. After asking the owner, everyone opened the door of the lady, but there was no one inside. Strange things, Miss's clothes are still here. Not long after, Tianjin was liberated, and the capitalists fled Tianjin. Later, people who lived here often heard the sound of women singing at the top of the building in the dead of night. Others said that in the evening, I could see a girl in a white pajamas sitting on the top of the building, and disappeared in a blink of an eye. This kind of thing happened a lot, and the people living here finally couldn’t stand this kind of torture and wanted to understand why. They opened the ceiling of the roof and wanted to find the skylight from the top of the building. At this time, they found that there was a pair of human bones in the pajamas in the ceiling and the roof.

Some people said that it might be that the manservant wanted to be indecent as a lady in the evening. After awakening the lady, she worried that the lady told the owner, so she died and hid the body on the ceiling.

16, 100 word horror story: blood kite

The incident took place at the Galaxy Square next to Friendship Road. One night in September 2005, a group of children were flying a kite. One of the children’s kites flew higher and faster, and soon they could not see it, but the line in their hands was still tight. The child did not want to give up, desperately went to the recycling line, and finally recovered the kite from the sky. After getting the kite, the child found that the kite was covered with bright red blood. The next morning the child died in his bed at home, holding the kite tightly in his hand. All night, the blood on the kite has not dried up.

17, 100 word horror story: trolley

It is said that the Sanshi area in Hongqiao District had a mass grave in the past. It was the abandoned corpse of the factory when the Japanese invaded China. During the Cultural Revolution, a pair of red guards will remember the sweetness here and play too late. At night, the sound of wooden carts was heard from the underground. Some people saw a wooden cart carrying a pile of human heads under the moonlight, and the cart was headless. "He" was even more bloody. Flavor liquid, what is it?

18, 200 word horror story: the hand in the public toilet

The junction of Jiefang South Road and Zhujiang Road is now an overpass. In 2001, Jiefang South Road has not been widened. When there is no overpass, there is a public toilet at the northwest corner of the intersection. Friends nearby should still remember. One night, after someone had finished in the public toilet, he suddenly remembered that there was no paper. Suspicion, suddenly a black and violent hand sticked out from the pit underneath, holding a stack of toilet paper in his hand. Also said the voice: "Give".

The same hand, also at night, is said to have appeared in the public toilets of the girls' dormitory in the nearby Tianjin Foreign Economic and Trade Vocational College. A girl was scared into a mental hospital...

19, the super-terrorist story of the vampire

Many years ago, in the area of ​​Xiaohaidi in Hexi District, there was an old woman with a cane. Whether it was winter or summer, I liked to wear a pair of gray scarves. The keys hung on my chest and I walked very slowly, as if I was looking for something. No one knows her. Sometimes, there will be a little girl in her red dress next to her, which looks like her granddaughter. Once, the old woman led a little girl and put her in a park and left. The little girl sat quietly for a while and fainted. The passer-by sent the little girl to the nearby four hospitals. The doctor found that most of the blood on the little girl had been lost, as if it had been sucked dry. When the girl’s family arrived, the girl was out of breath. Later, such a thing happened several times. Every time the little girl was wearing red clothes, she was led by an old woman, and all died of blood loss...

20, 300 characters, the story of the Golden Sutra

There is a Jiangsu boss in the Tea City of Zhujiang Road in Hexi District, Tianjin. The business is not smooth, and often the guests pass through his store without going in. Without the guests entering the store, the business is naturally more difficult to do. The boss feels strange that his door is not inferior to the decoration of others. Why is the guest not going in? After the person pointed out, the boss found the female calligrapher Ding Yan, who lives in the nearby Mingdu New Garden, and copied a volume for him with Xiaoyan calligraphy. The Diamond Sutra, "Jing" is copied on the blue porcelain paper with gold paste, which looks golden. After the installation, it faces the doorway and hangs in the store. Since then, the business in the store has gradually improved.

It turned out that his shop had a "ghost door". Some people cast a "ghost" in front of his shop. The source of money and the source of the customer were blocked by the invisible "ghost". Since the "Diamond Sutra" After that, the ghost was scared away.

21, weird mother and child

It is said that there is an old courtyard on the Xin'an side of the old city. People who have lived in it for many years often say that it is not clean. One year, a teacher who graduated from Tianjin, who was a foreign teacher, was assigned to Zhongshan Middle School and lived in this big school. In the courtyard, one summer, she came out to collect clothes at night. The female teacher saw a mother and son in the rain. Her mother wiped her face for the child. The teacher wanted to bring the umbrella to the mother and child, but when she came closer, she saw the mother and child eyes. The ear, nose and mouth continue to flow out of the sand.

I heard that a hundred years ago, there was a mother and child who was considered by the family to be "not guilty" and jumped with their children.

22. Short story: Tianjin Daily Building

Tianjin Daily Building is located in the intersection of the Central Line, Datun Road and Jianshan Road. It is surrounded by rolling traffic and high buildings. The pattern is deep and forms a five-party gathering. After many souls and wild ghosts came in, they were trapped in the building. Therefore, it is often haunted. It is said that the night can hear the crying. The elevator often stops on a certain floor and opens automatically. There is no one inside. It is said that the ghost is taking the elevator. The people in the building are worried.

23, the short doll story doll

When Nana, a young woman in Longjiang, Hexi District, cleaned up the room, she saw that a rag doll in the cabinet was very old. Then throw it into the garbage lane with the garbage.

When I was sleeping at night, I dreamed of a girl approaching her bed and suddenly reached out to rub her throat. Just when Nana felt that she was going to die, her throated hands gradually loosened, and a tear fell on Nana's face. "Why should I abandon me?" the girl said with tears.

Nana woke up, turned on the light, and lay the old doll that was thrown away.

24, short story of ghosts: 溺水鬼

There is a Dongli Lake in Dongli District, Tianjin. Three summer students from the Academy of Fine Arts are drowning in the water. The locals organize people to salvage the dead bodies. As a result, the hard-watered locals are not known, after a few days, but The fishermen used the fishing nets to salvage the four dead bodies. The dark-watered locals, on the two legs, were tightly held by the other three bodies. The three bodies were the three beautiful students of the drowning. The locals have been drowning for seven hours from their waters. They said that they had already died, and how did they hold the locals?

25, ultra-short horror story high-heeled sound

In a building in a certain district of Nankai, every late Friday, there was a crisp and slow high-heeled sound in the corridor. It seems that someone has repeatedly walked up and down in the corridor. Who will linger in the corridor in the middle of the night? Open the door, but can't see people.

A few years ago, there was a young woman who wanted to commit suicide on a Friday night. After a long time in this corridor, she finally got the courage. After going to the top floor, she jumped down...

26, short horror story: paper gray

Tianjin people have the custom of burning paper money for their deceased relatives at night at the crossroads. When one person walks, he inadvertently spits on a pile of paper ash that has not been completely extinguished. Suddenly the paper ash on the ground flies up and hits the person's mouth and nose until it is blocked. The person suffocates and dies.

Another person stepped on a pile of paper ash on his right foot. The shoes seemed to be smothered. They couldn't move. They had no choice but to pull their feet out and throw away their shoes.

27, folk short story story: Cao Yu old house

Cao Yu was the president of the Republic of China. His former residence was located in a western-style building on No. 2 Nanhai Road, Heping District. He is currently used by the Tianjin Cultural Bureau Kindergarten. The basement of this building has been closed for many years and no one dares to enter. It is said that a prostitute offended Cao Yu’s most beloved Siyitai, and was trapped by the four sisters, starving to death. Since then, at night or in the rainy days, there are often crying voices of prostitutes.

In addition, the 254 Hospital on Huangwei Road in Hebei District used to be another old house of Cao Yu. According to legend, Cao Yu’s Erqi Taigao was poisoned by the big wife Zheng, and it’s also a ghost, and the anecdotes are endless. ....

28, folk short story story: Haihe floating body

The Haihe River crosses the urban area and can pick up many bodies every year. One day at the end of the 1990s, another corpse was picked up, and the eyes were round and the belly rose like a drum. Relatives and friends of the deceased, came to claim, are moving the body to prepare for loading, a squirt of yellow water in the body of the body, the face of the deceased younger brother, stinking.

After the police found that the deceased had a trace on the neck, and then detected, the murderer is his brother.

29, the sperm of the kitchen of a short horror story

There is a man who secretly sneaked into his girlfriend's house on Valentine's Day. I want to give her a surprise. But if you think about it and want to have some excitement, you will pour a lot of tomato juice onto your face and put on a white sheet. I want to scare my girlfriend. Then he ran to the kitchen to see what he had made himself. In the mirror of the kitchen, the tears and tears look like horror, and they all jumped. I want to be sure that my girlfriend can’t stand it. I was busy and unloaded my makeup.

When the girlfriend came back, he told her about it. Her girlfriend’s eyes widened and she couldn’t believe it.

The man asked her what happened.

She said: "You said that you scared yourself in the kitchen in the mirror?"

He replied, "Yes, it’s scary."

"But" her eyes are bigger and her face is blue. "But the kitchen has no mirror at all~"


30. The old man and sister of a short horror story:

Just a few days ago, an old man came from the village. The old man looks very frustrated, but perhaps because no one knows him, so no one pays special attention. As a result, in the evening, the old man was found hanging in the woods and hanging up, just behind the Xiaojing family, and even the old man could see the old man through the bathroom window.

In the evening, Xiao Jing came back because the body was quickly disposed of. So Xiao Jing didn't know, and Xiao Jing went to take a shower, because the bathroom was very small, so the bath was very close to the window. Just halfway through the wash, Xiao Jing looked up and saw the window. The scene that was seen at that time made Xiao Jing's whole person stiff because she saw a small person who couldn't move, but the head of the man had been watching her at this moment. The human head smiled and said:

"Sister, have you been scared?"

31. The shortcomings of short horror stories

My brother doesn't like the dishes my mother cooked, but I like to eat instant noodles. One day my mother didn't cook, my brother had to eat instant noodles, and my mom yelled at him: "Mom doesn't cook, you won't go out and buy lunches? Eat noodles, no nutrition."

My brother said, "I just like to eat, how?"

"Oh... Mom told you that instant noodles is really not a good thing. Your father used to have a young lady in the company. In order to save the money and send it home, so eat instant noodles in the morning and eat instant noodles at noon. Eat instant noodles at night. Eat instant noodles every day, and she died three months later."

(Amazingly): "Really?"

"How can my mother lie to you?"

"Really, how did she die?"

This is a car accident when buying instant noodles...

32, short horror funny story of the old woman's intestines

In high school, there was a scene (stunning) in the fruit and vegetable market in front of Huazhong Bridge...

Since the fruit and vegetable market is the point of many cars, and it is time for school to leave school, the bus that we are sitting on is crowded so that the whole person standing at the door of the car, including the face, is tightly attached to the door like a gecko.

After Mr. Driver and others came up, they started to go. Because they had to go on the bridge, he had been stepping on the accelerator to accelerate. When I found out that there was an old woman in front of the road, it was too late to step on the bus.

I saw the old woman squatting on the road in front of the car, motionless, a bunch of intestines flowing out of her body, and began to seep out the berthed blood...

Some people started to scream... Some couldn’t speak, and the driver was pale, sitting in the seat and not going down. When the driver in the car began to blame the driver, a strange thing happened... .

Suddenly, the old woman stood up in a trembling manner, took out a broken plastic bag, began to lick her intestines, and muttered in the mouth: "Hey Shou...the intestines that I just bought, how to eat it..."

33, short horror funny story expired lunch

Tell you a ghost story, and powder horror

On a quiet moonlit night and a quasi-night, a traveler in the mountains was unfortunately lost.

Just when he was hungry and cold, and his physical strength did not go, he finally found a thatched cottage in front of that far away.

He rushed forward and knocked on the door and shouted: "Is anyone there?" Then an old woman came out to answer the door.

After the traveler explained the intention, the old grandmother kindly gave the traveller a box of lunch, and promised that the traveler would stay in the grandmother's house that night.

Early the next morning, when the traveler woke up, he realized that there was no thatched house at all, and he slept on the ground. Not to mention the old grandmother, but the traveler is not afraid, and the heart is still very grateful to the grandmother, who believes that it is the Buddha incarnation, came to save the suffering.

So he worshipped in the same place and left with gratitude. After a long journey, I finally returned to the village.

After returning, he talked about this thing every time. After a long time, someone finally said: "You said that the grandmother, she died three years ago." The traveler heard, the heart screamed badly. The synapse felt a sharp pain and shouted:

"Not good... I,... I... I ate it... expired lunch."

34, classic horror story, thirteenth floor

According to legend, many people have heard that the 13th floor is the most fierce ghost, so many places have only 12 floors when building buildings or jump directly from the 12th floor to the 14th floor before the return of 1997. Ali often worked overtime until midnight because of work, and he seems to get used to the night. Ali is working overtime until midnight. When he went home, he looked at the watch. It was already a little bit, so he speeded up. Before the family's footsteps returned, the houses on the Hong Kong side were big house villages, old and tall, and he lived on the 14th floor, but fortunately, Ali, who came to the elevator, came to the elevator as before. For a moment, because it was the reason for the middle of the night, the elevator soon arrived in the elevator. He was very familiar and wanted to press the button on the 14th floor, but he found the button a bit strange. Usually the button on the 14th floor and the button on the second floor. Parallel, how do the buttons on the 14th floor go to the bottom today, don’t you have a button? (For some reason, the elevator has not had the 13th floor button), Ali did not think much, just clicked ten On the fourth floor button, the elevator slowly rose and the elevator stopped. He looked away without looking at it. He found that it was wrong. Why didn’t he have any lights? So he returned to the elevator and looked at it, Mom. Evil, how come to the thirteenth floor I have never been to this floor, and I haven’t heard anyone say that there are 13th floor. Suddenly he is afraid. In the elevator, he presses the button on the 14th floor, but no matter how he presses, the elevator is not moving, can’t go Stairs? It’s so late, there are no lights, no one is afraid, but it’s impossible to wait for one night, so he decides to take the stairs home. (Formerly the old building in Hong Kong, the design is very strange, the long corridor is the stairs on both sides of the elevator.) The Ali family is on the right side of the previous right side of the stairs. He walked in the dark corridor and found a family in front. The light is still on, but the light is very weak. He planned to go without looking at it, but curiosity still let him look at the front of the house and found that the window is not closed, so he carefully walked over. I looked at it inside, I really didn't see it. I saw a long-haired woman wearing a red dress watching TV in the back, but even more terrifying is that there is no image in the TV. I was so scared that I didn’t want to go home in the direction of the home. Soon he came to the corridor that should be familiar, but today he found it completely different. It seems that he had just seen it and he found his home light still on. Going over and taking a hard look, the number is not 1014 of his house, it becomes 1013. If you look at it clearly, it is the 13th floor. At this time, he is even more afraid. He is afraid to see the scene, but he does not know how. He is still again I want to look inside the window. The scene he saw this time is the same. A woman in red dress is watching a TV that is all snowflake. When Ali sees it, suddenly the woman moves. She slowly turned her head, and Ali was crazy when she saw her. Where did her eyes go, and the face was distorted the next day, the family of Ali found that he didn’t go home, The police, but did not find anyone, in fact, Ali has not gone, just stayed on the thirteenth floor, waiting for the emergence of the next substitute, and after the disappearance of Ali, the neighbors often began to hear a lot of strange sounds at night. And Ali's family moved away after he disappeared.

Soon, another couple moved into the house of Ali's house. The couple didn't know anything about the past. The couple were all students. They just moved in and they were very happy, and they greeted the neighbors everywhere, but They heard the neighbors talking about Ali's things and strange things. Young people are not afraid of many things, they don't care. The first few Sundays were calm, and nothing special happened, but strange things still happened. One night, they all slept in the room, but when it was early in the morning, the girl heard the sound of the TV, and the voice was so sleepy that the girl could hear it clearly. The sound was heard by the people downstairs. So the next day, the girl told her boyfriend that she didn’t sleep well last night. The TV downstairs was noisy. Her boyfriend said: Nothing was heard yesterday. I slept well and the girl was stupid. There is a sound, and it’s loud, how can I not hear it, but her boyfriend insisted that she didn’t hear it, and said that she had an illusion, but she didn’t hear the TV again in the next few days.

One day, the girl’s boyfriend had something to go home at home, leaving her alone at home. During the day, but at night, the girl alone will be afraid, I will not dare to go home to sleep, think of good friends to go there, but coincidentally her good friend went to the boyfriend's house can not accompany her, no way, had to go home to sleep Because a person would be afraid, and the girl was timid, she slept early at night but could not sleep. Suddenly, the sound of the TV rang again, and it was still very loud. The voice I heard this time was the voice of Shashasha. The voice was not from another place. It was from the living room. In the middle of the night, the TV automatically opened. Is it male? The friend came back? A bunch of doubts the girl decided to go out and see what happened. Because she was afraid, she took an iron rod and walked slowly to the living room. The closer she was, the clearer the sound was. She sneaked into the living room and looked at the TV. There was a stranger in front of the TV. The man was sitting watching TV, and the TV was a snowflake with no image. The girl in the rustling sand gave courage to say to the man: "Who are you?" The man ignored her, but turned her back to her. ,watching TV. The girl walked a little angry and said, "I will not say who you are, I will call the police." At this time, the man did not return and said, "This is my home." The girl is strange. Is this your home? At this time, she noticed that the house was completely different from her home, from the display to the layout. The girl asked: "Isn't this 1014?" The man said again: "This is 1013." The girl is stunned, how come When the building went down, she immediately asked, "How come I came here?" At that moment, the man moved, slowly turned his head, and the dark eyes were still bleeding. He whispered: "You are not Are you coming to accompany me?" Just like this, no one knows where she is ---------

In fact, the girl came home from a good friend's house. From the moment she left the elevator, she did not find the elevator to the thirteenth floor.

35, short story of ghost story 150 words

In the hospital, a doctor suddenly stopped when he was about to enter the elevator, and quickly pulled another woman next to the elevator. In the second elevator, the woman asked the doctor why she was not allowed to go to the elevator. The doctor said mysteriously: "Have you seen the two people entering the elevator with a ring in your hand? It is the corpse ring of the mortuary body." The woman listened and raised her hand and asked: "You Is it this?"

36, short story of ghost story 100 words: pull the soul

Ten years ago, an old man died in our village. When the spirit was guarded that night, the grandson heard the scream of Grandpa. Then I fell asleep and never woke up. Her family was very puzzled. How did the health and health suddenly die? Some people later said that this is a ghost. In the evening, I heard someone calling your name. Don’t promise the first two. In case the ghost pulls the soul. The soul of the soul is also called a ghost. Have you seen it?

37. Short story of ghost story 100 words: heavy rain.

Two young people, drove through a dilapidated old house. When I walked into the house and saw an old man, I felt hungry and asked the old man to ask for food. The old man turned and went in, and he did not see it for a long time. The two people were anxious to find it. In the back room, I saw an old lady. She said that the old man has been dead for many years. The two feared to turn back to the living room, and see the old man, saying that the old lady has been dead for three years, who should you believe?

38, short story of ghosts: toilet

The toilet was in the old toilet that had just been in the school. The girl had just kneel down and there was a pair of pale hands behind her. She was shocked and saw that there were two pieces of paper on the hand, one white and one yellow. A terrible voice said: "Choose one, white or yellow" The girl is very scared and asks "Who are you?" "White or yellow" "Why choose" and "Choose one." No way, I had to come to a white one. The voice laughed: "The seven days of white three days of yellow." disappeared.

The girl opened the door, but there was nothing outside the door. She was frightened and quickly returned to the dormitory to tell her friends about this. The friend laughed that she was too nervous and had a nervous problem. She insisted that she was very clear at the time. Everyone discussed it for a while, and the result is that there will be nothing. But after three days, the girl died inexplicably. No one knows how she died. Her cause of death is that the cause of death is unknown. Only her classmates know what is going on. Since then, they have not dared to go to the bathroom alone at night.

39. Christmas for a short horror story

Once upon a time, a little girl really wanted to hurry to Christmas and Christmas was here. She is waiting for Santa to appear under the Christmas tree. The next morning, his family found that the little girl had died under her own Christmas tree. There was a gift next to him that said that I was Santa Hehe. Later they got an autopsy report with her five internal organs. The six hexagrams are all gone, and the body is empty. The next day, their whole family was crazy, only her sister was not crazy, because she had been smashed by the car a day ago. Four years later, another little boy died. The death method was the same as that of the little girl, but his internal organs were placed in a bottle next to him. The author "I am Santa Hehe"

40, a lot of people inside the elevator of the short story

One day, a friend who got off work went back to the dormitory at night and pressed the elevator on the first floor. He is going to the sixth floor. Fortunately, the elevator is coming...

He walked in, there was no one inside, and he went into the elevator and immediately shut it...Lift...Lift...

On the fourth floor, the elevator suddenly opened. There are two people who are outside to probe the brain, meaning they want to come in, but I don’t know why I looked at it and didn’t come in. The elevator door was closed again. When the elevator door was closed, my friend clearly heard that they were saying: "Rely! How many people are there!"

41. No one has snatched a short story.

There was a boy who was going home by bus at night, but because he was too late when he arrived at the stop, he was not sure if there was any car...and didn't want to walk. Because his family is very far away, so he had to wait for the last bus... Wait, wait... He felt that there should be no car, suddenly saw a bus appeared in the distance... He was very happy to stop the car. . When he got on the bus, he found that the last class was very strange. It was reasonable to say that the last bus should be few people, because the route was far away, but the car was full... There was only one vacancy, and there was no half-person talking quietly in the car.

He felt a little surprised, but he still sat down in the only empty space. There was a woman sitting next to the empty seat. When he sat down, the woman whispered to him: "You should not take this bus. He felt very strange, the woman continued: "This bus is not for the living people... When you get in the car, they (than the people in the car) will catch you to be a ghost." Very scared, but I don't know what to do. The woman said to him: "It doesn't matter, I can help you escape." So she dragged him to open the window and jumped when they jumped. At that time, he also heard the voice of the people in the car shouting "Let him run away"...

When he stood firm, he found them standing on a desolate hillside. He breathed a sigh of relief and quickly thanked the woman. The woman showed a strange smile: "Now, no one has robbed me..."

42. The eyes of a campus like a short horror story

In the past, there was a horror story circulating in major schools: It is said that there is something unclean in school A. Whenever fifteen, the eyes of Lu Xun’s eyes at the school gate will move, and all the teaching buildings will be powered off. From the original 13th to the 14th, the water from the lab's faucet will turn red, and the toilet at the end of the first floor will no longer be available as long as someone enters.

So, a group of unbelieving children made an appointment to explore on the 15th day. At 12 o'clock in the evening, they arrived at the door of the school on time. The eyes of Lu Xun looked at the left side, and they remembered it. When they were afraid of coming out, they couldn’t remember whether they had moved.

They came to the classroom and turned on the switch, eh? Isn't it bright? "Cheat." A boy complained. "Lets see."

Came to the stairway "123...13 is not wrong, is it 13th order?" The children are a bit doubtful about the authenticity of the legend.

So they came to the lab again, the faucet opened, and the white flowers flowed out. "It’s really boring, we are white." The initial stimulation was wiped out.

Finally, they came to the toilet. Although the girl said that she didn't believe it, she still didn't dare to go in. So let the small C, who was just too embarrassed to say it, go in and read the watch, 1 o'clock. Two minutes later, the boys came out, and "they are all deceiving." The children broke up.

When they went out, a janitor found them and how they could stay in school so late. The children ran on the legs.

Xiao B paid special attention to the stone statue at the door. Yes, the eyes are still looking to the left.

"deceptive" he snorted

"Hey little B? Xiao C went out to play with you last night, why haven't you come back?" The next morning, Xiao C's mother called and asked.

Xiao C did not go to school, the children vaguely felt wrong, so they told the teacher and parents about the night's adventure. Everyone returned to the school accompanied by an adult.

"What? The eyes of our Lu Xun image have always been looking to the right." The principal listened to the children's narrative and said incredibly.

"But when we came yesterday, we looked at the left side," and went out to see. Sure enough, it is looking to the right...

"But there was indeed electricity yesterday." "We had a power outage in the whole district yesterday... How do you get the lights?"

“There are stairs” The children quickly ran to the stairs “123...12?” “Our stairs have always been 12th order.” “Impossible”

"There are labs," a child reminded. A group of "to the lab" came to the lab, and under the faucet they opened yesterday, there was a trace of dark red. "It is blood."

"That... Little C went to the toilet yesterday..." Everyone felt an inexplicable fear. "Go, let's see." The principal also realized the seriousness of the matter. ...Open the door... The small C's body appeared in front of everyone's eyes.

Because of the horrified and wide eyes, the cut throat is bloody, and the internal organs are scattered in the pool that has been dried.

"A" Xiao C's mother fainted on the spot, several teachers immediately rushed out to vomit, and Xiao B was scared and stunned. One second before he fainted, he caught a small C watch, and the pointer stopped at 1 o'clock, the time when the small C entered.

By the way, on the night they went on an expedition, there was no guard.

43. What is the story of a short story?

It was a few months ago. There is a child, his father and mother go out at night, he is alone at home. Because the child does not believe in any ghosts, so he is not afraid. This is "What isn't there in my heart?" It was more than eleven o'clock in the evening. His father and mother had not returned yet, and he began to worry a little. As soon as the result was called to his father and mother, the phone came out, but it was "Your phone number is empty. Please check and then dial..." The child was very scared and reported the police. The result didn't know what was going on, and his phone suddenly caught fire. The child yelled and ran out, and the door was locked. He looked at the wall desperately. "Scared me," the child woke up and found himself dreaming. This is, a woman brought a towel and wiped him sweat. Then the child fell asleep and fell asleep. Just as I closed my eyes, I remembered the woman, and suddenly I remembered that the woman had no eyes, her eyes were dark, her face was bloody, and her face was pale. He shouted: "Oh, help, come on." He began to run outside the door. As a result, the door was really locked. He went to the kitchen and picked up the kitchen knife. It was like the woman’s cut, and the kitchen knife put the woman’s Two and a half, then the woman's recovery, and the hand that stretched out the nails was blood, and grabbed the child.

44, short funny ghost story modern version of Yue Buqun

I have rented a house for some reason. The low rent of this house is unbelievable, but after I lived in it, I found that people around me always looked at me with a strange look and pointed at me.

I was very surprised. Finally, one day I pulled the old man who was watching the door, and told him to tell me the truth. He said to me: Before I came in, I lived here with a pair of lovers. They have been good all the time, but one day they didn't know what they had been arguing for a night, and they never saw the woman again. The man disappeared after renovating the room.

The neighbors had noticed that the man always painted the walls in the middle of the night, so they all thought that the girl was killed by the man and then the body was built into the wall. After listening to the story, I felt the back was cold.

Going back to the house, I checked around and finally sat on the bed, staring at a suspicious water stain on the opposite wall. The more I look, the more I feel like a person, and her posture is like struggling to come out. I am so creepy, I am going to sleep.

In the middle of the night, I had a dream. I dreamed that the two lovers were having a big fight. The man strangled the woman with a rope under anger and buried her body in the wall. I saw the blood flowing out of the woman's eyes, struggling in the wall, shouting: Let me out, let me out, I woke up, I couldn't stand it, I took the screwdriver and dig the wall.

Finally, I dug a small hole, then I saw one eye looking at me...

God, it turned out to be true...


The eye turned into a mouth and started talking:

"Next door, what do you dig our walls?"

45, short story funny ghost story murder girlfriend

A couple quarreled, and the man killed the woman in a rage. On that day, the woman wore a red dress. Later, the man always had a nightmare. Finally, one day his girlfriend said that he would kill him at 12 o'clock the next night. He woke up and was terrified. He found a master. The master said: There is also a way, but you Three things must be done before twelve o'clock in the evening. First: find a black chicken, kill the blood, and then draw a circle along the wall at home. Second: Close all the windows in the house and pull the curtains up. Third: Wash the blood on the clothes she wore when she died. The first two pieces were done, but the blood on the clothes could not be cleaned. Finally, with the chilling wind, his girlfriend flew over and grabbed him. He pressed it to the wall and asked him: You Know why you can't wash it? Because you didn't use the white laundry detergent.

46, classic horror story: 375 bus

In the cold winter, a young man got on the last bus, and a grandfather sat behind him. After a few stops, three people dressed in military coats drunk in the car. After a while, the grandfather suddenly grabbed the boy and said why you stole my wallet. The young man was arguing and arguing. The old man asked the driver to stop the car and sent the boy to the police station. After getting out of the car, the young man said with anger and the old man said: How can you frame people? This is the last bus. The old man said, "You can thank me for saving your life. You just didn't see the three people on the bus." Is one of them dead? His feet are suspended. That night, the 375 bus did not return to the terminus, and all the people in the car disappeared. The next day, a bus was found in the ditch in the suburbs. The people in the car were dead and the neck was completely twisted, but there were no three people wearing military coats.

47. Classic Horror Story: 1963 Spiritual Event in Fengmen Village

In 1963, three young people from Zhengzhou came to Fengmen Village to sketch and live in a house that had died in a family of three, and they successively bumped into faces and evil things. I often heard that a child was calling out to her mother in the middle of the night, but when she opened the door, she was empty. In addition, three people have had the same nightmare, and ghosts climbed into bed in the middle of the night. One day, a person turned over the wardrobe to find something during the day, suddenly screamed and fainted, and woke up to see the grimace he met in the dream in the closet, but everyone went to the closet but found nothing unusual. The next day, someone dreamed of the face, and woke up to hear the sound of the water in the yard. He looked at the window and found a woman next to the well with a naked body and a bath in his back. The woman turned back and smiled at him, then jumped into the well. However, when he went to see it, he found nothing in the well.

48, classic spiritual story: the 1992 Imperial Palace spooky event

The Forbidden City had a palace incident in thunderstorms in 1992. It was indeed photographed by many tourists. After receiving favorable evidence, experts have given scientific explanations. (The Palace Museum can see that the palace is scientifically based, because the palace wall is red. It contains triiron tetroxide, and lightning may conduct electricity. If it happens that a palace lady passes by, then the palace wall is equivalent to the function of the video tape. If there is a flash coincidence in the future, it may be like a video. Like the screening, there was the shadow of the recorded lady, but it was still unbelievable.

49, a short story of ghosts in the hospital

A doctor is already at midnight after completing the emergency and is preparing to go home. Go to the elevator door, see a female nurse, then take the elevator down the stairs together, but the elevator to the first floor is still non-stop, has been down. When it was time for B3, the door opened and the elevator door opened. A little girl appeared in front of them and lowered her head and said that she would take the elevator. The doctor hurriedly closed the elevator door. The nurse asked strangely: "Why don't let her come up." The doctor said: "B3 is the morgue of our hospital. The hospital has tied a red ribbon to the right hand of each body. She The right hand, her right hand has a red ribbon..." The nurse listened, and gradually extended his right hand, and he said with a smile: "Is it a red rope like this?"

50, short horror story: can't read

He and her are childhood friends, thinking that they can join hands to watch the sunset. At the age of 35, she got lung cancer. Holding a medical certificate, crying and laughing. No smoking, no bad habits, why got lung cancer? She came to his office, but saw a bag of his favorite dried fruit on the table, next to it, with a medicine bottle, it was shocking. She shed tears, red. Three days later, she cried and lit his birthday candle, he was not there. She lit 34 long candles, a short candle, and smiled low: You are really thin, not enough to make 35 candles. This story scares the kitten. Look at it again, I don’t think anything, look at it, understand it, and there is a chill behind it. A little difficult to understand... this, what do you mean?

51. The short horror story is wrong.

In the medical school library, Cao Baohui is reading the books on the planing. A man came from behind and pointed at the book and explained the illustration of a male corpse chest. "This picture is not good." Cao Baohui looked up and looked at the man's doubt and asked: "What do you mean?" The man sighed and said: "At that time, I didn't pose well." Then he left quietly. Cao Baohui felt a little inexplicable, and then buried in the book. Not a moment, her eyes were horrified and she fled the library. The man just like the male corpse in the illustration in the book that fell on the ground.

52. The short story of the ghost story is dead.

Inside the office, at night. Female A: "I want to go to the bathroom, go with me?" Xiang Weiling: "Why, you can't walk." Female A: "I am afraid to go alone." Xiang Weiling: "Fear Hey? Fear of ghosts?" Female A: "Yes. Don't you be afraid?" Xiang Weiling: "Even if there are ghosts in front of me, I still shoot him." Woman A: "Oh, then you see me." Face, shoot me to death." After finishing the face, revealing the face of the shrinking flesh and blood...

53. Come here for a short horror story.

The dream lover has always dreamed of the same dream recently. In a dream, a man said to her: "Where are you, come to me, I am waiting for you....." Finally, I can’t help it, so Ask him: "Who are you? How can I find you?" The man said: "Tomorrow at 12 noon on the platform of the xx park door to come to me, I have a skeleton here." The man pointed his finger at his chin. Wake up, Ning hastily found his friend and told everyone about it, and the friend promised to accompany her. At 11:55, the two were waiting in the agreed place, but they didn't see the man. The weather was hot. I said to my friend: "It's too hot. I bought two ice creams across from you. You are waiting for me here." Going. Just then, a car rushed over and screamed... The friend ran over and looked at Ning, who had fallen into a pool of blood. When I opened the door and prepared to send Ning to the hospital, I found out that it was a hearse, and there was a man lying in the glass coffin on the car. The man’s chin had a cockroach..... Friend, look at his watch. The current time is 12 o'clock. Exploring Ning's breathing again has stopped.

54, a short ghost story: jumping and jumping

A couple had a v8 for him when his son was three years old. The three-year-old boy was very happy to jump in front of the camera...

The couple were also immersed in the joy of happiness... and did not pay attention to the son’s fault... In this way, the three-year-old boy jumped and died. ..

A year later, the couple looked at v8 on the day of their son’s jealousy to solve the problem.

Unexpectedly.... The son who has been jumping in the camera is not jumping because of happiness.... A hand that appears out of thin air is holding his son’s hair... keep pulling up... pull... pull ... pull... pull... pull...

55, a short ghost story: red shoes

In the middle of the lunar calendar, my boyfriend went to Success Ridge.

When I was bored, I went to a good friend of mine to climb Optimus.

For Yangmingshan, I was very familiar with her, and almost went through it. She proposed: "Let's go from Qingtiangang to Shusi Waterfall!!

Because she has not been to, and I think the waterfall is very cute, so I chatted and walked to the Silk Falls.

When the waterfall appeared in front of the eyes, the friend was excited to play with water. When she crossed the railing, I didn't know why, I had an ominous feeling (not a post-mortem, it was true!), so I quickly called her back, so she looked at me with a look of disappointment.

I said, "Let's go! Don't stay too long." Not far from the Silk Falls, I said: "Do you know why I called you back?

She said: "I don't know yeah, I think you are weird..." I said: "I just had a very bad feeling and didn't know what it was... so go, really"

When I finished speaking, I saw a pair of red shoes suddenly appearing on the cliff on the left side. I can see that it is a women's shoes, very new, but I don't see anyone. When I saw the shoes, my intuition was actually "jumping down". The two of us looked at each other and did not say a word. We kept going forward and kept walking... until we went out of the forest, we saw the sun Tone.

I said, "That pair of shoes is so horrible..." The friend also said: "I feel that the bones are terrible~" We always don't understand why the shoes are there?

After going down the mountain, we went to find her boyfriend. When his boyfriend saw us, he was very nervous and asked where we went.

When I heard that we went to the Silk Falls, we were so angry that we had a meal and then told us the story...

There is a pair of brothers and sisters who love each other, but because of ethics, they cannot be together, and the two decide to express their feelings.

They jumped together from the Silk Falls. The man is dead and the woman is saved. But I heard that the male body has not been found. After the woman was rescued, she jumped again. The bizarre thing is that this time, like the man, the body can’t be found...

Since then, every year in July of the lunar calendar, a pair of red shoes will appear in their lyrical places. What the hell is going on? No one knows...

However, it is said that not everyone will see the shoes..... If you see someone talking on the spot or touching it, it will...

I heard this... I broke my face with my friends. Looking back, I am really scared...

Because we are in the mountains, we have never encountered any one person. This is not reasonable. Because there are a lot of people on the Yangming Mountain every day to climb the mountain. But we have not encountered half a person?? Since we saw the red shoes, That means... more terrifying is... the shoes I and her first look are "jumping down"

56, a short ghost story: shadow corpse

There was a family engaged in aquaculture. When the old father passed away, he invited the Feng Shui master to bury his father in a corner near his fishing rod. After a few years, life is as usual.

One year, the owner of the fishing rod, like the previous year, put the fry in the fishing rod next to his father’s grave.

In the next few days, when the feed was fed, the fish were seen swimming in the water... However, in the fishery season, the net was salvaged... There was no half fish in the fishing pond. Although it feels a bit strange, but did not go deep into account. Then the same happened for two or three years.

In the third year, what is even more strange is that there are people in the family who are violent, one after another...

The family began to feel uneasy, and they asked the Taoist to see the Yang House and the Yin House. When the Taoist came to the edge of the fish, he asked if the fish was abnormal. The master told the Taoist priest that the fish in the pool would disappear for no reason.

The Taoist nodded and ordered the man to take the lime and open the father's tomb. Unexpectedly, my father has been dead for so many years, and the body has not rotted. The Taoist immediately did some rituals and cremated the body.

Afterwards, the Taoist priest told the owner of the fisherman that his father had become a folklore "shade body" because of the absorption of the essence of the fish. It would be detrimental to his family for a long time.

57. A brief horror story: a cross-shaped birthmark

Xiao Chen and I are old friends who grew up from a young age. He has a strange cross-shaped scorpion on his left arm. I have seen it since I was a child. According to him, it is a birthmark. It is born at birth. Although such a birthmark is rare. But after years of getting along, I have long been eccentric, until the summer of that year...

One day, I went to Xiao Chen’s home. At that time, he was alone at home, and both parents and monks went out to work. I saw him holding a household register and asking him what to do. He said that he would come to check his account. When I was free, I picked up his family's residence book and looked at it at random, and found a strange thing.

"Hey? Why do you still have a brother?" I saw in the household register, the eldest son registered another name, but the bottom of the column reads "殁".

"Listen to my parents, it is more than five months to die." Xiao Chen said faintly. We have known it for so long, and he never mentioned it.

But the stranger thing is that Xiao Chen’s name is the same as the name of his dead brother.

"Is it to commemorate him?" I asked.

"No, because... I am"

Later, he told me what happened in the past, of course, this was what his parents told him later.

When Chen’s first child died, Ms. Chen couldn’t stand this blow, and her spirit became a bit dysfunctional. She didn’t sleep or sleep all day, just guarding the child’s body and muttering: “The fate is gone. Is it a fate?..."

On the night before the body was about to be cremated, she suddenly took a knife like a madman, and deeply cut a cross-shaped wound on the left arm of the dead child, saying: "The fate is not finished yet... not Will definitely come back again..."

Speaking of this, Xiao Chen looked at me quietly. And my gaze naturally stopped on the birthmark of his left arm. "So, you can see, when my parents saw my birthmark, how excited they were, they thought that I was the brother who came back from birth..."

58. Short horror story: Purdue meal

It happened during the summer vacation in the Republic of China in the 81st year. There is a grocery store next to the provincial street in the heading township...

It was already too late at 11 o'clock that night, and the boss was ready to rest, but the iron gate had not been pulled down....

Suddenly, the dog next door screamed, but the dog’s voice was very weird. It was a normal squeak, but after a while it turned. 雃井z called (the folklore dog screams, the mouth is circled, with People are very similar when whistling.)

The boss felt very strange, and went to the door to see what was going on.....I don’t know if I didn’t see it. I couldn’t see it.

I saw a large group of people walking on the road (Note: According to the boss after the memories, it is not clear how many people, but at least a hundred.)

The boss thought, so late, how many people are still in the night tour (Note: There is a reservoir near the place for recreation, there are camp activities during the summer vacation.) So, the boss asked his two sons to see. This time, I finally saw clearly who was there at night. I saw that the "people" were tall and short, but all of them were long-haired and messy, and they were expressionless, and they were so floating in the gowns... The father and the son only know what they saw. The three people were scared when they were there, a child ran out of the group of "people" and flew straight into the neighbor's house (note: the boss recalled afterwards that the neighbor had a child died.)

Later, the son of the boss first came back to God, quickly pulled down the iron gate, and shunned into the Shenming Hall, and could not speak for a whole night. The next morning, the boss’s family went to the temple to ask for peace. This matter was quickly spread and became the biggest news in the market.

Some local good deeds also went to the nearby public temples to help them. It was only then that the ghosts passed by that night. They had just finished Purdue from another temple and were about to go home...

According to the investigation, there is indeed a cemetery in the vicinity of the reservoir near the reservoir.

59, a short horror story: Where did my mother go?

A couple often quarrels, and one day, the two quarreled for the economic problems at home.....

Because of the fierce argument, the husband took the fruit knife and took the hand and killed his wife.

The husband secretly buried his wife's body, and he was afraid that when the child came home, he would ask his mother to go there. He also tried his best to think of a set of words.

However, the first day passed, the next day passed... Until the sixth day, the child did not ask the mother, he felt very strange, and finally could not help but ask the child: "You have not seen your mother for so many days, you are not sad. Why don't you ask where your mother is going?"

Unexpectedly, the child looked at his father with a confused face and said, "No!! Just so weird! Dad, why are you always carrying your mother?"

59. Horror story: Ma Shibin is a businessman, not only runs out of business every year, but also opens stores in other provinces. Because of his savvy mind, it has been a good mix in the past few years, and it is also a big family in a village with a few dozen miles.

There is a house in the family, a wife has a prostitute, and the days are full of fire. The Sihe Courtyard, which is located in the north facing south, is on the edge of the black pine forest in the east of the village. White wall red tile, Zhu paint door, plus long smoke, far away, really a bit like in the painting!

But there is also an important shortcoming. It is a little farther away from the village. Shibin often runs out of business. Only his wife and children are at home. When it comes to the wind and rain, when he hears the sound of the infiltration, his wife will complain. His man was not at home, complaining that his ancestors had placed the house in such a ghost place.

This year, Shibin went to run the business again, and he didn’t come back in a year. During this time, something happened at home. It is also strange to say that his wife and children have died of illness. Because the owner was absent, the village chief made a face and made two coffins. He stopped in the yard, locked the door, and put a seal on it, only waiting for Ma Shibin to come back for funeral.

This matter, once put down, it will be a few days. Because it is far from the village, there is no one in the family, people don't come here, even some sheep, the process of cutting wood, is also around.

Not long after, there were often strange things happening in several nearby villages. It’s not that this family has lost a pig, that is, that family has fewer chickens. In the past, there was no such thing as a weasel, but it was not a thing to throw a chicken or a duck. But like a big animal like a pig, a sheep or even a cow and a horse, how can the weasel move? To say that it is done by people, this place is remote and desolate, and the people are simple and honest. It is a place where the night is not closed, and the road is not picked up. I have not heard of anyone who is so lacking in training. But the animals are lost, and they will not disappear out of thin air!

People look at me, I see your argument for some time, and I feel a little bit different. Look at the big red door of the horse house in the distance, still locked, and the seal is still close. There was such a daring thing. I climbed up the courtyard wall and looked inside during the day. I saw that the two coffins were still in the yard, but the yard was full of wild grass... From this sign, it was not like There is evil...

Let's say that Ma Shibin, since this time, it has been a year since I went, and the goods I brought are almost sold out. The big white flowers make him earn a lot. Every time I saw this money, he made him happy from the heart. On this day, when he had dinner, he felt sleepy and slept early. Stupidly, I felt that I was drifting back and forth home. When I entered the door, I saw that my wife and children were eating something, eating the blood of one person, and watching him come in and smirk at him. Suddenly, my wife said to the prostitute: "Women, you are coming back, take out the leg that you have left, and give you a try!" She said this, she was shocked by Ma Shibin, only Seeing that the prostitute really came out from behind and found a bloody hula, did not know what the animal's thighs, smirking and handing over, dripping blood down her mouth, watching her daughter so strange and terrifying Expression, Ma Shibin finally yelled and woke up from a nightmare. Woke up and found that I had a cold sweat. When I think about it, it’s just a dream, but I can’t fall asleep anymore. The niece’s expression of smirking at the mouth full of blood is always in front of her eyes. He has an ominous premonition. This dream is not a good sign. The home is definitely an anecdote. He began to regret that he had been busy doing business all these years. He left a woman and a girl at home. It is really a joke. So the next morning, he packed his bags and handed the business to the buddy in the store for a while. He rushed his head and rushed to his home.

On the way, the wind was slumbering, day and night, and on the second day of the day, he finally entered the village, and he saw the yard of his house far away, and there was no light in the dark. In the middle of the night, I thought they were both sleeping. At this time, the sky began to rain, and the dirt road was sticky. He walked in the rain as he fell. When passing by the village entrance, he saw the whole village sleeping in the dark, only the familiar tavern was still lit. He knew that the pub was often open all night, and his gambling friends must still be inside. In the past, these people also had his screams. Under the rain, it was a bit big. Ma Shibin thought about it. It’s better to go to a glass of shochu to warm up the body. He will be a good old man first. However, the front is his own home. When he thinks about his wife’s hot bed and the voice of a prostitute, the difference between his thoughts makes him speed up the slowdown again and pulls his throat to walk home...

Ah, finally got home, he rang the door knocker.

The lights in the house are lit...

The door slammed open...

The wife looked at him with a smile in the lamp. He was about to talk, and the donkey suddenly jumped forward and screamed. He and she were shocked. He hurriedly grabbed the reins and sipped: "The beast, a trouble." The blind man glared at his eyes, his mouth screaming, like something evil. Shibin slammed it and went to the courtyard. At this time, my wife spoke: "Come back, he is jealous." "Well, are you all right?" "Good, good, just miss you!" Shibin smiled, smiled very badly, whispered: "I also I miss you, I think you have a sputum on your stomach." "Not serious, let the niece hear it. Come into the house!" Who knows the scorpion, the more you lick it, the more it is Not going, the angry Shibin hit it with a scorpion several times, it finally moved, but it went around Shibin, hiding from the woman far away, the woman approached it a little, it snorted, Scorpion. The woman who made it, the Ma Shibin who got it is inexplicable. Finally, the scorpion was pulled into the yard, Shi Bin put a scorpion on the jujube tree, and the luggage was thrown on the ground, and the wife entered the house.

When I entered the house, I smelled a musty smell. Look around, there are spider webs on the corners, there is a kind of coldness that can't be said. The prostitute sat motionless and stared at him with both eyes. "Not yelling? You don't think about you all day long?" The woman said to the prostitute. The prostitute still didn't yell, but smirked at Ma Shibin, and it was hard to read. Shi Bin’s heart was sad. "Get off your wet clothes." The wife took out his clean clothes and helped him take off his clothes. "Look at your flesh, it's all white." She wiped the water from his body while touching the flesh of his body. He looked back and saw the horror of the prostitute's eyes, looking at him, licking his lips from time to time with his tongue. All of a sudden, he remembered the scene in his dreams. He sighed and sighed and said, "I am really wronged by your mother." He said, his nose was sour and he fell into tears. "Hey, look at you, cry, this is not coming back, just come back." "Don't go later." Shi Bin said. "I don't think you can't walk anymore." The woman said, smirking with the niece. "I have been driving for a day, I haven't eaten yet." "Oh, that's a dumpling." "That's good, I haven't eaten your dumplings for a few days." "Go get some meat." Say. When the prostitute heard about the meat, his eyes suddenly lit up, and immediately squatted, took the kitchen knife from the cupboard, looked at him and glanced at the door. Shibin smelled that there was a musty smell in his new clothes. I patted and sat down on my ass. It’s not a good time for the prostitute to come back, holding a piece of blood in his hand, and still braving the heat. "Quickly stuff into a stuffing, give you a dumpling." The prostitute put the meat on the chopping board and opened the stuffing. Shi Bin began to complain with his wife about love. During the conversation, he inadvertently glanced at the prostitute and was shocked. I saw her stuffing while filling a small piece of meat into her mouth. He was saddened in his heart. He was not at home this year and couldn’t take care of them. I thought it was a niece. I can think about it again, there is nothing else in the family, there is no shortage of money, and I can’t afford to eat meat. How can I learn to eat raw meat? Nothing! He lost his wife’s eyes, who knows she pretended not to see.

At this time, Shibin felt that the bottom of his butt was cold, and the more he sat, the colder he was. He said to his wife: "It's a bit cold. Maybe it's just cold. I'm going to have some wine to come back to drink, warm up, and you will accompany me for two drinks!" The wife hurriedly stopped him as soon as he heard this: " I can't drink it tomorrow, it's so late, I just have to go out and go out, and say that people haven't closed the door yet!" Ma Shibin insisted on going: "When I entered the village, I saw people still lit the lights. I went there. Come!" Speaking, the wine pot was out of the door, the wife did not pull it, and later said: "Hurry back, or I can find you!"

The rain has stopped, and Ma Shibin walked quickly toward the pub. Going to the front, I clearly heard the shouts of drinking around. He pushed in and shouted: "Haha, brothers are all there, everyone is good!" But everyone can see him, they are all stunned, I thought you can come back! Ma Shibin still wonders, how come everyone Seeing his expression is so strange, his wife and children are in a daze, this person is also in a daze, really fucking strange! "Hey, isn't this Shi Binge?" and Shi Bin's best pavilion first made a speech, almost shouting It’s up. As he said, he pushed the mahjong on the table and grabbed Shibin’s hand and said, “My good brother, you can come back. Your family has a big event. You still don’t know!” Bin asked confused. Inexplicably asked: "The accident? Is there something wrong?" The pavilion looked at the group next to him, didn't know how to talk about it, and sighed with a sigh. Shi Bin was anxious, and said to the jug: "Quickly say, what happened?" "She is her..." "She is swearing? Stealing the man?" "...that didn't..." "Well then?" "What's the matter in your mouth, how do you talk and talk?" "I... I'm afraid you can't stand it..." "Crap!" "Okay, I tell you, you can hold it, you back. Going out, just after the trip, the nephew and the niece are sick and dead!" Shibin listened and smiled and said, "Fart! You are drinking too much or losing, and you are talking nonsense." Anxious: "Big brother! I haven't joked with you, can this thing be a joke! Do not believe, you ask them!" Shi Bin looked at everyone, everyone is serious, not talking, some still rushing He nodded. "Oh, it seems that the wine in the village is really strong enough, all of you are drunk." At this time, the treasurer also came over and said: "Shibin brothers, this is true, not a joke." Oh, really? I just came out from home, and they are making dumplings for me at home!" "Ah! Are you coming home? Come from home?" "Don't come home, come out from the coffin?" He said this, everyone was stupid, and the pavilion suddenly felt cold and looked at the group and said, "Is it a ghost?" Suddenly, someone said, "Look at the clothes he wears!" I noticed that Ma Shibin was wearing a shroud! It was already broken. "This is the shroud of the village chief letting everyone make up the money, the shroud made to the donkey, how to wear it on you?" Ma Shibin was a little bit convinced, and he was afraid that what he wore was indeed a shroud. Of course he knew this. Clothes are not for the living, and they have never been prepared in their own homes. It seems that what they said is true...

"Hell, really a ghost," he said to himself. "The coffins of their mothers are placed in the yard, just waiting for you to come back to bury them!" The pavilion added. The shopkeeper also said: "This clothes are my wife and a few women who personally gave it to her." So, the scared Shibin couldn’t even take care of the button, and even took the shroud Throw it on the ground. Everyone looked at the shirtless Ma Shibin and the shroud on the ground with a big eye and a small eye. From the heart, he snorted and snorted, not knowing whether it was because of the coldness or because of fear.

喔~~~~~~~喔喔~~~~~, the chicken is called. The sky is already bright. Shi Bin found a group of bold and strong men from the village. Holding a stick, a stick, a hoe, and rushing toward the black pine forest.

People rushed to the door of the courtyard, only to see that the door was closed, locked, and sealed.

The village chief opened the door and uncovered the seal, and a group of people walked in cautiously.

The yard is full of grass.

Only the footprints of Shibin and the donkey were left on the grass.

Under the eaves, there are two coffins, one big and one small.

The blind man is gone.

There was only a pile of white bones under the jujube trees, and Ma Shibin’s pile of unopened bags...

60, ultra short ghost story: several floors

One day, you couldn't sleep at night, so I stood on the balcony and blew it. At this time, it was at 12 o'clock in the evening. Suddenly you saw a person standing on the top of the building opposite the building. The man was blood and still holding a baby. He smiled at you, raised his finger with blood, and after a while, you found him counting your floor.

61, ultra short ghost story: housekeeper

One night of high winds, at 12 o'clock in the middle of the night, my father was watching TV. Xiao Ming suddenly screamed and ran to his father and said, "Dad Dad! The butler said that there are ghosts at home!" Dad smiled and said: "That It’s a lie, your mother is much more powerful than a ghost!... Wait. Son, pack things and leave!” “Why” “We don’t have a house.”

62, ultra short ghost story

A girl returned to the dormitory at 2 o'clock in the middle of the night, did not want to wake up the roommate did not turn on the lights, the next day found that the roommate died, the forensic doctor said 1 dead, strangely, the wall with blood wrote a line, fortunately you Did not turn on the lights.

63, ultra short ghost story: really squeeze

The high-rise elevator of the office building only stops on the 15th to 30th floors. The small F working on the 30th floor, after working overtime until late at night, takes the elevator down the stairs alone. The elevator stops on each floor and there is no one outside the door. Finally, it stops at 14 On the floor, a white woman outside the door said: "I am so crowded, I have to come in."

64, ultra short ghost story: little nephew

I was walking in the corridor of the hospital basement in the middle of the night, and the lights were dim. Then there was a girl's back in front of me. She is facing me, the most conspicuous is the little nephew she is combing. I shouted at her and she slowly turned her head. . . Still only see a little bitch.

64, funny ghost story: dead ugly

One person went to the night to meet ghosts, and was shocked, his hands licked his tongue, his eyes were stunned, his face was extremely distorted and died. Ghosts look around and vomit.

65, funny short story ghost story: pen fairy within the urgent

A few people please write pens, long time can not call, just want to give up, pen fairy suddenly draws a circle. Asked why it was late, A: Just in the squatting toilet.

66, funny and simple ghost story: no dry

Corrupt officials violently went to the Yinsi account. The ghost judged that one person followed, and asked: Who is Yangshuo not doing this place? A: The unit accountant, only because the official will be short-selling, leaving nothing to do, come together.

67, funny short story ghost story: title

The ghosts and the bridges are all smooth, and Meng Po alone blocks one person to lose weight. A group of ghosts suspect: Ghosts have weight? Meng Po A: This face is very empty, has always been ignorant, and now he wants to know how many.

68, funny short ghost story: overslept

One person was seriously ill, the hospital was first aid, and after several tossings, the night was extremely tired, and everyone was faint. Early morning doctor said: Mom, overslept, forget to give him emergency treatment. The nurse wakes up: Mom, I overslept and forgot to change it. The family also wakes up: Mom, don't change the first aid for a night, is it still alive? Just listen to the sound of a yin test in the middle of the road: Mom, oversleep, forget the soul!

69, funny short ghost story: color ghost

A village ghost was violently killed, and the grave was ten days after the burial. The villagers thought it was strange. They dug and found that the tomb was empty. The body actually dug the collapsed wall and plunged into the adjacent tomb of a young woman.

70, funny short story ghost story: Meng Po Tang

One person died, because of the unwillingness to forget the previous life, the Meng Po Tang did not drink, and the bridge was checked by the ghost, and asked: "Did you drink the soup?" The person lied: "Drink!" Ghost sneered: "This Remember, go back and drink again!"

71, funny short ghost story: ghost

A lazy person washes less, and he is not self-cleaning. One night with the village, the graveyard can not be taken off, the smashing of a thing to wave, the ghost sees the speed back. What is the instrument in the village, the lazy person replied: "Smelly socks."

72, funny ultra short ghost story: late

One person living alone in the high-rise, the night half of the head of the horse to the face, to tell the soul of the night when the sea, please bring your own things. The next day, Niu Tau Ma has been in the sea for a long time, and people are responsible: how come? Niutou horse noodles: the elevator stopped, climbed upstairs.

73, funny short ghost story: scared me

A visitor enters the old mountain house to shelter from the rain, and there is a ghost to attack, which coincides with the wind and the old house. People yelling at the chest: scared me! The ghost also licks the chest: scared me! People blame: What are you dying?

74, ghost story short super funny: there is no clothes

Two people talk about ghosts. One person said that people die and become ghosts, clothes can't change, so ghosts have no clothes. The other said yes. The two men rushed to face the red ear, decided to go to the yin to find the ghost, the hard work pays off, finally found a few ghosts in a wet ruin, no clothing experts proudly said: "Sure enough, as I said!" Next to an old man Hearing and laughing: "This place used to be a bathhouse, and there are often naked ghosts to relive."

75, ghost story short super funny: dereliction of duty

The ghost judged the bottom of a new ghost, and said: "You have not finished your life, how can you be hooked?" The new ghost yelled: "The cow head horse face wants to hook a drunkard, so I can't afford to indulge, just pass me, take it!"

76, ghost story short super funny: ghost city tube

One person burns paper, the first fire is still good, and Mars is like a golden rain, like a group of ghosts to receive money. Not many, the whirlwinds, the winds and chaos, the strange swear words, people wonder: "Not good, how to chase it?" Ghost replied: "The city of the yin is coming!"

77, ghost story short super funny: literaryism

阎王发觉阳 has a long life in a few decades, thinks that the bullhead horse face is not strong, wants to blame, the bullhead horse face swears: "The king is on the top, the souls of the past, the ghosts have approved a note, our buddies have done it. Nowadays, the sluts are constantly expanding, To send a slogan, from the draft to the approval of the proofreading, and finally hand over our hand, less to say that we have to go to more than a dozen tips, turn a year or two is fast, three years and five years can not be sent down Frequently, how can Yangren people not live longer?"

78, ghost story short super funny: rare and strange

One night, the graveyard meets two wild ghosts, but yells. The ghost swears: "What are you doing? It’s rare to bend after a meal! It’s rare!"

79, horrible and funny story

Iowa opened a restaurant in the downtown area, and the original business was very hot. However, some time ago, due to several haunted incidents in the restaurant, the business gradually became cold.

Iowa was introduced by a friend and found a Feng Shui master to measure Feng Shui.

After the master looked around for a lap, he shook his head.

Iowa is very nervous: "Master, isn't my feng shui bad?"

The master said: "No, you are a feng shui treasure land, haunted, because there are a lot of ghosts gathered here to refuse to leave."

"I have so many ghosts here that I don't want to go? Is it because someone hurts me?" Ihua asked with a grin.

“No, no,” the master shook his head and said slowly: “WIFI has no password.”

80, classic ghost story: shroud

Aaron's grandmother is 80 years old this year. This day is a special day. Aaron's grandmother is quietly lying in the hospital bed. His grandmother died of a heart attack.

In the next two or three days, Aaron’s heart was in chaos, and he could not sleep well at night.

Aaron was in a very painful mood and he walked into a shroud store. Although this shroud store is the only one here, the business is not very good. Aaron walked in and saw that this shop was small and occupied a lot, but it was filled with many things used by the dead. The white walls were covered with large and small shrouds, and a box of gold ingots were placed on the ground. The boxes were covered with wreaths, and the flowers were swaying with the wind.

This shop owner is a hunchback old man, looking at Aaron coldly. It turned out that Aaron was trying to make his grandmother go all the way.

"Look, I have everything in this store." The old man said to him after standing straight at the counter.

"Oh, trouble you for a shroud for me!"

"Okay, then you will come here tomorrow to take it away." The old man looked at him and said heavily.

The next day, it was still not bright. We all fell asleep at 3 in the morning, but the door of the old man with hunchback was knocked loudly, but the sound of the knocking was very regular and heavy, and the heart felt depressed. The sound will "touch!" every three or two seconds. (Humpback old man opened the shroud store for most of his life, is a person who does not believe in evil) The hunchback old man was awakened by this inexplicable knock on the door!

"Who!" The old man immediately got up and yelled angrily at the door downstairs.

At this moment, a silence, the old man seems to hear his heartbeat. After about 5 or 6 seconds, there was such a response from the door: "I--------take----------------- - Go. He---------------------------he--take---".

"Not at the time of opening the store!" The old man still yelled angrily.

Suddenly there was no sound outside the door. The old man thought that the man had left, and he was ready to lie down and continue to sleep, just as he was going to lie down. Suddenly he heard the movement downstairs, the old man with a hunchback thought "neuropathy, can you still walk through the wall?" The old man sneaked into the small gap below the building, and he saw a scene that he had never seen before. Presented in front of his eyes: an old lady stood downstairs and turned to him. When the old man saw that the other party did not find himself, he continued to peek at it and see what the man was coming to. The old lady seemed to be looking for something, searching. For a while, I didn't seem to find it, so I slowly came to another box and started to rub it with my hand. The old lady had a shroud in her hand and muttered in her mouth, "A--Dragon------------------------------ - No - White - Pain - You."

Seeing this, the old man on the hunchback was puzzled. Suddenly the old lady turned her face and saw the gap between the old man’s eyes. The old man saw the face of a dry, pale, waxy old lady’s face, and the old lady’s mouth was weird. laugh. . The hunchback old man seemed to be suffocating. He smothered his mouth and tried not to let himself make any noise. Then, when the old woman took the shroud and wore his shroud store door, he saw that the old man had no feet at all.

In the afternoon, Aaron came back from work to the Shouyi store to take the shroud that was set for the dead grandmother yesterday. The answer was that he was taken away in advance.

Aaron rushed to the mortuary of the hospital, opened his grandmother's freezer, and found out that his grandmother did not know when a shroud was added, and that was the life that Aaron chose yesterday.-- clothes.

81, short story of ghosts: red clothes

Our school is a foreign language school. There are some times when a woman in red dress often goes to the door late night to sell, and she doesn't know how she escaped downstairs. Every night comes, a room knocks, if someone opens the door, ask: "Would you like red clothes?" Because the girls were very angry after being quarreled, they all shouted not to do so for a few nights. One night, the woman came again, oh! Hey! At this time the door opened, and a girl rushed out of it and yelled at her: "What red clothes? I want it all. How much??"

The woman smiled, turned and left, did not give her red clothes, everyone slept very well that night, no one came knocking. The next day, all the people in the dormitory got up. Only the girl who was rushing to the red woman had not got up. Her classmates opened her quilt. She, she was all red, and her upper body had been Peeled off. The blood flowed to the body and it looked like it was wearing a red dress.

82, short horror story: red eye beads

There is a female dormitory in the school that is very old. Because there are not many people living, the school has not been renovated. One third of the rooms in this building are empty. Little S and Little A are freshmen who just came in. On the first night of the night, they vaguely heard a very sad cry coming from the corridor. It was like this every night for a few days, and it was terrible to sleep. So they talked about it to the school sisters. At first, the students denied that there was such a thing, but they couldn’t stand the question of Xiao S and Xiao A. They finally said that a girl in a dormitory in this building had hanged himself. Xiao S is an atheist. When he hears this, he doesn't believe it. She said: "The cry of the night is definitely someone who is arrogant, and I will dismantle her tonight!" She said she left. The timid little A hasn't reacted yet, but the words of the school sisters have not been finished. Later, only the small A heard it.

This evening, Xiao S and Xiao A didn't fall asleep. Just after 12 o'clock in the middle of the night, the vague crying came again, oh--yeah--there was a cold hair. Xiao S said to Xiao A: "Let's go find it." Then he took a small A and went to find it. Xiao A has long been like a paper color, and the wooden wood is led by a small S. The dormitory corridor in the middle of the night was filled with ghostly atmosphere, and a few small lights that were flickering and shimmering, dragged their figures to the ground. They went to the fourth floor with a cry on the tour. Almost all the rooms on this floor are closed. Cry here sounds even more miserable and scarier. Now even the small S is a little scared. They came to the front of a bedroom, where it was a cry. This bedroom has apparently been empty for a long time, and the mottled old paint and some spider webs on the door indicate that no one has been cooking for many years.

At this time, the horrible cry suddenly stopped, leaving a dead silence. Small S set the god, looked at the small A shaking, and then pushed the door hard, but the door lock was dead, and could not be pushed. Xiao A trembled and said: "I -- let's go back, I am good -- so scared!" Little S did not listen at all, she found that the lock of this door is old-fashioned, with a small fingernail-sized keyhole. So she looked at the keyhole and looked at the red hole, but nothing else. She rubbed her eyes and looked into the hole, still a red blood. She murmured: "How is it all red?"

The little A who heard this suddenly fell to the ground, and the blue lips shivered and said: "School said, when the girl hanged - the eyes were stained with blood - little S, her eyes are Red!

83, ultra-short horror story: someone chasing me

One day, Xiao Ming and his girlfriend went out for a walk, then saw a bloody girl lying on the floor. The girlfriend raised the girl, and the girl trembled and said, "Save me, someone chasing me behind." There are two groups of white things floating behind, Xiao Ming said to his girlfriend: "You take the girl first, here I will deal with it." After the girlfriend, the girl pulled the girl away. Two groups of white things went to Xiao Ming’s documents, two doctors wearing white coats, and several people behind them carrying an empty stretcher. The doctor said: "I just received an alarm from the masses and found an unnamed female body here. What did you find out?"

84, super horror story: 痣

A female corpse in the mortuary of a hospital disappeared, and the whole city was in fear. The blood footprints in the mortuary have been extended and gone further and further until they are invisible. One night, Xiao Ming was sleeping, and suddenly he heard someone knocking at the door. He opened the door and saw a long, beautiful woman who was going to stay here. Xiao Ming looked at the woman's chin, because the doctor said that the disappearing female body is characterized by a flaw on the chin. Xiao Ming found that there was no embarrassment on the woman's chin. Xiao Ming looked at the woman again. At this time, the woman took the mask hanging on her face and said: Are you also looking for this beggar? "I ended up pointing to the chin.

85, the story of super horror: pick something

A family is left alone because of their parents, so the only daughter must stay alone at home.

For the sake of safety, the girl was very careful to lock all the windows in the house, but there was a small window that could not be locked anyway. Although she was a bit worried, but because the window was small, and there was a dog next to her, she thought "should be no problem!", so I left it alone. But when she slept in the middle of the night, she was awakened by the sound of the ticking. Although a little uneasy, I was worried that something would happen, but I did not have the courage to confirm. Instead, she put her hand under the bed and let the dog squat back and forth, letting this peace of mind. After she relaxed, she fell asleep again.

The next morning, the girl woke up and found the dog whose throat was cut open and hung from the ceiling. The sound of water droplets in the middle of the night turned out to be the sound of the dog's blood dripping onto the floor. Then she found a small note under the bed. People, too, are jealous of things. ”

86, short horror story: night encounter female ghost

The night is already deep. A taxi driver decided to pull another passenger and go home, but there are not many people on the road.

The driver didn't open his eyes, and found a white shadow in front of him, waving at him. It was unnatural to have someone in the quiet night. Moreover, such a situation has to be reminiscent of a kind of person who does not want to think of it. The thing, that is the ghost!

But the driver finally decided to pull her. The man got into the car and said in a miserable and hoarse voice: "Please go to the cremation factory."

The driver slammed a chill. Isn't she really... he can't think about it anymore, and he doesn't dare to think about it anymore. He regrets it, but now she will only send her as soon as possible.

The woman's face is clear, her face is pale, and she has nothing to say, it is creepy. The driver really couldn’t keep going. When she was very close to where she was going, he found an excuse and stammered, “Miss, I’m sorry, I’m not going to turn around. You’ve gone over, it’s already very Near."

The woman nodded and asked, "How much is that?"

The driver quickly said: "Forget it, forget it, you are a woman, so late, it is not easy to come here, forget it!"

"What a hello."

"That's it!" the driver insisted.

The woman couldn’t help but, "That, thank you!" Then he opened the door...

The driver turned around and started to drive the car, but did not hear the sound of the door closing, so he turned back... How did the woman disappear so quickly? He looked and sat back, no! The front, left, right, back of the car None! Did she disappear like this?

The driver's curiosity made him want to understand. He got out of the car and came to the door of the unclosed door. "Is that woman just gone so fast, or she is..." He is going to collapse, just want to Leaving here, a bloody hand patted him on the shoulder. He turned his head back. The woman was covered in blood and stood in front of him and spoke.

"Master! Please don't stop next to the ditch when you stop next time..."

87, short story of ghosts: there are two people

In a remote village, there is a straight telephone pole on a small intestine path. It is strange to say that people often have an accident there. Not long ago, a pair of young men and women accidentally fell into a bicycle and died on the spot.

One night, the 5-year-old Xiao Zhi and his mother passed by on their way home. Xiao Zhi suddenly said: "Mom, there are two people on the pole."

Mother took his hand and quickly walked away and said, "Children don't talk nonsense!"

However, this matter spread quickly. One day, a reporter came to interview Xiaozhi and asked him to take him to see the place where the car accident occurred. Xiaozhi led him to the place.

The reporter asked: "Where?"

Xiaozhi pointed to the top, the reporter looked up and saw a sign hanging on the pole, writing: traffic safety, everyone is responsible!

88, short story of ghosts: complaints from three ghosts

One day they met God when they were shopping! They told God that they died so badly that they hoped to let them go to heaven!

God said very helplessly that there are too many households in heaven now, and they are full. But now there is still a place! Let's talk about it, see who is the worst, let anyone go to heaven!

So, the first ghost said: I was a cleaner before my death. Work is very hard! From morning to night! One day, I am cleaning the glass outside a building! It is the kind of dangerous work that hangs outside! In the 30th floor! Suddenly, my foot slips and falls. I think, it’s over! It’s dying! But the survival instinct made me unconsciously grabbed! Fortunately, I grabbed a balcony railing on the 13th floor. I think, I have saved it! So I want to wait until I have to slow down and climb up! I know, suddenly someone took my hand and I fell again! I think, this is really over! But, I should not I have a tent to catch me. I am glad that the past life will definitely accumulate morality! I want to wait until I can relax. Who knows, the above fell a refrigerator, drowned me!

The second ghost said: I was a clerk during my lifetime. Everything is fine, I have a wife, very beautiful. It’s great! But it’s a bit unfair. I have a mild heart attack. One day I forgot to take the medicine at work, I went home to get it. As soon as I entered the door, I saw my wife's hair scattered and her clothes were not well dressed. There must be ghosts. So I was looking for a full house, the kitchen was looking for it, the toilet was looking for it, and I couldn't find it. On the balcony, I found two hands on the railing, I thought: Where to run! So he took his hand. I thought, 13th floor! See you can't die! The result is waiting for me to see, actually not dead! I was caught by the tent! I was in a hurry, so I looked around the room and went into the kitchen and found the refrigerator big enough, so I threw the refrigerator down. I finally killed him! I was so happy at the time! I laughed. Who knows that my heart is stunned and laughed!

The third ghost said: I was a little punk before I was alive, but I have not done anything bad! One day I went to a female friend's house to shake! Just finished, her husband suddenly came back! I have to find a place to hide. So the kitchen was also looking for, the toilet was also found, and finally found that their refrigerator was quite big, so I hid in the refrigerator! I don't understand, her husband knows that I am in the refrigerator, he actually put the refrigerator from the 13th floor Throw it down! I just fell into the fridge with a person!

89, short horror story: the toilet is a ghost

Chu Yang went to the countryside to chat with the relatives. When chatting with relatives, relatives told him that there are ghosts in the toilets here. However, if you don't touch the ghosts, the ghosts will not hurt you.

It may be the reason for the lack of water and soil. At night, Chu Yang’s stomach is terribly painful. There is really no way, Chu Yang had to go to the toilet with a horrible fear of fear.

When Chu Yang squatted down, he heard the ghost's voice: "Do you want a red hand paper or a white hand paper?"

When Chu Yang knew that he could not accept the ghosts, he replied: "I have been using newspapers." It seems that Chu Yang has got dysentery. After a while, Chu Yang ran to the toilet again, but this time, he No longer afraid.

The ghost saw Chu Yang backwards and extended his hand and said: "I want "Youth" or "Beijing Evening News"?" "I have always used sports newspapers."

In the night, Chu Yang went to the toilet for the third time.

"Will "Youth Sports" or "Football Weekly"?" Ghost asked.

"...I... I just want to pee."

90, horror story: fierce ghost

I used to call, the number is not used as it is now, it is dialed with a hole in the hole with a finger. In the past, Xiao Ming’s phone number was 444-4444. There were often strange calls coming in.... At 12 o'clock in the middle of the day, the phone rang and Xiao Ming picked up the microphone.

The phone said in a miserable voice: "Is this 444-4444? Can you help me with 119? I am so miserable!..."

Xiao Ming: "You go find someone to help you, don't come to me!"

That person: "I can only call 444-4444, there is no way to call someone."

Xiao Ming was scared to death, hurry up and hang up the phone, only hit 444-4444? Is it a ghost?!!

After a while, the phone rang again, Xiao Ming did not dare to pick up, but the phone kept ringing... Xiao Ming had to pick up the phone.

That person: "Is this 444-4444? Can you help me with 119? I am so miserable!... My finger is stuck in the phone dial!"

90, classic horror story: hell

The two men walked home after the Halloween masquerade... When they passed a cemetery, they rushed through the cemetery.

When they were halfway through, they were scared by the sound of a hoarse-叩-叩. The voice came from a dark place, they were scared and shivered, and then they found that an old man was chiseling a tombstone.

One of the men said, "Oh my God. Sir, we thought you were a ghost, so late, what are you doing here?"

The old man said: "***, they misspelled my name!!"

91, funny short story ghost story: WISP

In a dark night, a person rushes through the night road and passes through a graveyard. The breeze blew, and the surrounding sounds were screaming, and the scalp was stunned.

Just then, he suddenly realized that there was a little red light in the distance. The first thing he thought of was "ghost fire."

So he picked up a stone and threw it at the light. I saw that the flame fluttered to the back of another grave.

He was even more afraid, and picked up a stone and threw it at the fire. He saw the light and flew to another grave.

At this point, he is nearing collapse. Then he picked up a stone and threw it at the light. At this time, I only heard the voice behind the grave: "Mom, who? It doesn't make people feel good." A bag of cigarettes cut me three times."

92, funny short story ghost story: doll

There is a taxi driver working in the taxi car. One night in the middle of the night, he was driving through a very desolate place, surrounded by darkness; suddenly saw a building in front, lit with dim lights.

He was wondering when the building had started such a building, and he saw a young lady on the side of the road beckoning to take his car home. After the lady got into the car, he closed the door and started driving.

After a while, he felt very strange. Why didn't the lady talk? As a result, he looked back at the mirror. How many ladies, only one doll sat there, he was scared to death, grabbed the doll and threw it out the window. After going home, I was seriously ill for three months...

When he was ill, he went back to the taxi car dealership. As a result, his colleague said to him: "You are not very interesting. There is a beautiful lady who came over and complained that she had to sit in your car last time. As a result, she just took the doll. Throw in, you will close the door and drive away."

93, funny short story: I love to eat mango before I was born.

It is said that on a night with a high night, it is on the longest and most terrible road. The taxi driver drove there and there was a woman beckoning to get on the road.

It was quite quiet along the way until the woman spoke. She said, "Mango is for you, it is delicious."

The driver felt great and took it. Then take a sip...

The woman asked, "Is it delicious?"

The driver said, "It's delicious!"

The woman returned another sentence: "I also liked eating mangoes during my lifetime..."

Wow...&*$#@...When the driver heard it, he was scared to brake urgently and turned pale...

I saw the woman slowly tilting her head to the front and said to the driver, "But after I gave birth to a child, I didn't like to eat..."

94, super horror short story: corpse

A school (very famous in Taipei), in a certain direction, was originally empty (of course, a long time ago), the school had a sleepwalking disease, and at night, it ran to the mountain in that direction (there was chaos Funeral), ran every night, but no one, but the roommate in the bedroom, even he only felt upset about getting up every morning, the mud and the stench of the mouth, but it was a long time until he The roommate of the opposite bed, the night that got up in the middle of the night.

That day, I was so greedy with soda, I had to get out of the bed! Hey! How did he disappear? He walked out of the door and saw him in the hallway, only to know that he had just left the room, but it was so late, he wanted Going there? Curiosity drove him to keep up... He was running and panting along the road, and the dear friend in front seemed to be flying all the way, flying, and he ran forward, no, he stopped, oh ... exhausted, take a break! It was discovered that there were piles of people beside him, and the man in front was facing him. Therefore, when he made up his mind and decided to see what he did, he did not care about the environment here. Follow the back of the bump...

I saw him dig the ground like a mad dog until there was a hole about one person on the ground. Then he found behind it: it was a grave, and the hole was exposed, it was a coffin... Then, He pulled the coffin cover like a madman and revealed the body. He seemed to be relieved and moved his body... Then, bent down, with two hands, he slammed one hand of the body and used it. The mouth began to taste like a flesh. At this time, he discovered that the hand was covered with cockroaches that had been born for a long time, and even some unknown insects and reptiles were also on the shuttle... a terrible scene, but in front of the eyes When he appeared, he really couldn’t stand it, and he took a step back. One didn’t pay attention, the heel kicked a stone boy, and he made a sound, surprised and worried, bowed his head and worried forward, but he also looked for it. Sound back...

What he saw was: a greedy face, a mouth with broken meat, and a pair of fiery red! There is only one thought in my heart: run fast! The two feet are not their own, but he must run back to the room. I still thought: he should not know that I am! But, following the running sound, he knows it wrong! Finally he went back to the dormitory and immediately got into the bed and gasped and told himself: Nothing! Nothing! The door opened, and he knew that he was standing at the door. Why didn't he come in? Gently pull up the corner and peek out and find that he was looking for something... At this time, the person standing at the door, walking toward On the opposite side of the bed, he put his hand into the bed of the man... The position is... chest... No, why... Yes... Heartbeat! The tense atmosphere immediately rises, telling yourself: Be calm! Be calm! Heartbeat... Please The more you say that, the more the heart beats faster... He knows that it is his turn, holding his breath, but his eyes see a hand full of sludge reaching into his quilt and heading towards his chest... Nothing... The quilt was pulled up, God! The greedy face, the broken meat Mouth, and a pair of red eyes, now at hand ...

He glared at his neck in madness, the two men were screaming, the noise was loud, and they quickly attracted all the people in the dormitory, and they opened the two... Then, both of them dropped out, and two Individuals were sent to the Songshan Sanatorium, a frightened, schizophrenic.

95, short story selection: open the wrong drug list

The Third Hospital of Beijing Medical University Affiliated Hospital, referred to as the North Hospital Third Hospital, had a bizarre and terrible story more than a decade ago, which caused a death and a madness. Many people have remembered their memories so far. According to the recollection of the party Xiao Liu, the thing is this:

One day, a corpse was found in the morgue of the North Hospital of the Third Hospital. It was the death of the previous genius. At that time, people did not care too much, thinking that the family members were buried in order to escape the cremation, and secretly transported the body away. In the evening, the nurses on duty Xiao Zhang and Xiao Liu were as usual, one at the nurse station to fill out the list of medicines for the patients in the evening, and the other in the pharmacy inside to dispense the patients. That night is Xiao Zhang outside, and Xiao Liu is inside. Xiao Zhang is seriously filling out the doctor's prescription for the patient. At this time, she saw a patient coming from the side of the passage to the side of her eyes. At that time, she thought that the patient was going to the bathroom, so she If you don't care, just continue to fill out the form. I didn't expect the "patient" to come over to the nurse's desk. Xiao Zhang smelled a stench at this moment. She thought: How can these patients be so hygienic, it is really annoying... and the "patient" walks in front of her. At the time, Xiao Zhang did not look up at him because of his dislike of the smell. He still filled in the list there, and only hoped that the "patient" would quickly leave. But the "patient" handed over a prescription and said: "Nurse, do you see if my medicine list is mismatched?" Xiao Zhang took the medicine and looked at it. It was opened when she was on duty the night before. A list: "Li XX, male, 56 years old, heart..." However, he is not already dead!

"What?! You are Li XX???!!!" Xiao Zhang suddenly realized that the other party was the patient Li XX who died the day before yesterday (died in medical accident)! So he screamed loudly...

Xiao Liu, who is dispensing medicine in the inner room, heard a scream of fear from Xiao Zhang outside the house and hurried out...

When the hospital security guard patrolled the critically ill area according to the usual practice, he saw Xiao Zhang and Xiao Liu...

Later, according to the doctors' consultation, the nurse Xiao Zhang was scared to death on the spot because of extreme fear; and the nurse Xiao Liu was already nervous due to fear. As for what reason, people didn't know it at the time. Many years later, Xiao Liu, who was in a mental hospital, told the psychologist's hypnosis about what happened that night.

96, the real short story of horror: the mistake of Leigong

One summer when I was in junior high school, there was a miracle on the road in the street near Camelback Park.

One afternoon in the summer of that year, the clear sky suddenly rained heavily. In an instant, the rain on the street merged into a stream of water flowing across the road. At this time, a huge fireball flew from the top of Camelback Park, flying fast in the sky, and suddenly drove into the house along an open window. A girl in the house was sitting at the bed and reading a book. She saw the fireball fly in and was scared and sat down on the ground. But the fireball did not stay in the house, but ran down the hallway and glided into the living room of the front house. Sitting in the living room, this girl’s dad is watching TV there. The fireball ran straight into the man's body, and the man was given electricity to the middle of the road in front of him, his legs squatting, and he could not move. Seeing that someone was beaten by lightning, many people around the house went out to watch and wanted to get the man into the house. But all the people who were close to the man were all bounced off by electricity. All the onlookers stood around and were helpless. At this time, the man’s old mother also heard about it. He hurriedly walked down the second floor and saw his son’s legs squatting in the middle of the road. His whole body was wet, and his head was still moving. Seeing that other people couldn't get close to her son's body, so she didn't want to be thundered. She went straight to hug the man and cried to the sky: Don't fight, don't fight. My son is a filial person, filial piety! I saw the old lady near the man’s body. At this time, a few daring people took courage and approached the man and carried the man into the house. . But the man did not enter the house for a long time and died. The dead man, later confirmed to be a school teacher, once taught my sister.

97, short story of ghosts: death

I am a very timid person. A year ago, a girl at a friend's house died. The autopsy revealed that there was no trace of wound on the body, and there was no sign of poisoning in the body. I feel that there are ghosts in the world. Science proves that there are no ghosts in the world, but I still feel that there are ghosts in the world. I returned home at night. Although my house smells like my house, I still feel a bit sullen, I am tired and slow. Slowly closing my eyes, but feeling that someone is carrying me, I opened my eyes in confusion and saw a pool of blood.

I couldn't sleep. At 12 o'clock in the evening, my family's big clock continued to slash for 6 times. I left pale blood on my face. I turned around and looked at the clock. There was nothing unusual in the clock. I comforted myself and said: It doesn't matter, maybe The clock is broken. I suddenly noticed that the golden bell turned bright red. I want to call my parents, but Mom and Dad are on a business trip and can only come back in a month. I put a pillow on my head and couldn't sleep on the bed.

Point, I saw it from the window... I saw my grandmother who had passed away for a long time. I shouted: Grandma, Grandma, but Grandma didn’t pay attention to me. I continued to sleep, and when I looked back at my grandmother, I found that my grandmother was gone. I seem to be a little surprised. Also comforted himself: Nothing, nothing.

I really can't sleep, I took the remote control and turned on the TV. When I met the news, I immediately changed the stage. When I changed the stage, I saw the news of the little girl I saw and saw her body. I seem to see something, the girl is very beautiful, but how long is the person who has been dead for a long time is still rosy? How does the body still rot? I seem to think of a vampire, the vampire will save the human body after sucking the blood. Does this girl have anything to do with vampires. I don't want to go deeper, I turn off the TV, slam on the thick quilt, and sleep with the doll.

I fell asleep, dreamed of jealousy, is a dead woman, she died, broke her arm and connected the bones, tied the line, still moving, her eyeballs were dug out, and seven bleeds. I was awakened, but I found out that it was dawn. I went to school. There was a girl in the class. I was shocked to remember that this is not the girl who died.!! I dare not recall, after school in the afternoon, her My mother came, I looked at her mother with horror. Isn't that the embarrassment?!! After she had been studying for half a month, she dropped out of school. After that, she disappeared like evaporation. I never saw her.

98, short horror story: strange things

My hometown is in a very old town. The old streets are basically buildings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, wooden structures, and the buildings at that time usually have a large lobby, which is called the living room today. . The old house was originally poorly lit, and with age, it became dark and damp. My third family is such a house. When the little niece was born, she was especially crying, especially when she went through the lobby and cried more. I couldn’t help myself. Everyone thought that it was the normal performance of the baby, and it didn’t matter. Later, when she got older, she found that she often looked at a place crying, crying twice and desperately asking people to take away. The adult was only when she did not like the darkness in the house. The first time the family noticed that it was wrong, it was when she was two years old.

One day, my uncle took her through the lobby. She looked at the corner of the beam and said, "Grandpa, look, you see, her eyes are so scary~~~~~" Looking away, nothing. But she still pointed hard in that direction. From then on, every time she passed there, she would point to the place and say to the person: "Look! You see! Her eyes are so scary~~~~"

Later, I heard from Sancha that there was a girl in their family who had seen a woman wearing red clothes more than once. Now the young prostitute may see the same one. Probably later, I asked someone to go home to do the rituals. I have never heard of the little niece crying all day, and I am not afraid to go to the lobby. When I was a child, I often saw people flashing from the side, but I don’t know if it was an illusion.

99, horror story: tailored

For three days, Wang Yue was doing the same dream. This dream was very strange, and he was a little surprised.

He dreamed of a man in black and made a coffin in his yard.

On the first day, I made the bottom. On the second day, I did a good job. On the third day, I made a cover. At this time, the black man turned and asked him a creepy saying: "Would you like to lie in?" Try?"

Looking at the blurred face of the man in black, he refused without hesitation, screamed and woke up.

On the fourth day, Wang Yue married this dream again.

He dared to look at the yard and found that the cover of the coffin was not ready. Looking at the situation, the black man seems to be waiting for something. Perhaps it is waiting for the death of Wang Yue.

Seeing that Wang Yue is coming, he still repeats the sentence: "Do you want to lie in and try?" Wang Yue scared his legs weakly. This time, his screams were louder. After he woke up, he wiped off the shower. And the cold sweat, I thought, why should I be so scared? Just a dream! He decided that the next time he dreams, he will pretend to agree with the requirements of the black man, look at the coffin, at least understand it. What is it.

Sure enough, on the fifth day, he was in the same dream, the black man still patiently repeated the sentence: "Would you like to lie in and try?" He replied: "Okay!"

Next, he stepped toward the black man and walked every battle. Finally, slowly approaching the coffin. He gave himself a courage, and the probe looked into the coffin. Inside, there are paved pillows and a shroud. In addition, he also found that this coffin is a bit short, if he is lying flat, he can't get in. Under pressure, Wang Yue lie in and tried it. He had a good eyesight and it was a bit short. At the end of the dream, the black man said nothing, and he lowered his head and continued to work. Wang Yue woke up with doubts and fears. Is this coffin prepared for himself?

As it turned out, his concerns were correct, and this coffin was really prepared for him. Because, two children, Wang Yue dressed to go to work, went to work on the way to a car accident, died on the spot.

It is worth pondering that his lower limbs are smashed by cockroaches.

100, ultra-short horror story: add salt

Every day at noon, he has to go to the restaurant opposite the road to eat. The home cooking here is good, the taste is very suitable for him, just a little bit light. "Do you want to add some salt?" Every time I go to that store, the boss will ask him kindly. And he has to do it every time, because the dishes are really light.

At noon today, he was surprised to see that the hotel was sealed. "The boss of this family is a neuropathy!" Passers-by have spread: "I was just taken away by a psychiatric hospital." "In fact, it is very pitiful! Actually, the ashes will be used as salt in the dishes." The passers-by sighed. He felt sick and retched.

A white dust spurted out of his mouth like a cigarette.