Ghostly chasing experience

I have been in this city for 20 years. As a North drifter, I am helpless in this city. I have nothing but my career. After 20 years of hard work, I am now a billionaire. Successful people, in fact, the dream is not everyone can achieve, I also committed suicide when I was the most lonely, but I decided to survive the moment of death. Now I am sitting in jail, not a lot of police. In my opinion, my policeman can't find evidence because of my intelligence. So I surrendered myself. I drove a car that day, all this. I have to start from that rainy night.

As a business owner, I have a lot of entertainment every day. As the saying goes, the more money I have, the more I cherish it. This is true. I have the current achievements that I have been fighting for for 20 years, so I don't allow anyone to interfere. My career. It was raining this night, I drunk driving my BMW car on the road. Suddenly, I saw a man rushing out of the road. When I reacted, the man had been knocked on the ground by me. . Looking at the blood on the ground, I feel that the person is no longer. At this time, my wine is already awake. I quickly walked out the door to see if the person is dead. I reached out and pulled the man up and sighed. I still have a problem. When I was going to call the hospital for an ambulance, I suddenly thought of a problem. If the person who died in the hospital did not die, I would be disclosed by the media, and I am still drunk. Perhaps this difference in thought has destroyed my 20 years of struggle. I thought of a flash of my mind here, hurriedly picked up the man and put it in the position of the co-pilot, then quickly drove the car and left the incident. Looking at the person with breath around me, I really hated it. This person, why do you want to hit my car? When I got home and parked the car in the garage, I was about to lift the person down. I suddenly thought of a way. If I forged a car accident, then I took that person. Put it in my garage, watching the man's hand keep blood outside, I seem to feel a pleasure that can't be said, maybe the dark side of my heart has already revealed, so I look at that The person who could have saved the life, just like a drop of blood, so I sat in the garage for one night.

When I woke up the next day, I opened my eyes and saw the blood on the ground, and the man whose blood had already drained. I felt a kind of pleasure that I couldn’t tell, so I calmly returned to the house and changed my clothes. Then, I cleaned the front and back of the car, and thoroughly cleaned the traces on the car. I watched the blood on the ground and I corroded them with lime. Finally, I put the gloves into the body. The man dragged into an unlicensed car and drove to the edge of the cliff and threw the car away. Everything looked so perfect, and sure enough, I didn't expect it. Finally, the police officers decided that it was an ordinary traffic accident. Looking at the reports on TV, I feel that my work is really perfect. In the next few days, my life has returned to normal, everything is so perfect, but things seem to have just begun, just after the man was killed by me. On the seventh night...

I was going to attend a party that day. This party was very important to me, so I was driving my BMW to go to the party. I skillfully opened the car, just before I was about to close the garage door. When I saw a man standing in the garage, I saw the man who wanted to kill me that day. I was shocked by the sight in front of me. Then I blinked. The man disappeared. I took the car and flew. I left home, and I always had a feeling of incomprehensibility along the way. How do you feel that it is like the feeling of a non-speaking but real person who is sitting on the co-pilot driving? So I looked at the position of the co-pilot from time to time, but there was nothing there, maybe I was suspicious. At this time, a team of police officers were checking the vehicles. They signaled me to stop and stop. I calmly smiled at them. One of the policemen came over and knocked on my window and said to me: "Sir, please put the seat belt on." "I looked at the seat belt I had already fastened and said to them with a smile: "Police officer, my seat belt is fast." The traffic police ignored me, just said to the first officer: "Mr., please." Good seat belt." I looked at him with a look at the co-pilot, no one, and an unspeakable fear shrouded me. I pretended to be calm and said to the policeman: "I am in the car, who do you want to fasten your seat belt?" The traffic police looked at me suspiciously, and then gave me a respectful tone and said: "Mr. We advise you not to drive tonight." I ignored the traffic police and hurriedly drove away. Just when I was thinking about the horrible scene, my eyes swept to the co-pilot. It was as if time had solidified. I looked at the man on the co-pilot who was thrown off the cliff by me. The blood was sitting on my co-pilot, and the blood in my mouth was ticking. I hurriedly stopped, but at this time I forgot that I was on the high speed, a truck was behind me at this time, I heard a "beep" and then I didn't know.

When I woke up, I found that I was lying in the hospital. I remembered the night's things. I looked around in fear. I was afraid in which corner I saw the man standing there with blood. I am loose. With a sigh of relief, there is no man who does not scatter. When I was about to fall in love with my eyes, suddenly a drop of something dripped onto my face, followed by another drop. I reached out and wiped it, and a bloody smell filled it. I suddenly woke up! This is blood!!! I opened my eyes in horror, looked around, and then another drop of blood dripped onto my face. I looked up and saw that the man was just like a spider at the moment. Climbing on the ceiling, his blood dripped down my mouth to my face. At this moment, I can no longer control my emotions, shouting: "I didn't want to kill you, you hit it yourself, don't come to me, you go, you go!!" The man pouted at me. Smiled, the mouth cracked directly on both sides of the ear. I watched the horrible man rushing over to me, and then I passed out.

I was yelling and shouting "Don't chase me" while going to the police station. The police thought that I was a neuropathy. When I said the whole incident, they believed me. At this time, I was sitting in the interrogation room. The police said to me: "In fact, the man was suicidal. The suicide note was written. You didn't have to bear legal responsibility, but you didn't send it to the hospital but let him live. The death of the blood, your 20 years of struggle is because your difference in thought makes you ruined once!" At this point I heard this, I feel more of a relief, because the man did not come to me... ...