Midnight bus

I am a college student, the life of the university is exhausting and confused, so we will seek some new ways to carry out the so-called "relaxation." As a student with few bullets on his body, he can only go to KTV for fun. When I was tired, it was already 11 o'clock in the evening, my friend would continue, so I went back to school alone.

There are very few pedestrians on the street, only the dim light, today's 219 road is already the last bus. When I got to the bus stop, there were 4 people on the platform. It is very strange to see everyone's face under the light yellow light. A man lit a cigarette, an old man squatting on his back, holding a cane, staring indifferently at the intersection. A woman in a white dress with a black coat carrying a black bag and making a phone call, has been ignorant. What to say, there is a woman, with long hair in the middle, buried her head, carrying a black handbag in her hand, has been dripping water.

I was curious about what was in her bag, but she stood by my side, and it smelled a stench. I couldn't stand it anymore. I stood decisively away from her. Who knows that she leaned over again, I looked at her alertly, is it a thief? But she hasn't had any stealing action, can't talk nonsense. I can only hope that the bus will arrive soon.

The three red letters of "219" appeared at the intersection, the door opened, and I rushed up and sat in the last row. All four people on the platform got on the bus.

The white woman sat in the first position on the right hand side of the door and still called. The man sat on the right hand side of the girl, and the old man sat behind the man. After the women got into the car, the vehicle started and the interior lighting was extinguished. The woman still buried her head with her handbag and walked straight to me. What did this person want to do? I didn't want to smell it all the time. Quickly got up, walked forward, and heard a "mother" clearly when the woman passed by. Even though the engine of the vehicle was loud, the "mother" sounded very real and scared me to sit in the seat in the front row.

My position happened to be sitting behind the girl. The girl was holding the phone in one hand and the other hand holding the bag on her chest. I probably heard something: "Don't cry... Hey.. .... It will be fine for a while..." Probably comforting someone.

The vehicle was driving in a deserted night. Only the dimly lit street lights flashed, and the inside of the car flickered. There was no empty inspiration in the heart: "Aoyama Road is here, please get off the passengers to bring your belongings from The back door is getting off.” Qingshan Road is a very narrow road. The two cars are barely side by side. The two sides are low mountains. They are very depressed. There are no street lights. You can only see the terrain when you walk. Why not repair road lights, it is said that often street lights will be inexplicably broken, as well as poor contact, flashing lights caused traffic accidents.

The old man and the man got out of the car here. When they got off the bus, the old man sighed at me, shook his head and took the cane and got out of the car. I was very nervous, I looked at this expression, this look, I am empty, my heart is cold, I don't know what to do.

When the door is closed, the interior lighting is extinguished, it becomes dark, the vehicle starts, and the roar of the engine becomes very harsh. Suddenly, a stench came from the side, no need to know, it was the woman!

The woman stood next to me and bent down against me. The lower the bend, the longer the hair was on my shoulder. I couldn’t move, and I couldn’t call it. She suddenly spoke up: "Do you want to see my child? He looks very cute."

I want to say no, I want to shake my head, but everything is in vain. The sweat has flowed down my neck. The heart is beating fast, smelling stench and feeling like vomiting.

The woman's head was lifted up, and the middle haircut covered most of her face. It was dark and she could see the outline. The woman opened the handbag in her hand, the interior lighting suddenly turned on, and the woman was full of blisters. Only one punch away from me, the handbag was placed on my lap, and the mouth was opened. There was a pile of flesh and blood inside, and I saw a child’s head vaguely. "Mom!" was loudly called out, very harsh. The sound pierced my eardrum and my feet were shaking.

"Hey!" The rear door suddenly opened. The girl in front of my seat screamed and flew off the car. Looking at this scene, I panicked and got up subconsciously. I didn't expect my body to suddenly move, so I pushed it away. The woman, the handbag fell to the ground and quickly got out of the car. I thought that the woman would chase it down. I didn't expect that she was still standing there, smiling at the door, yes, she smiled. The door was closed and the vehicle started to move again, and it was safe to drive slowly.

I sighed, my body was already soaked, and I looked at it. I was still on Qingshan Road. I relied on the faint light. I saw the girl who had run off the car squatting on the floor and twitching. I instinctively walked over: "You also saw it?" She did not answer me, or was there, I continued to ask: "Where is your home? Would you like me to send you back?"

The girl just stood up against me and murmured: "It fell on the ground."

"What fell on the ground?" I asked curiously.

"My brother, have you seen it? Someone just dropped him on the ground."

I heard it inexplicably: "What brother?"

The girl turned and buried her head and opened the bag. "You see him."

There was a stench in the bag, and I watched the blood and the thoughts solidified. I was stiff there. "Look, the car came to pick us up!" the girl exclaimed excitedly, and the 219 that had just left was slowly backing back. I seem to see the woman's smile on the window, and screamed: "Mom!" Like a thunder, it penetrated my soul.

I suddenly understood that all this is a trap, I am just a prey. The 219 road in the fall was closed at 10:30, and the last bus I took today is probably not the way to the previous one.