Vanishing mother

Liu Zhe is a senior three student. He came to the city with his parents since childhood. His father Liu Jianjun is an honest farmer with no skills. He has always worked on the construction site. The house rented in the city has always been lived by Liu Zhe and his mother. Liu Jianjun comes back occasionally.
Liu zhe was nervous about his studies in senior three and lived far away from the school. When he got up every morning, it was still dark. He ran to the intersection where his mother sold breakfast. With the breakfast his mother prepared for him, he hurried to school by bike.
It was only four o'clock in the morning when Liu zhe heard something at home. His mother got up again and began to prepare. Such a familiar voice has been accompanied by my mother pushing the breakfast car out of the house, and the house fell into silence again.
Liu zhe rushed to the intersection again in the morning. Without lifting his eyes, he took the breakfast handed by his mother and hurried away with his classmates waiting for him. Liu Zhe's mother looked at the figure of her son walking away, opened her mouth to say something, and closed it again. She knew that her son was studying in the city. The last time she had a few words with her son in the morning, the students next to her ridiculed her son at school. Her son looked very bad when he came home. Since then, she has hardly talked with her son outside.
There was a strong wind hanging outside until the next morning. It was more than four o'clock in the morning. Liu zhe didn't hear anything at home. Unknowingly, at five thirty, Liu zhe hurried to get up and wash. He hurriedly took his schoolbag and looked at the breakfast car in the yard. His mother should have gone out.
It was still dark, and the street lights at the intersection were broken at some time. The dim yellow lights around came down. The wind was blowing on his mother's breakfast car, and the surrounding leaves were flying around. Liu zhe hurried over by bike again. Business was not very good this morning. There was no one, but his mother was busy alone.
Liu zhe took the soybean milk and pancakes handed to him by his mother. They were all hot. Touching his mother's hand, he shivered with cold. Today, he raised his head and looked at his mother. Her face was very pale and her hair was a little messy, but he still smiled at Liu Zhe. Liu zhe felt guilty about his mother and wanted to say hello to her, but his classmates had come by by bike. He looked at his mother and hurried away without saying anything.
For three days, Liu zhe hasn't heard anything at home at 4 a.m. in the morning. He is a little worried about his mother's body, but every morning he can always take the breakfast handed to him by his mother at the dimly lit intersection, but there seems to be no one selling breakfast in recent days. He goes to get breakfast alone every time.
The fourth morning, there was still no movement at home. Liu zhe couldn't sleep. He wanted to get up and ask his mother if she was not feeling well. Every time, he didn't go to the evening self-study until 10 p.m. these days, when he came home in the evening, his mother also rested early. He could see his mother only when he put the prepared food on the table and took breakfast in the morning.
Liu zhe walked out of the door and looked at the light in the kitchen. He was a little relieved, but the house was unusually quiet and there was no sound. Liu zhe went to the kitchen door and shouted a few times
"Mom, mom, are you up?"
There was no sound in the kitchen. Liu zhe pushed open the door of the kitchen. His mother was not there. Liu zhe pushed open the door of his mother's room and turned on the light of the room. The quilt on his mother's bed was folded neatly, and no one was in the house.
Liu zhe went to the yard again. The breakfast car was not in. Liu zhe thought that his mother should go out early. Riding a bike in the morning, my mother is still selling breakfast alone.
A week later, Liu zhe could only see his mother in the morning, but due to his classmates, he swallowed the words he wanted to greet his mother again and again.
Liu Jianjun suddenly went home and has been at home for three days. This is something Liu zhe didn't expect. This is the time when Liu Jianjun stayed at home for the longest time. Liu zhe used to live with his mother and rarely communicated with his father Liu Jianjun.
Since Liu Jianjun came back, Liu zhe has found a problem. Since his father came home, every morning before he went out, there was a prepared porridge and vegetables on the table. His father was not there, and Liu zhe didn't eat. He went to the intersection to get the breakfast prepared by his mother for him, and hurried to school.
Liu zhe studied by himself in the evening and returned home at more than 10 o'clock. Liu Jianjun opened the door for him. After cooking for Liu Zhe, he suddenly asked Liu Zhe, "Xiao Zhe, why don't you have breakfast in the morning?"
"Oh, my mother sells breakfast. It's urgent in the morning. My mother prepares it for me every time. I go to her and take it every morning." Liu zhe said, looking down angrily and eating all the time. Liu Jianjun doesn't often go home. He doesn't even know about his mother selling breakfast.
Liu Jianjun didn't care about his son's words. He frowned and asked Liu Zhe, "how do you eat these days?"
"Didn't I make it clear? My mother sells breakfast and she prepares it for me. And where's my mother? Why don't I see her all the time at night?"
Liu Jianjun's pupils were dilated. He quickly took out a cigarette and smoked. He grabbed Liu Zhe's hand and asked, "Xiao Zhe, are you sure your mother gave you breakfast in the morning?"
"That's definitely uncertain. That's my mother. Can I admit my mistake?" Liu zhe couldn't figure out what was going on with his father.
Liu Jianjun took a hard smoke and said to Liu Zhe, "Xiao Zhe, let me tell you something. Your mother, your mother, she recently had a relative in our city who introduced her to work for a night. She wanted to earn more. She wasn't there at night."
"Oh" Liu zhe didn't think much until more than 12 p.m. when his homework was finished, Liu zhe stretched out his waist and wanted to drink water. Passing by his parents' room, through the crack in the door, he only saw Liu Jianjun sitting on the bed alone, holding a box held by a black cloth and talking about something in his mouth.
Liu zhe was a little surprised that his father had some Shinto one day. Lying on the door, he only heard Liu Jianjun's mouth saying, "let's go! Let's go! Don't worry! I'll wrong you first. I'll tell him in a few months.".
When Liu zhe still wanted to listen, the door of his home suddenly rang. When Liu zhe went to the yard to see, his mother came back. Her mother's face was very pale and she was very thin. Maybe it was too hard and she was too tired, but her mother was also very strange. Liu zhe couldn't say it for a while and a half.
"Mom, you're back." the mother just smiled and nodded and went in. When Liu zhe turned around, he didn't care about his mother. When he saw the wind blowing, he didn't want to see his mother.
It's getting closer and closer to the college entrance examination, and the day is getting longer and longer. Now at 6 a.m., it's already very bright. Liu zhe has never seen his mother again until now. His father Liu Jianjun said that his mother is now working directly with relatives. She doesn't sell breakfast and will come back in a few days.
When Liu zhe went out in the morning, he habitually glanced at it as usual. The breakfast car in the yard was not there. Did his mother come back to sell breakfast again? Liu zhe was a little excited and ran out without eating the breakfast made by Liu Jianjun.
It's already early in the morning these days. There are only pedestrians hurried to and from the intersection in the morning. Liu zhe was a little lost. He went to school with an empty stomach and was absent-minded all day.
When I came home in the evening, I passed the intersection and looked at the location where my mother often set up a stall. It was empty and there was no one. Riding his bike slowly, a figure walked in the dim light in front. He was very thin and his clothes were very thin. Liu zhe hurried to catch up with him, as if it were his mother.
Liu zhe rode very fast, but he couldn't seem to catch up with the woman in front. Liu zhe was worried and kept shouting in the back, "Mom, mom, is that you? Where are you going? Let's go home! You wait for me!"
The figure in front began to stop for a while, and then walked all the way. Liu zhe chased him all the way to the woods by the river in the park. Liu zhe couldn't find it.
As soon as he got home, Liu zhe asked Liu Jianjun, "I seem to see my mother tonight. Where does she work? She hasn't come home for a day."
Liu Jianjun has been covered. Without speaking, he kept smoking. Liu zhe was anxious and shook Liu Jianjun's shoulder. "Dad, tell me when my mother will come back?"
"Oh! Your mother called me yesterday and said that you are going to go to college in the college entrance examination. She wants to earn more for you to go to college. Don't worry about her. She doesn't want to distract you."
After hearing this, Liu zhe secretly made up his mind that he must pass the exam and not let his mother work so hard. He hurried to finish his meal and went to study.
The college entrance examination is coming soon. The school has a holiday. Liu Zhe is reading at home. There is a knock on the door.
Liu zhe opened the door. Outside the door were two uniformed police officers. "Hello, is this Liu Jianjun's house?"
"Yes, officer, come on, come in and sit down." Liu zhe didn't understand what the police officer had to do when he came home. Liu Jianjun ran out in a hurry with his bare arms.
"We're here to..." before a tall, thin, middle-aged police officer finished his words, Liu Jianjun said, "Oh! I know, it's the accident of the workman on our construction site. Ask, I'll tell you slowly, my son has a few days to go to the college entrance examination? He's OK. His mother wants him to enter a good university. He's very good."
Liu zhe frowned and his father interrupted others casually, which was very disrespectful. Father's words are so confused that it's difficult to understand his father's thinking.
"Well, we want to ask..." another young police officer on the side opened his mouth to say something. The middle-aged police officer on the side forgot Liu Zhe and said, "this is what we came for." the young police officer on the side also continued to ask one by one.
Liu zhe was determined to go back to the construction site and listen to it. He was more determined to go back to the construction site.
With only two days left before the exam, Liu zhe looked at the book and fell asleep unconsciously. Suddenly, Liu zhe felt that his back was very cold. Liu zhe opened his eyes and saw that his mother had added a dress to him.
"Mom, are you back tonight? I'm going to take the college entrance examination the day after tomorrow. Don't go out to work these days. I haven't seen you for a long time." Liu zhe said to his mother sadly, looking at his mother's pale hands and white hair.
The mother didn't speak, but shook her head. Tears came out of her eyes. She touched Liu Zhe's head and walked out of Liu Zhe's room. Liu zhe chased out. The book on the table was hit on the ground. Liu zhe suddenly woke up. It turned out that he had just had a dream.
The words written with a ballpoint pen on the book have been blurred by Liu Zhe's tears, but he does have a dress on his shoulder. He can't remember when he put it on.
On summer nights, it's still easy to catch a cold. Liu zhe slept under a coat. He slept vaguely. He always felt that his mother was watching him at the head of the bed at night, but he just couldn't wake up. But after the end of his college entrance examination, this situation will never happen again.
"Dad, I have finished the college entrance examination. I have evaluated the score. It must be no problem. Where does my mother work? I'll find her!" Because his mother has not sold breakfast in the breakfast car for almost half a year, Liu zhe has thought it over carefully. There is no shame in his mother's work.
"Well, wait a minute! When you get the University notice, we'll go together." Liu zhe looked at his father and said this sentence blandly. His excited and happy mood gradually calmed down again.
More than a month later, Liu zhe finally received a call from the school and asked him to get the notice. He made an appointment with his classmates. He got up early and rode to get the notice together.
On the way, the classmate suddenly said, "Liu Zhe, I have something I don't understand. We will be busy studying. Now we are free, can you tell me?"
"What's up?" Liu zhe was very happy to get the notice today and hummed a tune all the way.
"In winter, when I waited for you in the morning, I often saw you stop at the intersection alone for a long time. What are you doing?"
"No! And my mother?" Liu Zhe's face suddenly turned white.
"No, there was an aunt at first, I know, but then there was only you for a week."
Liu zhe felt dizzy. He took the notice and pushed the car back all the way. He didn't understand. When he passed the place where his mother often had breakfast, he looked and looked. Where was his mother.
Liu zhe silently opened the door. His father and two police officers sat in the yard. His father took Liu Zhe's hand and walked into the house. "Go and see your mother."
Liu Jianjun took out the black box wrapped in black cloth, pointed to Liu Zhe and said, "Xiao Zhe, your mother is here. She has been here for half a year. I haven't told you because I'm worried about your studies. Now that you've been admitted to college, I'll give your mother a good explanation." Liu Jianjun cried with his head in his hands. He endured it for half a year. The police officer on the side can only watch silently.
Liu Zhe's head suddenly felt whirling, "impossible, impossible, I saw her a few days ago. She can't." Liu Zhe's notice fell to the ground. He was a little crazy. His mother has been with him since childhood. She can't.
"Boy, be obedient. It's true. The breakfast car has been in the bureau now. The two suspects have been caught now. If you can get a good college entrance examination, you'll fulfill your mother's last wish." The middle-aged police officer helplessly patted Liu Zhe, whose nose and tears were already blurred.
"Son, bury your mother these two days. When you're done, come to the bureau to find me. My name is Yang." Officer Yang explained and left.
Liu zhe didn't ask any more. One night, neither father nor son spoke, and the lights didn't turn on until the next morning. The father and son went to the funeral home with Liu Zhe's mother's urn at both ends. After simply finishing the funeral for his mother, Liu zhe asked his father to go back first. His father was also very painful. He couldn't think about how he survived these months. He still asked Officer Yang about everything.
Entering the police station, Officer Yang took him to the breakfast car he knew very well, "Liu Zhe, the two suspects told us that your mother went out very early that morning. It was very dark. The two suspects were originally two tramps. On a whim, they saw no one early in the morning and wanted to rob your mother's money. When they fought with your mother again, your mother was killed. They were worried about being found, so they threw your mother into a lake in a park grove while there would be no one, and then they were found. You know the others behind When we found your mother, she was still holding a steamed stuffed bun in her hand. Look at this breakfast car. When will you push it back? "
Liu Zhe's eyes are wet. His mother made steamed stuffed buns for him in the morning. He doesn't eat big meat soup buns in the morning. His mother only makes a few for him every day.
He pushed the breakfast car all the way back. He missed the breakfast his mother prepared for him in the morning and the taste. But what he regretted most was that when his mother was selling breakfast, he wanted to talk to him the last morning, but he turned around and left because of his face. He wanted to say hello to his mother at that time. He should be very happy all morning!
Thinking, thinking that it was dark, he pushed the breakfast car to the intersection where his mother sold breakfast. He looked at the empty place and shouted "Mom, I love you, I love you, I love you very much".
After shouting, he silently pushed the car away. The place where the stall was set up was very dark and vaguely seemed to have something to do with it