Ghost in the middle of the night

Xiaotian is a truck driver who pulls goods. He usually pulls goods for people on weekdays. When he is busy, he has goods for day or night, so Xiaotian is used to walking the night, plus Xiaotian is a Atheist, she does not need to be afraid of anything when she walks the night naturally.

People stay friendly on a small scale and like to help others. In addition, Xiaotian is diligent and diligent. Although he does not say anything talented, he can at least have a meal. Knowing that the small balance is a person, many bosses, factories or private people will call him if they have goods, so the income of Xiaotian is not low.

One day, a factory called Xiaotian to carry some furniture to another branch. The branch is located in the suburbs, and there are at least 20 kilometers away from the urban area! The visitor does not refuse, this is the principle of Xiaotian work. So after dinner, Xiaotian moved to the car and sent it to others. After dinner, it was already half past eight, the weather was not good, and it was raining heavily. At this time, Xiaotian saw someone beckoning on the side of the road. When I stopped, I saw a little boy saying that I wanted to go home. The little boy explained the address of his family to Xiaotian. Xiaotian found that the boy’s home and branch were the same road. That is to go. At that time, the driver did not think much about letting the little boy get on the bus. Usually, Xiaotian likes to help others, so this time is no exception. So the little day with the little boy then went on the road. The little boy wore a white shirt and looked like he was eleven or two years old. The little boy in the car didn’t say a word, and kept his head down. After walking for a while, the little boy finally spoke, and the little boy said: The front is my home, and the tree in front of the door stops. Xiaotian looked in the direction of the little boy. There was a house next to the road, which was three stories high. So Xiaotian stopped under the tree. After getting out of the car, the little boy took out a 20 yuan from his pocket and took it to Xiaotian. Xiaotian thought, this helps people to collect money. When I said it, I gave the money to the little boy. But the little boy must have the driver to accept it. In desperation, Xiaotian had to collect ten yuan, and then found ten yuan to return to the boy. After giving the money, the little boy walked toward the house and watched the little boy enter the house. Xiaotian remembered that his goods had not been shipped yet! After all, Xiaotian then drove again. Soon, Xiaotian finally delivered the goods, and then returned home. On the way home, Xiaotian passed the little boy's house again. I saw the little boy's home lights are on, and there was still a woman's crying inside, which made Xiaotian have a cold greeting. Because it was raining at the time, Xiaotian didn't think much, and he rushed home.

It was already half past twelve at home. I took a shower and fell asleep in bed. The next day I got up and sorted out the money box and found a coin. Xiaotian was scared and shocked. I remembered that only the little boy gave me a 20-yuan denomination last night, but I couldn’t figure out how I was at the time. Did not find out.

Xiao Ming is a stubborn person. When he encounters something, he has to figure it out. Ordinary people recognize this evil thing, but Xiaotian actually found the little boy's home by memory. Opening a door is a middle-aged woman. Xiaotian explained that the woman said that there was no young boy at home; but Xiaotian insisted that the little boy had gone in and saw the appearance of the dress and so on. The two men held each other for a while, and the middle-aged woman cried out, saying that the little boy was his own child. He was drowned in the nearby river a few days ago. If he didn’t believe it, the woman would lead him to see it. A portrait. When Xiaotian saw it, he couldn't help but be surprised. His face was pale and he took a few steps back. After returning home, Xiao Ming thought that the more wrong, went to the Public Security Bureau to report the case. The police investigation was true, the little boy did die, and Xiao Ming did not lie. So I went to the hospital mortuary, took the body from the freezer, and held the ten yuan in the hands of the boy's stiff and purple--Xiao Ming looked for her ten dollars. Seeing Xiao Ming's face pale, watching Xiao Ming's body Xiao Ming repeatedly back, several steps. Later, Xiao Ming gave birth to a serious illness. Later, he asked people to come and see that Xiao Ming was too suffocating. Later, Xiao Ming invited people to do the law. This disease is good.

Later, after this incident, Xiao Ming will never hurry in the middle of the night, because he does not know whether it is a person or a ghost in the evening. There are many strange things in the world. Just as the weather is all-encompassing, this time is not only for us human beings. In fact, there are more things in this world, but we rarely detect their existence, and only a few people can be detected. But as this science becomes more and more developed, we will one day be able to see these things. After all, the creatures we live together on the earth should understand each other.

I used to be an atheist. Later, I have already believed in the existence of such things. If one day you really saw this kind of thing, I believe that you will also appreciate the magic of this world.