On August 15th, a wall was struck.

The Dragon Boat Festival on the 5th of May, the Mid-Autumn Festival on the 15th of August and the Spring Festival on the 30th of our year are the most important three big days in our country. They are three days of happy reunion. Today is the 15th of August. Like most people, Zhang Xiaokai has been eager to leave work early since he started work early in the morning, so that the family can get together to have a reunion dinner earlier and then eat moon cakes to enjoy the moon. The feeling is full of boundless comfort.

However, good ideas are always defeated by cruel reality. in the words of Zhang xiaokai's leadership: "although it is the holiday, our life still needs to continue, and our work still needs to be done. don't let us become lazy because of the holiday, so we should stay alone to work overtime and complete a glorious and arduous task!"  Yes, after careful consideration by the superior leadership, this glorious task finally landed on Zhang Xiaokai's head without any suspense. What makes people depressed is that Zhang Xiaokai still can't find any reason to refute and can only obey unconditionally!

After seeing off the colleagues and leaders who were all happy and busy to go home for the holidays, xiaokai started to get busy alone. overtime consumed his own time, and any delay of one second was his own loss. although xiaokai had already started to hang up, after finishing this glorious task, he looked at the time which was already over eight o'clock in the evening. the time for family reunion dinner was long past. now it is estimated that every family has already come out to enjoy the full moon. relatives in the family have already called more than a dozen times to urge xiaokai, and now he can finally answer them!

Xiao Kai told his relatives that his work had been completed and he would be home in about half an hour. Listening to the busy voice of the family when the phone was about to hang up, Xiao Kai felt a burst of warm happiness.

Because it was a holiday, many shops did not open their doors and many people went to their families early, so the streets were much quieter than usual, driving fast on their scooters in the cold streets.

Walking along the road, Xiao kai found a strange phenomenon, that is, other vehicles, no matter big cars, cars or bicycles, were all driving in a neat line on the other side of the road, while Xiao kai was driving alone on the other side of the road in the opposite direction to them. if it hadn't been for this road for more than a hundred times, Xiao kai was sure he was not going wrong, and I'm afraid he really would have turned around and walked with these vehicles.

At first, Xiao Kai didn't care about this phenomenon. He just thought it was just a coincidence. However, after driving for more than ten minutes, he felt something was wrong when he found that this phenomenon was still going on. He felt a kind of creepy feeling in his heart. However, Xiao Kai still comforted himself in his heart. It was just a coincidence. So Xiao Kai drove forward for more than ten minutes on his motorcycle.

This strange phenomenon is still going on. Xiao Kai is really a little scared. Not only is he afraid that these vehicles are driving in different directions from his own, but what is even more frightening is that it takes him less than half an hour to drive home on his motorcycle. Today, in order to get home early for dinner, he is riding faster than usual. However, after walking for more than half an hour, he has not arrived home. Instead, he finds that the road he is taking is starting to become a little strange. Xiao Kai is actually lost on the road that he goes to and from work every day!

Xiao Kai slowed down the speed a little and drove slowly forward on the street, checking the landmark buildings and billboards on both sides of the street while cycling, hoping to find some familiar clues to find the way home.

I also don't know which street I have reached inexplicably. Everything around me is so strange. The shops on both sides of the street are all closed. I can't see anything except the thick white shutter door. The surrounding area is also dark now. Only the sky is surrounded by a circle of yellow and faint bright moon. The scenery around me is pale and looks very strange.

This street is surprisingly quiet, because there is not a car or a pedestrian in the street, and this street is very long, as if there is no end to it. xiaokai knows that the place where they live is not very large, and together there are only three or four streets, each of which is at most 800 meters long. no matter how to go around this palm-sized place, as an old local resident, he will find his way out. however, xiaokai rode his motorcycle along the street for more than an hour, but he still could not find the exit. the street is unusually straight and even one half way.

Xiao Kai stopped his car, took out his cell phone and wanted to make a call to his home. He found that there was no signal on his cell phone at this time, and there was silence all around him, not even the sound of a worm. Xiao Kai could even hear his heavy breathing due to fear. A terrible thought came to Xiao Kai's mind. Xiao Kai guessed that he might have met the legendary "ghost wall"!

This kind of thing is said to have met many people, but so far there has been no textual research and no explanation of the cause. The only superstition is that there are pranksters deliberately making trouble. Think of you as a prankster. There is also a more scientific explanation. Because this person is overworked, his consciousness is blurred, and as a result, some hallucinations have taken place, which has led to the phenomenon of "ghost hitting the wall". Xiao Kai has seen similar news reports and materials, but he regrets that he only thought it was funny and didn't take it seriously at the beginning, and he doesn't know what method should be used to solve the problem in case.

Xiao Kai is now scared to death in his heart and his mind is in chaos. He parked the car aside but did not dare to turn off the engine. He kept his lights on all the time and felt a little more or less safe watching the lights turn on.

After staying in the same place for a long time, he did not find anything strange. xiaokai secretly guessed that this "ghost wall" might really be like the legend, just let you find no way home. as long as you don't walk around, you should not be hurt by other things. so xiaokai decided to sit here until the morning, and when it was light, the "ghost wall" itself would disappear!

"Yesterday was Mid-Autumn Festival, a day of family reunion, but you said you were working overtime at work. Well, I believe you were working overtime, but after you finished working, you said you met a wall on your way home. How can I believe you for this reason?"  Zhang Xiaokai returned home early in the morning and was forced by his wife to kneel down and rub the clothes board because he did not return after work last night.

He couldn't explain either, because he had been confused after several turns until he woke up and found himself at his door, and it was already bright!