Barber Shop Ghost Story

"I'm so tired."  Peng Guan twisted his head, this is the third head today, really tired.  "Words, today's harvest is really not small."  Peng Guan looked at the hair on the ground and immediately felt that he was really hardworking.

"Excuse me?"  Chen Bing knocked on the barber's door.  "Sorry, we are closed."  Peng Guan leaned out his head and did not mean to let Chen Bing in.  "How to close so early?  It's only eight o'clock. "  Chen Bing muttered in a low voice.

"Ah, beautiful woman, your hair is good!"  Peng Guan stopped Chen Bing, who had turned to leave.  "What's the matter?"  Chen Bing was confused by this remark.  "I've just opened this store for a month. I'll give you a card and take this card to experience seven times of care for free!"  Say that finish Peng Guan put the card into the hands of Chen Bing.

"thank you."  Chen Bing was even more startled.  In the end, when he left, he heard Peng Guan shouting at the back: "Remember to come!"

"What a strange person."  Chen Bing looked at the card in his hand. The card was so delicate that people could not help but want to keep it.  The card actually emits a special aroma, which makes Chen Bing's scalp tingle.

These days, Chen Bing has been having nightmares. He feels distracted at work every day.  Moreover, the recent hair quality also turned out to be worse, withered and bifurcated, and the most deadly thing is-alopecia.  And the hospital only left to pay attention to rest or use ginger to beat the head and so on and so on to send off.

"Well, I need to relax myself during the weekend. I've been under too much pressure recently."  Chen Bing looked for the key from her bag to unlock it. Suddenly she saw the card from the other day.

"here you are at last."  Peng Guan looked at Chen Bing who pushed the door.  "what did you say?"  Chen Bing gave Peng Guan a surprised look.  "Oh, I said welcome!"  Peng guandun said after a second.  "My hair quality has suddenly become very bad recently, and I have begun to lose my hair."  Chen Bing sat on the chair with a sad face.  "It's nothing. I can definitely help you raise it."  Peng Guan pushed his glasses.  "Let's go and wash your hair first."  Peng Guan led the way.

"Ah, these headgear are all yours?  This hair is beautiful. "  Chen Bing looked at the hair on the model and couldn't help being attracted by the black and bright hair on it.  "Oh, these are all my collectibles."  Before Peng Guan finished, Chen Bing reached for the hidden door beside the model.  "there are my personal belongings. there is no good headgear and nothing to see. let's wash our hair."  Peng Guan's words made Chen Bing realize his disrespect.

"Sit still."  Say that finish, Peng Guan took out a bottle of blood-red viscous liquid and squeezed it on his hand, then smeared it on Chen Bing's wet hair.  This move made Chen Bing very suspicious. What can this liquid do? I have never seen this liquid in a barber shop.  "Don't move."  Say that finish, the liquid in Chen Bing's hair more and more, until her scalp felt filar silk cool, Peng Guan stopped daubing.  Chen Bing's scalp felt tingly, which worried her.

"What kind of potion do you have here? It smells good. Is there no problem?"  Chen Bing's words seemed to make Peng Guan feel a little angry.  "This is our secret hair tonic, which is not available anywhere else."  Peng Guanyong extremely greedy eyes looked at Chen Bing's hair, the eyes in the mirror make Chen Bing feel somewhat uncomfortable.

"By the way, do you still have the card I gave you the other day?"  Peng Guan finally returned to the usual appearance, kindly asked.  "Yes, it's free!"  Then Chen Bing took out the delicate card from the satchel.  "Of course, our barbershop is honest."  Peng Guan pushed his glasses.

"you?  Is there any other barber? "  Chen Bing looked at the handsome Peng Guan in the mirror.  "Well, there is my girlfriend."  Peng Guan blushed with shame.  "Then she?"  "She is not here."  A short sentence embarrassed Chen Bing.

"See if I feel much better."  Peng Guan dried Chen Bing's hair.  In the mirror, I look radiant. As for my hair, it instantly turns black and bright. The only fly in the ointment is that I have a little less hair.  Alas, think about how dark and thick your hair was.

"Well, it's much better indeed. Are you really free for these seven experiences?"  Chen Bing did not believe that such a good effect could be experienced seven times for free.  "Of course, as I said, our store stresses honesty."  Peng Guan pushed his glasses and smiled proudly.

"By the way, I changed the last card, and I will give you a new one this time."  At this point, Peng Guan handed Chen Bing a new card and another exquisite card, which also emits pleasant fragrance, but this time the fragrance is different from last time.

"What a delicate card, is your own design?  That's great! "  Chen Bing is really not flattering. The thick weight of the card and the graceful painting style on it make people fondle admiringly. It is not like an experience card at all.  "It is more beautiful than your hair."  Peng Guan's words made Chen Bing blush.  "I really want to meet your girlfriend, what kind of beautiful woman can deserve such a perfect handsome boy."  Chen Bing picked up the bag to open the door and laughed.  "I will see it."  Peng Guan also laughed, but the smile made Chen Bing feel very cold.

After that, Chen Bing seemed to be a different person. He was mentally alert every day and his hair was getting better and better. The first thing he did when he woke up was to look at his hair in the mirror.  Moreover, Chen Bing found that her hair grew faster and faster, which forced her to often go to Peng Guan for care.

"Ah, my hair is growing again. The quality of my hair is getting better and better recently."  During the conversation, Chen Bing felt extremely natural. Now she can be said to have 100% confidence in the man in front of her.  "Well, I think your hair will soon regain its original beauty."  Peng Guan continued to daub the red liquid on the top of Chen Bing.

After that, as Peng Guan said, Chen Bing's hair became more and more beautiful.  Finally, after the sixth free care, Chen Bing's hair is not more beautiful than before, just as it was at the beginning.

"Your hair is so beautiful."  Peng Guan gawked at Chen Bing's hair and his eyes embarrassed Chen Bing.  "really?"  Chen Bing asked with a smile.  "Well, it's beautiful. I want to treasure it for a long time."  Peng Guan's eyes let a person feel unprecedented obsession.  "So, what are you going to do ..." Before Chen Bing finished, the scene in front of me let forget screaming.

One knife, two knives, three knives … "how beautiful!"  Peng Guan slashed while chanting. Blood was sprayed on the ground and on Peng Guan's face. In his mouth ... Soon, a human head rolled onto the smooth floor tile.

"Now, you have met."  Peng Guan opened the door of the chamber of secrets, inside, a mummy stare big eyes at everything in front of her, a head with her four eyes relative, the picture has a kind of let a person say a taste.  When Peng Guan had finished speaking, he threw his head into a large vat, which was full of that red liquid, and there were some heads floating inside, and those heads were slowly growing their hair ...

Peng Guan cut off the long hair of a new human head, and then made several artful strokes on the mummy's head. He smiled with horror.

"I'm so tired, this is today's first head, harvest not small ..."