The bones in the soil

Sweet has recently fallen in love with plants and found a lot of seeds and soil to dress up her garden.  Because the plan is convenient, her soil was dug in a mass grave near her home.

The soil is better than she expected. The seeds in the soil germinate faster than usual and grow very well even with little care.  Sweet decided to plant some fruits and vegetables, after all, it is safer than buying them outside.

Sweet had a dream on the first day the seeds were sown.  In the dream, she was dressed in ancient costume and kept running in a dark space where no margin could be found.  There was no one here, but a voice kept telling her to run forward.  Sweet thought it was just a dream, but when she got up, her feet felt as if she had been running all night.

After breakfast, sweet began to take care of the plants.  Busy, she suddenly paused, as if stepping on something strange.  She turned to dig, but found nothing.  Sweet was a little flustered and rushed back to her room to have a rest.

Hardly had she stepped into the room when she felt dizzy.  After waiting for a little better, she found herself in the dream of yesterday. Did she fall asleep again?

But this time, she clearly saw a girl standing in front of her, a sad-looking girl with mud all over her body.  She opened her mouth as if to say something and held out her hand as if to get her help, but Tian Tian could not hear anything and could not catch her, even though the distance between them seemed so close.  She tried to approach, but every step she took, she felt as if her soul was floating out of her body. She was very scared and felt an unprecedented pressure.

"Sweet, you have been standing at the door for half an hour. What's the matter?"  The moment her husband's familiar voice came, sweet felt relaxed and the scene before her changed back to normal.  She collapsed on the ground and could not return to her mind for a long time.

"Sweet, what is this in your hand?"  At the reminder of her husband, Tian Tian noticed that there was a reddish mark on her palm, which could not be removed.  Sweet vaguely felt that when she finally returned to the real world, the girl seemed to have met her. Was this mark left at that time?

At night, Tian Tian couldn't sleep in bed, so she came to the garden to look at her plants.  This time, she was careful not to step on anything, but it seemed hard to avoid.  Somehow she stepped on several strange things in a row.  Sweet suppresses the fear in her heart. She must see what she stepped on.  She picked up the shovel and kept digging where she stepped on something.  Also don't know how long it took, she finally dug up the dense bones with red lettering on them, which made her a little confused. What are these words used for?

But at this time, Tian Tian was already very tired and turned back to sleep, but this sleep was not stable.  In her sweet dream, she saw a pile of messy bones, on which the red text originally written was fading little by little, and began to assemble itself.  Finally, all the pieces were put together, and meat began to grow on the bones. That was the girl she saw asking for help in her dream.  But the girl looked at her with a malicious expression of trickery, as if to swallow her, and flew towards her fiercely.

Sweet was so scared that she woke up from her dream and felt hot everywhere.  She hurriedly looked into her hand, which was covered with many words, just like what she saw on the bone.  Sweet ran downstairs in panic and kept looking for other bones in the soil, trying to burn them all.  But whenever she found one, the corresponding place on her body began to feel burning pain.  Tian Tian endured the pain and finally found them all at dawn and put them in the fire to burn.

When the first bone was put in, Tian Tian heard a shrill laugh. the girl was floating in the air and looked at her coldly and said, "are you sure you want to burn them? are you not afraid of death?"  She said so, sweet was afraid.  Before, when I found the bones, my body would heat up. I wonder if I have been connected with the fate of these bones. If I burn them, I will really die. I will decide whether to burn them or not if I want to find someone else to help me.

This hesitation, the day gradually lit up.  Female the ghost looked at hesitation sweet, emerge satisfied expression on her face.  What she said was all a lie. As the day was approaching full light, she only had to squeeze the sweet soul out of her body and burn the bones, then she could completely possess the new body and come back to life.  Tian Tian did not know the female ghost's wishful thinking. She stood still and did not know what to do.

It was almost completely bright, sweet body began to become very painful, as if being gnawed by thousands of ants. She couldn't scream when she wanted to. Only then did she find herself unable to move.  The female ghost was overhead, with her eyes closed and her mouth constantly chanting something, causing her head to ache.

Sweet husband suddenly woke up.  He felt a little uneasy, always feel that something bad will happen.  Seeing that Tian Tian was not around, he hurriedly went downstairs to check and found Tian Tian and the pile of bones in the back garden.

The red lettering on the bones has not completely disappeared, but sweet husband recognized the owner of the bones as his ex-girlfriend.  Originally, sweet's husband changed his mind and fell in love with sweet. he didn't want to be pestered by this woman, so he killed her cruelly. he also put a curse on her bones to prevent her from returning for revenge.

The female ghost in the air looked at the sweet husband, grinned and rushed into the sweet body, forced the sweet soul out and threw all the bones into the fire.

Sweet soul felt unprecedented pain and disappeared into the air screaming.  It's a pity that her husband didn't know all this and thought this person was sweet.

In front of her, sweet rose slowly and opened her husband with a happy face: "Let's go out for breakfast today."  The husband did not find her inappropriate, nodded and turned to go upstairs to change clothes.  At the moment of turning around, a strong pain spread all over the body, and the sweet fingernails grew fiercely and penetrated deeply into his body.  He looked at Tian Tian incredulously and then fell to the ground.

Since then, Tian Tian has not been able to get out of the gate and has just stayed at home every day, practicing strange spells.  And this room has also become a haunted house since then.  Whenever someone approaches, they can always hear the cries of women and men.  A little carelessness will never return.  ...