Forest hunting

Whether it is a mountain forest or a huts, it is still such a self, but the opposite is not the person of the year. Once upon a time, the face of the vicissitudes of life, even the face of the green, even if the look is similar, it is still not the same year.

"Mr. is late, my father has been going for a long time." The young man glanced at me deeply, and said this sentence for a long time.

"Is it late?" Trying to control his emotions, his shoulders tremble involuntarily, and his nose is sore. For a long time, I controlled my mood and looked at this young man who has almost the same appearance as the friends of previous years but has a lot of looks.

"Is it already safe? Take me to the glass of water."

"Mr. I forgot, my father can't eat wine." The young man said, his tone was suddenly low, with a hint of excitement, which made him somewhat inexplicable. "This is taboo, people go, and can't escape the taboo."

The words of the young people made me lie there, and I couldn’t help but recall the old friend’s original. In the impression, the old friend does not drink alcohol, but the reason is unknown. It is only a personal habit. I never thought that this was actually a kind of taboo for old friends.

Old friends are a forest hunter, and forest hunting is not just a hunter in the mountains. Of course, it is understandable to say that, old friends have always been hunting in the forest, but the forest hunting is different, and his life has been sold in the woods.

According to the old friend, his ancestors were Lin Shen, who did not know what was sealed, and was responsible for guarding the forest. In my understanding, Lin Shen should be the same as Shan Shen Land. Of course, it may be mixed even worse. After all, who has heard of Lin Shen? However, the old friend expressed serious protest against this view of me. Although he did not know who to seal his ancestors as Linshen, he was his own ancestor. Therefore, in the mouth of old friends, their ancestors, the so-called Linshen, are much higher than the land of the mountain gods.

Lin Shen is in charge of the son of all things, and Lin is the beginning of the life given by the gods. If this is placed now, it must be just a joke. But it is said that many years ago, this was indeed the case, but later, people's dependence on Lin was no longer so important, so it turned out to be intensified.

Today, I cut a tree and repair a house; Minger cut two trees and repaired two houses. In short, the tree is gone a little bit, and the status of Lin Shen is gradually weakened. Finally one day, Lin Shen is no longer so important. The forest is not so important, what do you want Lin Shen to do? But the impact of this is no one thought of. In order to survive, Lin Shen, who guarded the forest for generations, finally played the idea of ​​this forest. Blatantly cutting down is certainly impossible, but it is okay to get something in the back, such as hunting. It’s just the price, probably the ancestors of old friends didn’t think of it anyway. They turned directly from the unknown little gods who were blessed to the cursed, unknown hunters.

The curse is a curse, and the generations are left behind, to old friends, to the sons of old friends. Rather than being a curse, it is better to say that this is a taboo, a taboo that was doomed from the moment when the old friend's ancestors betrayed Lin. He was carried by his ancestors and was carried by old friends. Now he is the son of an old friend.

I once asked old friends why not change careers. I remember that the old friend sighed with sorrow and said bitterly: "This is also destined to be carried." After that, the old friend told me a story about the story of Lin Hunting's change of position -

We have betrayed loyalty, how can we betray our faith again? This is what everyone automatically carries, but there are always one or two that can't stand the temper. When they choose to betray again, they are doomed.

Nowadays, there are still some years, or when I was a child, my grandfather was still there, and there was a disobedient family in the family. To say that it is disobedient, in fact, it is just that some people are alive (Note: live head, here is the dialect, refers to the human mind). At that time, some people were still alive and well, and the ancient spirits were so strange that they would get some benefits. But this family of uncles has a living head, but it is excessive. If it is too much, it will not be safe. Then I thought about leaving the deep forest where this generation lived, and went out to the outside. If it was good, I would probably not have to come back.

I don’t know if the uncle is the first to violate this taboo, but it is the first time I saw it. Of course, it is the only one I have ever seen. When my father and grandfather tried hard to persuade, it was useless. When the uncle made up his mind, he left, but it didn't take long before he returned.

I remember that I was quite surprised to ask: "Is peace coming back?" Now I think that this naive discourse is to make the old friends excited at the time.

"Is it safe to come back? Oh, it’s back. I came back alive. I came back less than seven days and died. Is this safely coming back?"

The words of the old friend at the time made me a little silent, completely unaware of what to say, and the whole house was in silence. For a long time, the old friend cried and said something, and the scene that emerged from the words was still deeply impressed in his mind.

It may be safe to come back. God cares, the uncle is still back. It’s just that body... the uncle who came back, I don’t even know if it’s a human being. Do you know about evolution? But at that time, what was staged before our eyes was not evolution, but degeneration! The uncle has grown fur and turned back to the monkey a little. Just... like that... it’s degraded a little bit. The uncle of the family is itchy, clutching himself, and his body is bloody. The hair that grew out was rolled over, the whole body was blood, and he kept holding it until he became a monkey. And this... is not over yet. do you know? It's not over yet. Degraded into a monkey, the body is bloody, still have to change! Leaves, pairs, leaves, and bark grow out. The uncle began to hurt again, and the epidermis of the body slowly solidified, fixed a little, became exactly the same as the bark, and grew leaves. In the end, the uncle is actually... so he is so alive and sore.

In fact, when my old friend told me this story, I was only seeing my old friend for the second time. I traveled around the country, specializing in anecdotes. That time was just to listen to the old friends, but did not expect that later and the old friend became a rebellious.

Thinking of old friends, the corner of my eyes could not help but be a little moist. I haven't seen it with my old friend for nearly a year, but I never thought about it. The meeting that happened a year ago became a farewell.

I also clearly remember that a year ago, it was such a hut, and the young people were not as mature as they are today. The old friend sat with me on the floor and talked about the new things that he knew.

Hey, you don't know, I recently heard about an anecdote, and I have something to do with it, it is also the point of Lin Hunting. In fact, we still have taboos that are not dead. Yes, it is taboo. Can't believe that taboos can still make people die? I can't believe it, it is said that this is true. In the taboo of forest hunting, there is such a thing - forest hunters are not allowed to hunt for dragons. Walking the dragon, that is, the snake. I don't know what the reason is. After all, it is taboo, and no one will easily commit it. However, those tribes told me that if Lin Hunter had eaten the dragon, he would be covered with a scale, and he would grow something in a mess, losing his body temperature and part of his thinking. The dragon is immortal, and the dragon will not. However, if the forest hunter eats the dragon, he will live forever and suffer. Is it good or bad, who knows? This is a taboo, they said, I don't want to try... oh...

The long sigh and the slightly jokes of the old friend are like yesterday, but the people are really gone. Half a month ago, I suddenly received a letter from my old friend saying that I would see my last side. The reason was not explained. I hurriedly left the business in a different place, but it was delayed for a long time, and the traffic was inconvenient. I didn't expect that even the last side of the old friend could not see it.

Looking at the young man's face similar to his old friend, he didn't want to think about it, but the face of his old friend came to mind from time to time, so he talked with the old friend's son: "How did he go?"

The young man only said two words: "taboo."

I was a little surprised, but the young man’s eyes slipped out of tears: “No taboos, damn taboos. My father was drinking, my father actually drank... A month ago, my father received a letter and went crazy to drink. Father He knows! This is taboo, this is taboo!"


The young man’s eyes are sluggish: “The taboos... Lin Hunting can’t drink. The wine is the soul of the grain, the grain is the root of the wood. How can Linhun eat alcohol? Drinking, this is taboo... Father is On the bed, even the blood spit out. Finally, I vomited blood and died. So I went. Why did the father drink alcohol..."

  liqueur? Why do old friends drink alcohol? letter? What is the letter?

"That letter..."

"It was burned by my father. My father didn't mention it. I only said that it was an inscription. I don't understand..."

The door suddenly opened and it was blowing into a cold wind. It was still dusk, and it was already night at night, and the sky was completely dark. I and the young man glanced outside, black, black robe, black mask, black.

The voice of the man was a little hoarse: "That letter is what I wrote. If you don't understand anything, come to me." Then he turned and walked away.

The young man trembled and roared: "Are you allowed? Why do you want to write a letter to your father?"

The man ate, and then walked to the depths of Lin, but the voice came: "I am his uncle, maybe you should call my grandfather..."

I looked at the young man.

"Let's go..." he said.

"Go ahead..." I said.

As for what is ahead, I don't know, no one knows. Something in front is just the darkness of Lin in the night...