House story

Friends who often talk about ghosts should be familiar with the sound of marbles that many people say. Some say it is not clean things, the eyes of the eyes fall off the ground. There is also a more scientific analysis because there is a gap between the cement and the steel in the building, and the thermal expansion and contraction caused by the temperature difference between day and night. The sound of mutual friction.

In fact, this is a kind of spiritual bond. This kind of spirit is recorded in Japanese folktales. Generally speaking, people or other objects have geographical restrictions after their death, and they are bound to the undead in the area. Such undead are often resentful and thus become evil spirits.

In my opinion: the earth is bound to be diverse. People, animals, plants and even lifeless substances can form a spirit. If the origin of the wood, such as metal, has aura, then those metals and wood products become semi-living bodies because they absorb the aura.

When I was at home, I often heard the sound of marbles on the floor upstairs. Or suddenly heard in other places that it is a kind of earthly spirit, and it is also the lowest one in the spirit of the earth. Everyone’s home will have such a spirit, or, it’s a house god, they live in you. In your home, living with you, you may also send a good heart to help you drive away the devil. When they walk, they will make such a sound, the sound of marbles on the ground, their weak spiritual power can't make you hear, so you can only make you feel the sound of the upstairs. When you sit alone at home, sometimes a very empty voice suddenly sounds, I believe everyone should be familiar. In general, the natural bounds of the non-living body do not harm people, and often encounter the harassment of the bound spirit, as long as they leave the scope of its activities. but. . There are many things in the world that we can't think of, just like a person, we can see his appearance, but can't see his bones and blood vessels. In a house, we can only see his appearance, decoration, but can't see what is in it.

When you think that you are very clear about what has never happened in your house and feel comfortable in your own house, have you ever thought that there may be a pair of eyes in your upstairs or downstairs? Watching you through the cold eaves floor. . The following is a story about a different spirit of the fellowship.

Since he arrived in Guangzhou for more than eight years, Artest has opened a grain and oil store in Shayong from his workforce to a small porter with his own strong body and honest character. After more than 20 years, I have passed away. Although it is a small business, I have earned some money for many years. Seeing that my son is about to marry, the family of three is still renting in the crowded and messy city village. Artest is thinking about taking out years of savings for a house. Just watching the current house price soaring day by day, if you buy the kind of community that is slightly decent in the hand, you can buy the living room and buy the room at the square price. Therefore, Artest’s leisure time is to ask about the houses or second-hand buildings that are not cheaper.

Finally, the phone call from an intermediary on this day made Artest happy, saying that there is a suitable housing in Shayong North, but this house is not a community, but a fund-raising house. Therefore, the price was cheap, and it started in the 1990s. Later, I didn’t know what was going on. It was a bad year. In the past two years, real estate was hot, so some developers took over the building and wanted to make it work. A Taixing rushed to see the house with the agent. It was really good at first glance. Although the house is also in the village, it is also a big door. One-storey one-family self-built building, although this house does not have a good looking community, but it is spacious and comfortable, the most important thing is that the asking price is not expensive, Artest is the first to book on the spot, and then prepare for the wind and fire. Renovation, occupation.