Ghost chess friend

The small civil servant Luo Jiahuang originally made publicity in the county public security bureau. His mind came quickly, his writing was good, and he was very appreciated by the leaders. A deputy director liked him very much and wanted to introduce his daughter to him. Luo Jiahuang heard that the girl was very savvy and refused. So the deputy director found a mouthful and transferred him to the Hengshan police station.

The Hengshan Police Station is located in Hengshan Town. It is the most remote place in the county. Everyone said in private that this is the exile of the county bureau. There are only four people in the house, all of whom belong to the kind of master who does not hurt or love. When Luo Jiahuang saw this situation, his heart was a little cold.

Liu Wenqiang, who lives in a house with Luo Jiahuang, has wanted to transfer back to his hometown. But the bureau has not approved it. He is also complaining, not working, and has to sneak into the street with people. Playing chess is a super chess fan. But when it was windy and rainy, there was no one on the street, and he couldn’t play chess. He was so uncomfortable that he would die and sneak out with the house.

After Luo Jiahuang came, he was also disheartened. He was too lazy to read books, and he couldn’t get on the net here, which made him bored. Liu Wenqiang took him to sit in front of the board and coded with him. Luo Jiahuang will not play, Liu Wenqiang will teach him step by step, lying, flying elephant, arch. Luo Jiahuang slowly liked to play chess. The two of them often fought to the middle of the night. Of course, Luo Jiahuang lost and Liu Wenqiang won.

Luo Jiahuang always loses, and when he loses, he is run by Liu Wenqiang. His gluten is guilty, and a mind is studying chess. He first watched others play chess, looked at the doorway, pondered the number of roads, and found the rules. Slowly he realized something, and the chess skills improved a lot. Later on vacation, he returned to the city, and he did not do it. He bought a few copies of the game from the bookstore and sat down at home to study a holiday. After the holiday was over, he felt that his eyes were suddenly clear and he felt that he had mastered the essentials of playing chess. When he returned to Hengshan Town, he swept Liu Wenqiang.

After several consecutive moves, Liu Wenqiang did not win. Liu Wenqiang did not feel secretly Nahan. He said with anger: "You can't win the game of chess. You can have many masters. If you don't believe, you will find them." ”

Luo Jiahuang came to the northwest corner of the town according to his instructions. There was a grocery store there, and there was a piece of open space outside the shop. There were several chess stalls there.

When Luo Jiahuang went there, there was a chess stall. An old man was sitting alone watching the board. When he saw Luo Jiahuang coming over, he smiled and asked: "Why, I want to come to a plate?"

Luo Jiahuang said: "Let's ask you a plate."

Two people sat down and started playing chess. Luo Jiahuang went down two sets and lost all of them. I haven't seen how old the old man is, how can he win him? Luo Jiahuang secretly Nahan. He paid attention to it and finally found a mystery: on the chessboard of the old man, there will be another Malay in the air. He clearly remembers that he had already eaten the other two horses, but there was one on the board, which immediately turned him into a disadvantage. But he didn't even see the old man getting out of the old age.

He had a long heart and quietly put the pieces he had eaten on his side. But underneath, he found that there was a horse on the board. He quietly looked at the chess box under his hand, there are two horses inside. He was not happy to say: "Old man, you can't play chess like this. You two horses have been eaten by me, how come one more?" He said, he grabbed the two pieces to see the old man. The old man smiled and asked him: "That is obviously two elephants. What do you say is a horse?" He turned his hand and looked at it, holding two elephants in his hand. Looking down again, there is only one horse in the chess box. It’s really weird. The old man pushed the chessboard and said, "You won. I will go back and ponder your chess, let's go down tomorrow, how?"

Luo Jiahuang nodded.

The old man took the chess piece and walked across the board.

Luo Jiahuang also got up and wanted to go. At this time, it suddenly rained. He was busy running into the grocery store. The proprietress of the grocery store was busy handing him a dry towel to wipe his face, and then he groaned: "How much addiction, do you have to play chess in the rain, not afraid of gonorrhea?" Luo Jiahuang asked in confusion: "Isn't it raining?" The proprietress told him that it had been going on for a long time.

He looked out in confusion, but saw that there was already water on the ground. It was obvious that the rain was not a little while, and the place where they just played chess was still dry. He looked down at his clothes and dropped only a few drops of rain. He couldn't help but wide open his eyes and couldn't figure out why.

When Luo Jiahuang returned to the house, he asked Liu Wenqiang about the situation of the old man. Liu Wenqiang thought for a long time and couldn't think of who this chess fan is. Luo Jiahuang did not take it seriously, and then went on to study his game.

At dusk the next day, Luo Jiahuang finished dinner early and then ran to the grocery store. Now the day is still not black, there has been a lot of people gathered around, surrounded by chess booths, pointing fingers. There are two people playing chess, but more are onlookers. There are no old people in the people who saw him playing chess, and those people did not know him and did not say hello to him. He stood on his side and looked at his neck. The level of those people is not high, which makes him a little disappointed.

Suddenly, the shoulder was photographed. He looked back and saw that the old man could not help but be happy. The old man pulled him aside and smiled and said: "There is a mess here, the chicken has a mouth and a mouth, there is no way to calm down and play chess. Go, go to my house."

Luo Jiahuang thinks that this is the same thing, just follow the old man.

The old man took him to the northwest corner of the town. Here is a rural house, and then it is farmland. The old man led him to a yard and pushed the door in. He saw the lights in the north room, and a girl was busy cooking in front of the stove. The old man whispered to him: "That is my niece, the most annoying me to play chess. Hey quietly come over, don't talk, don't alarm her." Luo Jiahuang nodded, put a light step, followed the old man to the northeast of the North Room One.

When the old man entered the door, he took Luo Jiahuang and sat down at the table. He had already set the chessboard, and it seemed to be a chess fan. He smiled and said: "Yesterday was a teasing game. Today is a real thing." Luo Jiahuang said happily: "It’s good to be a real person." Then two people opened the battlefield.

The old man has good chess skills, often coming out of the strange tricks, but let Luo Jiahuang unexpected, chaos. Fortunately, his understanding is extremely high, and he quickly found out the way of the old man, cleverly fighting. Two people, you come to me, fight in one place.

A door knock suddenly came out of the door. The old man said angrily: "So late, come, you can have something good!" He said, he stood up helplessly to open the door. But he went for a while, but he still didn't see the door open. The knocking on the door was still ringing, and it was getting more and more urgent. He also yelled with one or two words: "If we don't open the door, we will be embarrassed!" Luo Jiahuang stood up and separated. Looking out the window glass, but I didn’t even see the personal image at the gate. I don’t know where the old man went.

He was wondering, but he saw the girl slowly walking to the door and whispered, "Hu Big Brother, you can accommodate me for two more days. I must find a way to pay back your money." "Not allowed! You open the door soon." The girl just hesitated, but did not open. At this time, I saw a black shadow coming in across the wall, pushing the girl open, opening the door, and coming in from the door, two fierce men.

A man grabbed the girl's neck collar and asked in disgust: "You still don't have my money? Now I will give you two ways. First, give the house to me, and first give me a mistress." You choose it." The girl was scared to go backwards: "No, no, Hu Da Ge..." The big brother Hu rushed to the side of the two people and gave a wink. The two men went up and held the girl and pressed her down. Ground, holding her clothes. The big brother Hu took out a DV from his arms, set the place, and began to take off his clothes.

Luo Jiahuang understands that these people want to take pictures of the girl being raped, and then take this to obey her. He was suddenly furious. He grabbed his hand from the waist and grabbed it. He slammed the door and rushed out of the door. He screamed at the big brother Hu and shouted: "Police, don't move!"

The three men saw him and saw his black hole rushing, and suddenly stopped.

Luo Jiahuang said coldly: "The bullets are not long, my hands are a bit awkward. If you accidentally hit someone, don't blame me." The three men were frightened and busy falling to the ground. The hoe is like chicken glutinous rice. He turned and said to the girl: "Don't be afraid, there is me." The girl dressed up in a hurry and quickly stood behind him. He asked the girl to find a few ropes and ordered the three men to be tied to each other. He checked it, and the bundle was fairly solid. Only then did he pick up the DV and let the girl go with him to send a certificate. The girl was busy nodding.

As a material, he realized that the girl was named Qin Yuer and was the teacher of the town middle school. Her father's name is Qin Zhong, and she loves gambling. I participated in a big gamble a year ago, lost my eye, and borrowed a loan shark from Hu San, and wanted to bring it back. But the son did not pull back, and lost a fine light, and he plunged himself into the river. That Hu San forced Qin Yuer to pay back the account, she still did not, Hu San actually thought of such a despicable method, lost him in time, saved Qin Yuer.

Qin Yuer asked him curiously: "How come you hide in my house?"

Luo Jiahuang had to say that the old man asked him to go to play chess.

When Qin Xiaoer’s eyes were red, he cried: “I am still not at ease, please protect me.” Luo Jiahuang thinks about it too. Otherwise, it was so late that day. He and the old man were playing black chess in the house. Why didn’t he feel black? That is the old man who is staying with him.

The three people were caught.

Qin Yuer was frightened by this incident. One person did not dare to walk the night, often asking Luo Jiahuang to pick her up. Luo Jiahuang also felt that Qin Yuer, such a beautiful girl who walked around alone, was inevitably stared at by the bad guys, and took the initiative to take up the task of picking up her. Two people have long been in love, actually talked about love.

Sometimes Luo Jiahuang stayed at the home of Qin Yu, and he lived in the house where Qin Zhong lived. He also often played chessboards to practice the game. Looking at the empty seat opposite, he sighed and said: "Big, you will follow me next." But Qin Zhong never appeared again. Later, he finally wanted to understand, Qin Zhong did not like to play chess, at this time did not know where to gamble!