Guan Yu

A bronze cast Guan Gong statue was placed in the hall of Shenghua Hotel.

The three religions and nine streams all like to worship Guan Gong, and Iowa also likes to worship Guan Gong. On that day, he suddenly rushed to the hotel, kneeling in front of Guan Gong, and smashed his head again and again, with a word in his mouth: "Guan Guan, I am stunned! I was slandered by the county magistrate, I was trapped, you have to be the master." !"

Awa was originally an ordinary person. He planned to go to Beijing to petition three months ago to expose the fact that the county magistrate was corrupt and corrupted. He was sent to a mental hospital without success. When you wait, people are a little weird.

Soon several security guards came over and even pushed him to the outside.

A security guard also came up to his butt and sneered: "There should be a baggage, what to look for?"

Iowa is not afraid of being rushed. He not only worships every day, but also pays special attention to when the county magistrate comes to the hotel to play. Every time the county magistrate stepped into the hotel, he immediately rushed to the front of the Guan Gong statue, while licking his head and counting the evils of the county magistrate, and seeking the public to be the master. It often leads everyone to look at it.

Although the county magistrate was disdainful and mad, he could not stand him harassing one after another, so he went to the hotel manager.

The manager had an idea: "Does he want to worship Guan Gong, or do he want to move Guan Gong away? Afterwards, he wants to worship and can't worship?"

"Doing this, does it seem that I am guilty?"

"Then you see..."

"It's very simple. If you start with a little, he will definitely not come."

The next night, the county magistrate entered the hotel as usual. Not long after, Iowa secretly followed in. When he first entered the hall, he suddenly pulled out a few people and pressed him to the ground to fight. He also screamed and said: "Call you to worship the public and ask you to worship again!"

Awa, who was beaten to death, was quickly towed away. Only some black blood on the floor proved that he had been there. The people in the room knew that after Iowa, I wouldn’t say that I would like to worship the public. It is a problem to walk normally.

This Tianwang county magistrate did not bother with Ohua, and the interest was always high. More than ten o'clock, he staggered to the hall, drunk and inadvertently saw the majestic face of the Guan.

He alcoholic on the brain, actually ran to the front of Guan Gong, launched a wine madness: "Why, you want to make a head for Ahua?"

In the drunkenness, he seemed to see the knife in the hands of Guan Gong moving.

"Want to hack people? Come here, who is afraid of who?" Wang County magistrate sweared a few words, and when he saw Guan Gong, he was proud of it. "You can't cut it? If you don't cut the lord, you will leave."

The county magistrate just wanted to go, and he couldn’t help but fall, and his neck fell on the knife of Guan Gong.

There was a strange noise in the hall, which was the sound of the head of the county magistrate rolling on the ground.

The hotel manager thought for a long time and didn't want to understand: the big knife of Guan Gongxiang was not cut at all. How could it cut off the head of the person?

However, this does not matter. After the death of Wang County, the business of Shenghua Hotel is more prosperous.

Many people are eating, drinking and having fun. More people come here to pay homage to the public.