The shrill singing

When I was a child, I liked to listen to ghost stories. When I had nothing to do, I went to uncle Li's house next door and listened to his stories.

Uncle Li is in his seventies and often tells me things he has heard or experienced personally. I am scared after hearing most stories, but I still like to hear them.

Over time, I also believe in ghosts and gods. I dare not go to several places in the village when it is dark.

There is an apricot tree next to our house. There are two hutongs on both sides of the tree that lead straight to the mountain. There are corners two or three meters into the hutongs. Every day when I pass there in the dark, I will speed up my pace. I dare not look at the two hutongs with my head down. I am afraid of something terrible and suddenly rush out of the corners.

I remember one night in the third year of junior high school, at 2 o'clock, I suddenly felt a little sick and went to the toilet.  The toilet in the countryside is the kind that digs a hole in the garden. Our family lives at the top of the village. The garden is just opposite the mountain.  There are no families on the opposite mountain. They are all agricultural land in our village. Some villagers died and were buried on the mountain.  I had just finished my stomach and was about to go back when I heard the sound of chains being dragged back and forth across the mountain.  The sound of kuang kuang, from one side of the mountain to the other side of the mountain, soon came the voice of a woman from the mountain, like singing, what to sing, can't hear clearly.

I was really scared at that time, but because I was far away, and because I was in my own home, I continued to crouch in the corner to listen for a minute. Suddenly, the voice of the chain was louder and louder, and the voice of the woman was getting closer and closer, like walking down the mountain.

I was so scared that I started to run, only to find that my legs were numb. My voice was getting closer and closer. I watched as I was about to go down the mountain. My legs finally moved. I got up and ran into the house. But before I could run out of the garden, I heard the sad singing of the woman. Although I didn't dare to look, I felt that she was standing there, staring at me motionless. I ran back into the house like crazy and didn't dare to sleep all night.

The next day I told uncle Li about it. uncle Li told me that 30 years ago a woman committed suicide by jumping off a cliff. according to what we said there, the person who committed suicide was very angry and afraid of her coming out to harm others. when she was buried, she tied her legs together and the woman was buried in the opposite mountain.