Elevator talk

"ah, I'm so tired, but fortunately I've finally finished my work and can go home. I can take off work tomorrow."  Having just finished working overtime, I was in a good mood at this time. I was thinking of going home to sleep for a long time, walking and thinking. In a short time, I came to the elevator.

As I entered the elevator, I was about to press the key to go downstairs when a voice rang out in my ear.

"Wait a minute, wait a minute."  It turned out that he was also a person who wanted to go downstairs. I waited until that person got on the elevator, pressed the first floor, and the elevator began to operate downward.

I was thinking about asking him which floor he was going to, but before I could speak, I saw the man walking towards the elevator entrance. After he came over, he pressed every floor, then retreated back to the edge.

"What a freak! Are you sick? Press every floor."  I whispered to myself.  I couldn't help looking at the man, who came up with a young man, dressed in a white, white down jacket, white pants, shoes are white, also with a pair of white gloves, this white is so bright in my eyes, I guess the origin of the man in my mind.

Just as I was speculating that the man was insane, the elevator door opened.  As soon as I wanted to close it, I heard the man talking again.

"Wait a minute, someone will come up."  The man came and stopped me.  I endured and waited with him for a few minutes.  After a while, three people really came.  Although my resentment at this time dissipated a lot, I was still very uncomfortable.  So I couldn't help asking the man, "Brother, it's okay for you to let me wait for a few minutes, but can you tell me first?  You've pressed every floor here and there, and someone has to go to every floor.  It doesn't matter if you fuck me. Tell me what happened.  In this cold day, everyone wants to go home. "

"Remember, I've talked to you too much. It's not good for you."  With that, he did not speak and looked at the elevator door with cold eyes.

"Really, you ignore me, I'm too lazy to ignore you?"  My heart couldn't help thinking.

"Another floor, this floor is empty."  I just want to press the close button again and again, interrupted by the man in white.

"I said let you wait.  Wait a few minutes. "

"Who do you think you are? People are not willing to wait like this, are they?"  I am looking for the opinions of the people who just boarded the elevator.  But what surprised me was that none of these people spoke.

When I was angry, several more people got on the elevator, and finally the elevator moved downstairs again.

If I hadn't waited in the elevator for these few minutes, I would have gone down on these floors, but fortunately, the following few people were waiting at the elevator door without too much delay.  What a pleasant thing it would be for me to get home, take a good bath and sleep.  I am thinking slowly.  The first few times were too disgusting. I knew I would get down immediately when I got into the elevator. I didn't need to wait for this person, so I didn't have so much trouble.  It's true that this person is to blame for all the floors that have waited for about 5 minutes.  The 11 people who came up here.  Ah?  No.  Wait a minute, I suddenly thought of one thing, immediately flustered.

I carefully disguised myself, trying not to be seen, slowly moving my eyes to the place where the lift load was written. I saw a number that made me tremble with fear.  I saw that the place where the elevator was loaded said: 8 people.  I looked at the people around me again. There were two very fat people.  Suddenly, my cold sweat broke out and my hands were trembling.

"You saw it. You said to stop talking and pretend you didn't know anything."  The man in white looked at me.

"This ...... they ...... you ..." My words don't make a sound.

The man in white smiled and said to me, "Yes, they are not human beings, they are all souls, and I am what you call white impermanence."

"I, Lord Guicha, I didn't mean to offend you just now. Please forgive me. I burn more paper for you every year. Let me go."

"Just now you don't know anything, you can go.  But now, it's up to me. "

"I really didn't mean to offend you just now. I don't know anything. don't worry."

"Now it's beyond my control, underground, already."

I looked up at the place where the elevator stopped. There were three words not far ahead that made me more disappointed and regretful.  The three words of death hurt my heart.


"Well, how did you have such a dream, really."  I woke up in my sleep.  Thinking back to the dream just now, I couldn't help but smile.

"Well, let's go home."

I tidied up, put away the working papers I had just finished, and left the company.  I walked to the elevator and the elevator was going to close. I said to the people in the elevator, "Wait a minute."  The door opened again, I tidied up my clothes and entered the elevator, saying that I felt very handsome in white today.

In Yamaraja Hall, Yan Luowang: "Judge, have you chosen a black and capricious candidate?"