Knocking in the middle of the night

As the saying goes, don't worry about things, don't be afraid of ghosts. In fact, even if you don’t do anything wrong, you won’t knock at the door in the middle of the night. It’s a friend who knocks on the door beforehand. If you suddenly visit, you will be afraid. If you go to the door, you will have to ask who you are, or look out from the cat’s eyes. Open the small window on the security door to see who is going to open again. This is reflected in the instinct of human instinct.

On this day, Lao Chen’s wife led the child to her mother’s house. Two hours in the morning, he heard someone knocking on his own security door in his sleep. When he was awake, he was shocked. Then he turned on the light and looked at the wall clock on the wall at two o'clock in the morning. Who would knock on his home? The door? He quickly got off his clothes and got out of bed. He touched a paper knife from the table and walked gently to the door. After gently opening the wooden door, he went to the anti-theft "cat's eye" and looked out. What he expected was that the outside was actually a beautiful girl!

He is more reassured, thinking that she is walking without a door, only to find herself? No, now that there is such a bold little girl, dare to go outside in the middle of the night, now dare to knock the door of other people's home? What is she because of it? So he has to ask to understand. So, he asked easily, no matter what, who? She said sweetly outside, my uncle is me, your neighbor to the door, I want to ask you something.

Yes, the neighbor? Lao Chen has been moving for more than a month. He does not know a few people in this building. Don't say that he just moved in. The old place where he used to live was six floors, and there were 18 in one door. He lived for 20 years before he moved in. He still didn't say anything, didn't know what the surname was, or even even I have never seen it before (Old Chen didn't lie), not to mention that he had just been here for more than a month and had never seen her at the door. But what time is she doing something urgent at this time? But no matter what, how can a little girl measure her? So he opened the small iron window on the security door and asked, what happened to the girl in the middle of the night? Can't do it tomorrow? She smiled and said, Uncle, how good you are to open the door, I can't eat you anymore! Lao Chen said, this time is really inconvenient, what do you say? She said, I want to hurry to write the materials. Unexpectedly, the electric light is off. How about helping you to fix it? Lao Chen sighs after listening. This is worth it... Good, good, I will repair it for you!

He said that he took the clothes from the hangers behind the door and put them on, took the door keys, flashlights, screwdrivers and went to her house with her. He pressed the light switch and the light was on. He just wanted to turn around. She said that her uncle should not leave. I want to ask you to help me write a "situ". He has some doubts. She sees his doubts about himself and is busy moving the stool to let him sit down. She talked about how her parents were murdered: at this time last year, her family didn’t know how to get in two people in the middle of the night. Each person held a bright knife and asked her parents 100,000 yuan. My parents supported me to go to middle school and go to college. I just graduated from college, and there is money in my family! Dad said, I don’t have money, I have a fate! This sentence angered the gangsters, and killed my father with a knife. My mother bite the gangster’s legs and gives She had three knives on her back, and her mother died! At this time, the noise in the big house awoke me, I rushed out...

At this time, I do not know who raised a cock, "squeaky" called, old Chen turned his face, there is the shadow of the girl! Lao Chen immediately scalp fried, my heart hair, I thought she was a ghost!

The next day, Chen told the neighbors about this miracle. The neighbors said that at this time last year, her family died in the knife of the gangster, miserable!

The case has not been broken, and the gangsters have not left a trace of traces. After Chen’s description of the girl’s image of the gangsters was detailed to the public security personnel, after careful investigation by the public security personnel, the case was solved within three months... ...