Barren grave

Waste grave

When I was a child, my family was still in the countryside.  The village is not remote, but it is far from prosperous.  Almost all the memories that the small village brought me were good memories. In spring, they scattered their branches and ran wild. In summer, they caught fish and shrimps. In autumn, they went to the fields to catch grasshoppers. In winter, they went skating on the river.  However, there is only one thing that makes me shiver up to now, and I cannot help feeling that my life is good.

When I was 7 years old, Yan Liu, a famous pretty girl in the village, had a big belly.  It may be a common thing now, but at that time, women were pregnant before they were married, and they were likely to die!  I Liu Shu Liu aunts see I YanJie die also don't say who is the father of the child, I become angry from embarrassment, ruthlessly hit me YanJie a meal, village folks around the outside have been loudly persuade, crying in the courtyard has not stopped.  For a long time, Liu Shu came out with a livid face.  I looked through the cracks in the crowd and saw Yanjie lying in a pool of blood.  My mother saw, even said several times sin large, covered my eyes, took me back.  But I don't want to go back. Yanjie is not like the other girls in the village. She is full of beautiful things one by one. She always smiles sweetly at us. Really, I still think Yanjie is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life.

Yan Jie did not die, but the child did not.  She sat under the willow tree at the head of the village all day, her eyes wondering what to look at, always touching her belly and mumbling to herself.  People in the village said Yanjie was crazy.  Originally, all the boys from Shilibacun came to find Boyanjie for her favor, but now there is no one left.  Liu Shu was cruel and decided to marry Yanjie to a lazy dog in the village.  On the wedding day, I also went there for a drink as a guest. As a result, my favorite sweet potato was only half eaten. The dog ran out in a panic and said with a white face, "Your daughter is dead, old father-in-law!"  Hearing this, everyone stopped eating food and drinking wine and rushed to the happy room. Yanjie had a dagger in her chest and was still smoking. She seemed to be dead.  A good happy event turns into a funeral.  Liu Shu suspected that Yanjie had lost a person and did not even dig the grave. Later, under the persuasion of the village chief, he managed to dig a small pit, bought a broken coffin and hastily buried Yanjie.  Everyone is for YanJie isn't worth it.

After a few months, summer arrived.  After the holiday, we jumped up and down like a group of crazy monkeys. That night, under the leadership of king of the children Li Xiaopang, we decided to play hide-and-seek and agreed not to hide at home but outside the village.  At that time, he was also young, ignorant and courageous, and did not have so many taboos.  When Li Xiaopang started shouting, I thought of an excellent place to go: graveyard!  Most of the graves in the countryside are hill-shaped mounds of earth, with the stele in front, which can just block my little one.  Let's do what we say. By moonlight, I quickly ran to the graveyard.

The graveyard in the moonlight was quiet and covered with grass. I walked to the front of a tablet and sat down. I was still secretly pleased. Hum, you said you couldn't find me this time!  Time passed slowly. A dark cloud was floating in the sky, covering half of the moon. Cold wind was blowing on my arm. Suddenly I was afraid and didn't want to play.  When I walked to the front of the monument, I was blindsided. I could see the path at a glance just now. now, I look around, but there are all small mounds!  Pieces of tombstones covered my eyes, where can I find the road just now, I couldn't help crying aloud, crying echoed in this field, appear particularly ghastly.

Just as I was crying, I got a slap on the head. I turned around and saw that it was Second Sister!  Second sister took me by the hand and said maliciously, "son of a bitch, where have you been?  My parents are going crazy. I will not severely punish you when I go home. "  Take me away.  Halfway through, I became anxious. Instead of reducing the number of grave mounds in front of me, they became denser and denser.  This is what I also found wrong, second sister's hand is too cold!  It was summer, and her hands were colder than the popsicles I ate.  By moonlight, I suddenly found a worm crawling around Second Sister's neck. On closer inspection, it was a maggot!  Although I am small, I am not stupid.  I flung off the second sister's hand and stopped.  She also stopped, turned her head and asked impatiently, "What's the matter?  Hurry up and go, parents must be in a hurry. "

I blurted out, "I, I want to pee!"  She waved impatiently, so I took the chance to walk to a tombstone and took off my pants, but where can I pee?  The more anxious I am, the more I cannot urinate.  At this moment, I suddenly felt my lower leg touched. Looking down, I almost cried out: It's Yanjie!  YanJie is still so good-looking, although she is half of the body in the soil at the moment.  She pointed anxiously at something similar to my second sister, motioning with her hand and pointing in the other direction, motioning me to go quickly.  I hesitated, to tell the truth, at that time the in the mind is a mess, also don't know who to believe.  Are ghosts good?  In the mother's story, they all want to eat people.  Looking at YanJie face anxious more and more strong, I malicious cruel, or ran in the direction of her finger.

I almost took out my breast-feeding strength and only felt the wind blowing in my ear.  There was a scream behind me. I didn't dare to look back. I rushed forward with all my strength.  It felt like half a century later, when I came back to my mind, I had already arrived at the village gate. I don't know why, everyone didn't sleep, the little yellow lights were on at each gate, Liu Shu at the gate saw me and came up to me with joy, while my eyes were black and I fainted.

The next day, it was already noon when I woke up. I moved a little and pushed down, but I felt a tearing pain and could not help snorting.  My father, who was smoking a cigarette by the side, gave me a surprise look and then slapped me as expected: "Where were you playing last night, melon and baby?"  I felt wronged and told the story last night.  My father's face grew uglier and uglier, pulling me up. Liu Shu's family thanked me for finding me last night, and then asked me to say it again.  Liu Shu's face grew ugly and he led us to the graveyard.  The graveyard during the day was no longer eerie. We turned around several times and found nothing wrong. My father put down his heart and thought I might have had a dream last night.  I was anxious to distinguish, swear, the two of them just smiled without saying a word.  At this moment, I was worried. Suddenly I found something. I grabbed my father and said, "Look."  Father and Liu Shu eyes froze, I do not know when to reveal a palm on the ground, pale skeleton pointing to the west, and the names on the tombstone, impressively is Yan Liu!

When I got home, my father invited the village godmother to exorcise me and forced me to drink a lot of water. Then he paid Liu Shu to renovate Yanjie's grave and soon he took his whole family out of the town.  The memory of my childhood has gradually blurred, but this is the only thing I think I will never forget.