There is a real ghost

If there is a ghost, I am not sure. The following are my personal experiences and the real things that happened in our place. Write them down for everyone to see and judge whether there is a ghost.

When I was a child, people were invited to sing operas in our village or the village next door almost every year, which is rare now. However, there is a rule in the theatre that the first and last plays cannot be seen. The old people in the village said that the two plays were sung to ghosts. People who watch them live their whole lives. Life is like a play, and when the play is over, their whole lives are over.  Ha ha, that's a bit of a stretch.

That's what I said, but the first play was still watched and I followed. I was six years old that year, the first play in my life.  We have a saying that "adults go to the theatre while children fart (watch the scene of bustle)".

The scene was really lively, with many merchants selling things that were very strange to our door at that time.  I didn't say much to get straight to the point. The play was sung for eight days. The first seven days were sung during the day, but the last one was sung at night.  He said that no one could watch the last match.

However, out of curiosity, I went with some of my friends in the village. the stage was in the next village. we walked for about half an hour. when we went, there was no one on the stage. after half an hour, gongs and drums sounded. before it was completely dark, an old man quietly appeared behind us, frightening us.

The old man looked at the drink with a cold face: "What kind of play is the little fart child watching? Go for a walk."  He said, pushing us out.

The old man has been driving us to the outside of the village. Our door, which is full of curiosity and rebellious heart, will certainly not go back obediently. Our door will fold back to the stage from the other side. It is already dark at this moment, and our door will drill under the stage. At this moment, there is still no one at the scene.

Listening to the sound of the stage players trampling on the platform, we slowly emerged from the stage and leaned our heads to watch the singing opera above. I couldn't help but get lost in watching it. The singing opera appeared to be a man who worshipped a high-ranking official as his father and did not recognize his own mother. This is probably what I meant. I really couldn't understand their tone of voice.

The drums and gongs on the stage suddenly sounded, and the actors pulled down. then I came back to my mind. I looked at my fellow villagers. they seemed to see god too. a cold wind blew from behind me, and my hair started to twitch. I looked back at the audience behind me. there was no one in the dark forest.

"ah ~ ah!"  A man dressed in a black robe and with a long beard and a dark face appeared on the stage. This should be Bao Gong.

I couldn't understand what Bao Gong was singing in his mouth, but his eyes were wide and fierce.  All of a sudden, I only felt that my clothes were tight and I was pulled into the audience by a strong force. In a short time, other people were also pulled in.

The man who pulled us in was the old man who had just kicked us out. He gave us a vicious look and drank in a low voice: "Why are you kids so disobedient?  Let's go. I'll beat you when I come back. "

We had to climb out of the back of the stage and prepare to leave. The old man whispered in the back: "If you hear a voice behind you on the way back, don't turn back and run home."

I want to ask the old man why, but the old man kept urging us to go quickly, and I didn't ask the exit.

On the way home, I kept thinking about the old man's words. I focused on the voice behind me all the way. There were four of us. I walked behind with the other one. I didn't hear any voice behind me.

About halfway through the trip, I vaguely heard someone talking behind me, as if they were far away from us. The voice was intermittent. I asked the other partners if they heard me. They didn't speak. But after a while, they suddenly stepped up and I was left behind.  At this moment, I heard laughing and talking from behind, saying, the voice is very close, as if talking about singing opera.

My heart is a tight, just in addition to us clearly no one else in the theatre, who are these people?  I couldn't help but get scared and accelerated my pace to catch up with the partners in front of me, but they ran up and I followed them. They ran very fast, and soon I dropped them by a distance.

At this moment, I only felt the sound getting closer and closer, as if it were stuck behind me. I wanted to look back at who it was, but I remembered the old man's words "never look back". I had to hold back. The sound was getting closer and closer. I only felt the chill behind my neck. I couldn't help it. Suddenly I looked back. The sound disappeared. There was nothing behind. It was dark.

I collapsed. I burst into tears. I turned around and ran toward home. I turned my head and my voice rang again. this time I didn't turn my head. I ran recklessly. there was a burst of cool wind behind my neck. it felt like someone was breathing against my neck.

Finally, I returned home safely. Although I was in tears, my mother beat me up.  The next day I had a fever and felt sick all over. Instead of taking me to see a doctor, my mother invited an old man from the village to show me black.

When the old man arrived, he felt my pulse and then touched my forehead and said, "Did you go to the theatre last night and did you head back at xx place when you came back?  。”

At that time, I only felt whole body uncomfortable, so I didn't speak, just cried.  When the old man saw me crying, he didn't ask any more. he touched my forehead and kept saying, "okay, okay, okay, okay ....

I only felt very comfortable touched by him and sleepy. After seeing me quiet, the old man asked my mother to buy paper money to burn in the place where I turned back.  In this way, I will be fine after one day.

Isn't it amazing that this matter is true, but some places have been exaggerated by me in order to make you see more exciting.  When I was young, any old man who had seen me blacked out several times could tell me where I was scared by ghosts, and I did go there that day. He could also tell me the approximate time.

Let me share one more thing with you. It is not my personal experience. I don't know whether the story is true or not. I just think it is interesting. Let's have a look. I will tell it in the first person.

My mother had a bad relationship with my grandfather, so when I was a child I seldom contacted him. It was not until my grandmother died that my grandfather was alone that my grandmother allowed me to accompany him after the holiday.

That summer vacation I went to my grandfather's house for permanent residence. This was the first time I saw my grandfather after my grandmother died. My grandfather was very happy. My mother told my grandfather not to let me touch anything before she left.

In order to prevent my grandfather's house, I brought a book "the midnight bell", which was the first ghost novel I came into contact with. I was deeply attracted by it for the first time. it was also the first time that I knew there were ghosts in the world.

Grandpa found that I often read this book in my arms. he took the book and turned it over. then he looked at me strangely and asked, "do you like reading this kind of book very much?"

I nodded, he laughed, returned the book to me and went back to the room. Soon he came out again, holding a book in his hand and gave it to me: "This book is more interesting, look at it."

I took the book and looked at the cover. There was nothing, no source, no author.  I opened the book to look at the contents, and I was attracted by it. The book was written about ghosts, such as ghost beating against the wall, ghost pressing against the bed, ghost haunting, etc., the situations and solutions in case of these situations.

After supper, I sat on the bed with my book in my arms and looked at it. Before I knew it, at midnight, Grandpa got up and went to the toilet to see that I was still awake. He came in and looked at me and asked, "Do you like these things very much?"

I nodded, "Well, it's exciting, Grandpa, is there really a ghost in the world?"

Grandpa looked strange: "shall we play a game?  After that, you will know if there is one. "

Grandpa pulled me out of the room and asked me to sit in the living room for a moment. Then he went back to the room and it took him a long time to come out. He was holding a yellow piece of paper in his hand. Then he bit his finger in front of me and did not know whether he had written an ancient word or drew a symbol on the piece of paper.

Then Grandpa took the note and went to the door to open it. He quickly stuck the note outside the door and quickly withdrew his hand. He slammed the door shut. I got a fright.  I asked grandpa what he was doing.  Grandpa came and sat next to me and said wait and see.

After I don't know how long, suddenly there was a knock on the door outside, I looked at grandpa, grandpa looked at me, I turned to the door, the knock on the door is more and more big, the door was banging straight ring.

Grandpa held me behind the door and asked me to look at the cat's eye. then I thought of Zhen zi. I shook my head subconsciously. grandpa said he wanted to know if there was a ghost.  You can see it at a glance.

The knock on the door outside was even bigger. It seemed to be kicking the door. I let my grandfather look at it first. My grandfather took one look and said to you. Then he held me high. The cat's eye was just around the corner. I could see it when I stepped up. My heart was pounding. My heart was wondering what the cat's eye could see when it lagged behind.  A female ghost dressed in white with her hair covering her face?

"Frame frame frame.  .  .  !  !  !  !  !”

The knock on the door was bigger and more urgent. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Suddenly, I leaned up. There was nothing in the dark corridor. There was a knock on the door. The sound was louder. I felt the door was going to bear it.

Grandpa put me down, spat at the door, and his voice disappeared immediately.  At that time, my mood was unspeakable, but since then I believe there are some things in this world.

The story is over, whether there is a ghost or not, and judge for yourself.  The facts are in front of us, though beyond people's common sense, believe it or not.

In addition, I would like to tell you one more thing, which is related to the first story. It is said that there are three fires on people's bodies, one on the top of their heads and the other on their shoulders. Ghosts are afraid of these three fires, so they dare not approach them. However, if people turn their heads once, one fire will be extinguished. When the three fires are completely extinguished, the ghosts will jump on your soul. Therefore, if you hear voices behind you at night, you cannot help looking back to find nothing. Run, and don't look back again. It is ghosts who are tempting you.