Never get on this train

  301 bus route is one of the most bizarre bus routes in the city. Maybe all the stories are due to this bus passing through the crematorium.

  Liu Meiqi came back from the holiday. She went back to grandma's home by train. It was more than 8 p.m. when she got off the railway station. She took her suitcase and prepared to go back to grandma's home by bus. She was thin and weak, so it took her most time to arrive at the bus station with her luggage. It was nearly 9:30. After 9:30, there was no bus through here. Grandma's home was far away from the crematorium.

  Maggie complained that she could hardly get on the bus because she was in a hurry.

  When Maggie arrived at the station, she saw that there were many people above and below most of the other buses, but this 301 was very clean. There was only one person standing at the door of the bus, who was staring at the door.

  The door of 301 is open to him, and Maggie drags the box to get on.

  Maggie is waiting for him behind the man, who hasn't moved for half a day.

  Maggie took a picture of the man in front of him and said, "please let me in, brother."

  Suddenly, the man turned around and saw that his forehead was covered with Beaded Beads of sweat. Moreover, the man was so ugly that he could hardly look straight at him. His face was as if it had been doused with ripe oil. It's swollen and tattered.

  Maggie looked at the man and took a breath of cold air. There was such an ugly man in the world.

  "Big brother, if you don't get on, I'll get on. I'm in a hurry when I have something to do!"

  The man took out his handkerchief from his bag and wiped his head. He saw that the white handkerchief was covered with butter like things in an instant.

  Maggie looked at it again and felt extremely sick. That man's secretions are so abundant.

  "Hurry up, will you get on or not? I'll leave if you two don't get on!" the driver can see that he's in a bit of a hurry. "

  "Come on, it's not the time today. Don't sit down! "Said the envious ugly man to himself.

  Maggie finally pushed him aside and mumbled something. When Maggie put things on it. Go back and get the trunk.

  But the ugly man grabbed Maggie's trunk.

  "What are you doing to catch my suitcase? You want to steal? Please, elder brother, I have nothing valuable here except for some laundry." Maggie looked at him impatiently.

  "Beauty, I don't mean that. I want to say..." He began to puke.

  "Do you want to let it go? No, I'm called!" said Meggie reluctantly.

  "Little sister, do you really don't know where this is going? I suggest you don't take this bus!" said the ugly man solemnly to her.

  "What are you talking about there? If I don't take this bus again, I'm going to sleep on the street today, sister. Let's go. You'll grind. "!"

  Maggie pushed him open, when the door closed, but the ugly man outside was still at the door looking at himself.

  "Big brother driver, you see, everyone has it these days. It's disgusting and scary."

  The driver in the seat smiled and said, "leave him alone, little sister, where are you going?"

  "Erdaocun, stop at the entrance of the village."

  "Little sister, where are you really going? I suggest you get off the bus!"

  "What's the matter? Why are you all jumpy today? Do you have business or business? Do you have guests who don't pull? Do you have to force me to complain to you?"

  "No, no, I don't really mean that. Please help me!"

  Maggie thought in her heart, what's the matter today? Everyone is jumpy.

  When the car started, cage sat alone in the middle back door. He was so crowded in the railway station that he could finally loosen his legs and put them on the next chair by the way.

  "Sister, sister! Forget that you are going to Erdao village. If you go there, you need to change your ticket now. You also need to add some money for changing tickets. "


  Maggie looked at him to attack, but the driver pointed to a nearby sign, which clearly said that the ticket price after the next station was increased.

  But Maggie went to the front to put money, but was stopped by the driver immediately. He took the money away and took out another red paper from his pocket and stuffed it in.

  "I'm sorry, sister, it seems you're the first time!"

  Maggie nodded her head and went back to her seat to play with her mobile phone.

  At this time, the bus stopped suddenly. Finally, the station came up. It was a modern beauty with long hair. Her dress was very fashionable and gorgeous. But from her eyes, she always felt something was lacking.

  Maggie lowered her head and continued to play with her mobile phone, only to see the cold woman sitting in the front.

  The driver nodded with her.

  The woman is still cold as ice.

  In the short distance after this station, Maggie's cell phone signal sometimes fails.

  "Damn it, there's no signal again." Maggie, who was chatting with her friends, threw the phone aside and found a strange thing. The woman didn't know when she was sitting in the middle of the bus, only three rows away from herself.

  Don't you think it's wrong.

  At this time, Maggie's mobile phone rang. It was grandma's phone.

  "Hello, Hello, is it granddaughter? Where are you?"

  "Hello, it's my grandma! Have you prepared delicious food for me? I'll be at 10:30 and you can wait for me at the entrance of the village."

  "Hello, granddaughter, half past ten. OK, what did you come here for?"

  "Hello, grandma, I'm on bus 301!"

  "What? You're on 301..."

  The phone is dead. The signal is gone.

  When Maggie put on the phone and looked up, she was stupid. The woman sat in front of her.

  She didn't feel anything on her own.

  Maggie finds something wrong with this woman. She is definitely in trouble.

  Maggie looked at her carefully, and she decided to watch the woman carefully. Her head turned out of the window, so that she could reflect the woman's appearance from the top of the window.

  But she regretted that, after this move, what should be in her eyes was an extremely broken face, and that face began to exude plasma and thick tissue, hanging in front of the woman's clothes.

  "Ah... , ah... " Maggie started shouting and she was scared.

  When Maggie saw it again, she found that the driver in the front row and the woman had been looking at herself. The woman was sitting in the front, and the seat in front of her was empty.

  "Child, you are too tired. Did you have any nightmares just now when you went to sleep?"

  Maggie touched her forehead. Did I have a nightmare? It seems that the driver and the woman are innocent.

  After a while, the next station arrived. It was the crematorium. At the same time, a man wearing a tight suit got on the bus. The driver said he wanted to relieve himself. Then he looked at Maggie, whistled, and shook his head. That means to say to Maggie, come here!

  Maggie didn't understand what was going on. The driver got out of the car. Maggie looked out of the window. The lights in the crematorium were weird. In front of the crematorium, a large photo and some wreaths were placed beside a shed making wreaths.

  When Maggie saw the picture, her whole body began to twitch. The person in the picture was the one who stopped her before getting on the bus.

  Maggie cried. She didn't know what happened. When she wanted to ask the driver, the door of the car was closed. Without the driver, something strange happened and the car started.

  Maggie only saw the back of the driver's big brother.

  "What's the matter?" Maggie kept asking herself.

  At this time, a lot of people in that body began to take off their coats.

  "How hot, how hot!"

  "Are you still hot?" said the woman.

  "Take off what, this skin all scattered, I no longer tightly, to that end who can recognize me?"

  After all, the man took off his clothes. The man was not the man in the picture, but the man who stopped Maggie before getting on the bus.

  Maggie curled up in the corner in fear, and the ugly face turned around.

  "Beauty, you are familiar with each other. Didn't I warn you not to come up?" the disgusting face looked at Maggie.

  At this time, Maggie's phone rang, but she had no courage to answer it.

  Here, Maggie's grandma didn't finish her first phone call. "You can't come here by 301. The second half of the last bus is not for the living!"

  And that phone call grandma did.

  "Maggie, Maggie, are you there?"

  "I'm here, grandma. I'll be here soon. You need to remember to pick me up!" then the phone hung up.

  When the old lady was waiting anxiously at the entrance of the village with a flashlight, the last 301 arrived on time at 10:30, but the 301 didn't stop at the entrance of the village and drove towards the end of the road.

  The old lady only saw her granddaughter waving to her in the car, and then a lot of blood began to flow out of her eyes, and the whole car glass began to be covered with black and red blood. The car is far away.

  The old lady slumped on the ground.