An early driver

  Old Li Tou is a well-known real person in the village. He treats people kindly and never blushes with others. He drives a car for a living. There is only his wife in the family. Although he has no children, he is also comfortable in life. Sometimes when Li Tou goes out to catch a car, he always goes with Lao Liu from the same village, talking and laughing all the way, enjoying himself. It's early to drive, usually before it's light, Liu tou rushes to Lao Li Tou's door, shakes two clear whips, and shouts "Lao Li, it's time to get out." hearing the shouts, Li Tou will set up a carriage and go to the market together for business in a quarter of an hour.

  That day, just as the crowing chicken crowed, he heard someone shouting at the door, "Lao Li, it's time to get out of the car." after hearing this, Lao li felt puzzled. Lao Liu's voice was a little different from that of the past. Today, he left the car too early and didn't swing his whip. Although he was confused, Lao Li still got up to set up his carriage and came out of the door. Because it was too dark, Lao Li didn't pay attention to Lao Liu's presence. What position, just casually said "Lao Liu, I'm so happy today. Let's leave so early." he drove towards the village head, and Lao Liu was not as talkative and silent as before. Old li felt even more strange. After listening carefully, he felt that there was only one carriage on the road, and that the carriage was heavier than before. At this time, he was annoyed and muttered to himself, thinking, "it's said that if you don't do something bad for others, you won't be afraid of ghosts knocking at the door in the middle of the night. I've never done anything bad in my life, and I won't encounter anything dirty." Think of here, old Li head a horizontal heart, tube his that, for the people's heart is natural courage sufficient, he shook the whip in his hand to the air mercilessly flicked two whip, after the crisp whip sound, only heard the voice behind the car said: "please don't jilt, I hear this voice, the head is about to explode." After listening to old Li Tou, he said lightly, say quickly, who are you? Why pretend that old Liu tou cheated me out of the car?

  "To be honest, I'm a lonely ghost. I've been a good man in my previous life. I was framed and wronged to death in another country. The local Lord of City God reviewed the files, saw my affairs, and asked me to reincarnate. When I was a lonely ghost, I wandered around with the wind, heard a lot of good things about you, and wanted to throw them into your home. However, you're old and I want to see your physical condition with my own eyes. How. Lao liutou always asks you to drive out when the chicken crows twice. In order to catch up with him, I specially come to visit when the chicken crows. "

  The noise behind the car was not loud, but it was sincere. After hearing this, old Li was very happy and asked, "what is it like now, can you rest assured?" the ghost replied, seeing the appearance of your car, I can rest assured to be a man. Li then asked, "before you gave birth, what did you want?" the ghost said, "don't ask him, just hope you can bury my remains in my hometown." Later, he said the address of his remains and his hometown, and told the person who hurt him to Lao Li. After dawn, according to the ghost's words, old Li Tou found a solitary grave in the wasteland as expected, so he moved the remains to his hometown as he wished, and told his family that he had been killed only after his family went to the County Yamen to complain. When he finished these things, he went back home and didn't want his wife to be pregnant for several months, and soon gave birth to a son, named Tianci.