Ghost of barren grave return favor

  In dawizigou, there is a good young man named Gao long. He is honest, intelligent and diligent. People in Tunli like him very much.

  Gao Long's life is hard. He has no parents since he was a child. People in the village have brought him up. They will ask him for help in any big or small matter. They will pay him for his meals. Gao long is also very diligent in his work. Later, he was favored by the rich man Qian Youcai, hired him as a long-term worker, and was in charge of looking at the orchard and releasing livestock.

  There is a melon shack beside the orchard. For the convenience of looking at the garden, the rich man asked Gao long to move in. But the people who lived in the shack before didn't say it was clean. Every night, there was movement. Some informed villagers advised Gao long not to live, but Gao long grew up with hundreds of families and was a fearless Lord. He was quite comfortable to live in.

  Gao long is a capable young man. He gets up early every day, cleans the shack and takes good care of the fruit trees of his family. A stable was built next to the shack to keep several big horses strong.

  That day, Gao long went up the mountain as usual to put his horse. Unexpectedly, a white horse rushed into a small mound in the grass. After a while, Gao long heard the white horse neighing. Gao long hurriedly walked over to see what mound it was. It was a wild grave. But the white horse stepped on several holes in the grave. His hooves were not able to be pulled out Come on. Gao long pulled out the hoof of the horse and said, "this horse is not sensible. Don't worry about a beast. I'll renovate it for you and make sure it's better than before!"

  So Gao long tied his horse to the tree, cut the grass on the grave with a sickle, mended the holes, renovated the surroundings, added some soil to them, and set up a sign that said: "Tomb of the unknown!" the surrounding area simply blocked the grave with some branches.

  As a result, the rich man Qian Youcai, who rarely met once a year, came to the shack and brought him a new set of clothes and a little wine and meat to improve his life. He said that he did a good job and wanted to reward him. He also said that he wanted to introduce him. Gao longyi was very happy, so he worked harder!

  Sure enough, a few days later, the rich man really introduced a girl to him. She was a southerner called Shanmei. She was an old and honest farmer who escaped from the famine. She was ordinary but very virtuous and capable. The two met each other. So the host made two new clothes for them and sent them two pig cakes. They simply worshipped the heaven and earth in the shack.

  After marriage, the two also have a very happy life. Soon afterwards, Shanmei was pregnant. She lay on the Kang at night and said to Gaolong, "Gaolong, I'm pregnant. I want to eat some meat. Make me some meat tomorrow!"

  Gao long said angrily, "where is the meat from this deep mountain ditch? Just bite the cheek." Then I fell asleep with a breath.

  Shanmei was in a bad mood. With a few angry words, she could not hold back. She cried like a tearful man. The more she thought about it, the more she felt uncomfortable. So she changed her clothes, put the rope on the beam of the room, and put her head into the rope. But as soon as she was in the air, the rope broke, and Shanmei fell to the ground with a "puff".

  Gao long was awakened by the shock. He immediately knew what happened. He rushed to hold Shanmei tightly in his arms. "My daughter-in-law, I'm blamed for my bad speech. I'm just stubborn. I'll change it later. I'll go up the mountain tomorrow and give you two rabbits to mend it."

  Shanmei didn't really want to die, but she lost her head in a moment of anger. She thought that the rope was so thick that she broke. She really picked up a life, so she cried again holding Gaolong!

  Strangely, the next morning, as soon as Gao long opened the door, he found two rabbits lying on the back of the door. Gao long hurried to pick up the two rabbits. He was very happy, but he was also a little confused. How could he send them to the door when he wanted to fight them? Although Gao long was confused, he didn't care about the others. He stewed the two rabbits into a big pot of soup, and they ate happily 。

  Since then, Gao long has been very successful in everything. She has been promoted to be a housekeeper and has her own field. Shanmei also has a big fat boy.

  That night, Gao long slept in a daze. In his dream, he saw a girl coming to him and said, "thank you. Since I died, no one has ever added earth to my grave. My house has been trampled by a horse. It was my brother who mended my house with kindness and surrounded it with branches and set up a card. I vowed to repay you. Now that I am going to be reborn, I will see my brother again Thank you in person, elder brother