Grandpa doesn't save his granddaughter

  At the end of Jingshan Road, under the shade of green trees, there is a small and exquisite villa. Through the carved iron gate, I saw a young woman playing with flowers and plants in the yard. A four or five-year-old boy giggled and ran around his mother The scene is very warm, but my heart rises a desolation: really changed the master. Once those memories and memories of that pretty girl, never come back!

  This used to be Gao Tingting's home. Gao Tingting is my father's friend's daughter, and I am the same age, from 89 to 16 years old, I grew up with her almost. With the help of their parents, the two families became the default families, only waiting for the two children to grow up.

  In such an atmosphere, my feeling for Tingting gradually changed from playing with company to being a little bit restrained and shy. When we were 14 or 15 years old, I was a little embarrassed to come back to Gaojia to play.

  But Tingting is holding my hand and calling me brother Chen. The sunshine falls on her beautiful face through the shade of the tree. I often feel that time seems to have stopped

  At the age of 16, the beauty of all this stopped abruptly. Tingting had acute leukaemia. In just a few months, I saw Tingting change from lively and smart to pale and weak, and then warm light on her face, all of them were cold and white.

  I tried to say something to comfort her. Tingting smiled first and said that brother Chen is OK. My parents said that my brother's bone marrow can cure me. They went to discuss with Grandpa. I will go out with you soon!

  I know something about Gaojia. Tingting has a brother named Gao Xiuyuan, who is nearly ten years older than us. She is the successor of Gaojia industry. Although Gao's grandfather no longer manages the company openly, he is still an old man. Gao's parents are very awed by Gao's grandfather. I usually find it hard to get close to him when I meet him.

  Tingting has been loved by her parents and brother since she was a child. Since there is a way to treat her, it will be OK. I feel more relaxed and laugh with Tingting

  But it's only a dozen days. I see Tingting again. Tingting's vitality is completely gone. She leans against the window and looks at the outside. She doesn't look back when I enter the door. Tingting's mother reluctantly squeezes out a smile and asks me to talk with her. When the door is closed, I see Gao's mother crying.

  Tingting still didn't look back. She only raised her slender fingers and touched the spots of sunshine in the glass window. She said to me, brother Chen, I'm going to die. Grandpa didn't allow his brother to do that operation. He said it would affect his brother's body. The Gao family only has this single seedling. In the future, there will be a task of inheriting the family. You can't take risks because of me. I'm a girl. It's been more than ten years since I tasted delicious and dressed well. The Gao family can afford me. It's my life to get this disease My life? Brother Chen, I'm afraid

  Later, Tingting died. The girl who likes to play coquettish in her memory has become a color in the photo. It's getting lighter and lighter. No matter how hard I stay, it's gradually dissipated with time.

  It's said that Gao's elder brother got married and had no children for three years. His grandfather was so angry that he forced him to remarry after divorce, but he still had no children.

  It's said that the business of Gao family is not smooth and the heirs are not extended. Grandpa Gao finds someone to calculate the cause. He says that Gao Tingting has grievances and makes troubles in Gao family. Grandpa Gao was ruthless. He opened Gao Tingting's coffin, turned the bones upside down, nailed a long iron nail, and set up a Fengshui Bureau for soul control

  I was furious and wanted to go to the cruel grandfather of Gao family to make a scene. Why did he treat his granddaughter Tingting so much? Because she was a girl? My father couldn't stop me. He slapped me in the face and said, "son, what's your identity to manage the affairs of Gao family? How to deal with Tingting's affairs? It's not up to you as an outsider to reason!

  Later, I heard that Grandpa Gao was seriously ill and was frightened at the end of his life. He cried loudly and said Tingting. Don't be angry with Grandpa. Grandpa is also for Gao's family. Although I'm sorry for you, Gao's fortune and descendants are the most important

  Now, ten years later, the business of Gao family has collapsed, the villa has changed its owner, and Gao family's brother divorced twice. He was so frustrated that he became a monk. Gao's parents have grayed their hair and lost the spirit of resurrection. With the help of friends, they moved to live in the countryside. They sighed and wept at the rising sun and the falling moon. They didn't know that they could still think of Tingting, their early daughter.

  I took another look at the mother and son in the villa, turned around and left. It seemed that Tingting's low voice was heard again in her ear: it's my life to get this disease. What's life? I'm afraid