Burn ghost paper

The story to be told today is about ghost paper, which is also called fire paper, that is, yellow paper one by one.  I think this is still more common. I think all things that hang hooks with the dead are not something that everyone is willing to contact, but burning paper is a tradition of our Chinese nation.  We believe that family members or friends in Sheol can obtain the paper we burned for him through certain specific channels. Legend has it that when they arrive in Sheol, they will become money, just like our hard currency in the sun.  However, there is also a need to burn paper, which must be done at a specific time. Otherwise, the paper money you burn will not circulate to the underworld. Not only that, it will also attract the thoughts of some lonely souls and wild ghosts who have been neglected for years, thus causing trouble to yourself and doing more harm than good!

One day, I took my son to my hometown and saw a middle-aged man burning paper money in the distance. I thought to myself at that time, did this family die not long ago?  Just when I was wondering, an old man came up from the head of the village and scolded the man without saying anything. I probably listened and said, "you are a young man, but you are not old enough. there are no dead people in your family. what kind of paper do you burn, hurry up, hurry up."  The young man left in frustration. I quickly caught up with the man, because I was a writer, so I felt that the man seemed to have something to hide.  Sure enough, the man looked around mysteriously and then took my hand and said to me.  "Brother, I don't think you belong to this village. Are you from other places to visit relatives?"  I nodded and motioned him to continue.  He seemed to be quite afraid of something later, even the voice he spoke to me was trembling. I probably understood it intermittently.  The cause of the incident was this: originally there were no dead people in the family, but one night the man had a dream in which his long-dead wife sobbed to herself that she had no money recently and asked him to burn the ignition paper.  At first, the man didn't take it to heart, but for the next few days, the man dreamed of his wife almost every night. For the last time, the wife said that if she didn't burn him, she would follow him.  This frightened the man, so he quickly bought fire paper and went to the woods outside the village to burn it for his wife.

I probably know what happened, but then why did the old man stop him?  Does he not know that this man is haunted by ghosts?  So I said good-bye to the man and returned to my hometown in a hurry. After giving my son to my father, I came to the old man's house just now. The old man didn't seem so surprised when I came. Before I could speak, he said, "I know what you want to ask. If you're okay, how about I tell you a story?"  This is exactly what I wanted, so I quickly moved to the stool and listened attentively to him telling his miraculous experience.

Earlier in the year, the old man was still a stubborn young man. His name was Ada and he was a typical atheist.  Once when he was playing with his little friend in the village, a little friend suggested to see who had the courage, so several people decided to go to the graveyard to sleep together, and the one who ran first was the grandson.  A few people were lying on the open ground in the middle of the graveyard that night, surrounded by dark graves. It would be a lie to say that they were not afraid of it.  With the passage of time, Ada gradually felt that the air was getting colder and colder. With a shrill crow's cry, one of them could not hold on any longer. He was afraid and said, "Why don't we go back? I think it's quite penetrating."  At this time, everyone was holding their breath and unwilling to be the first one to leave, so they did not speak.  All of a sudden, Ada saw a man standing on a tomb.  This late at night, in this place is definitely not a person.  But Ada was so daring that he pretended not to see.  After a while, several people gradually lost their support and went to sleep. At this moment, only one person suddenly cried out, "Mom, there is a ghost."  Even rolling and crawling away, at this time the rest of the two men looked at the other side of the tomb stood a man without a head.  Ada and the man ran home as fast as they could in an instant.  Ada, who was in shock at home, felt that someone was following him. He always felt that someone was tearing his clothes all the way. At that time Ada felt scared and thought how the ghost came home with me. I didn't have any revenge with him.  After a few days of such anxiety, Ada finally couldn't stand it, because he was crushed by ghosts almost every night.

I don't know where he heard it, saying that burning yellow paper for ghosts can make ghosts leave themselves and stop pestering themselves.  So on a dark night, Ada came to the mass grave by himself. At that time, he was scared to death, but there was no way out. He caused the incident himself, and his parents must not know.  So he carried a sack of yellow paper and came to the place where several people were in hell that night. Ada knelt in front of the grave. His voice trembled with fear. He pulled out the yellow paper and lit a fire. His mouth kept nagging: "Eldest brother and elder sister, don't come to me. I didn't hurt you. I'll give you the money for the store. Please go quickly and beg the ghost fairy not to follow me."  As the yellow paper burned, Ada kneeling by the fire did not feel warm, even felt colder and colder around.  Ada looked around, he felt at this time seems to be a lot more people's feeling, trance between he saw a lot of figures flashing around him, this Ada burned more yellow paper, who knows, the more yellow paper burned, the more and more people around, soon Ada saw a dozen ghosts in the direction of the Ada stretched out his hand and then what.  At that time, there was a headless ghost slowly floating out from the front of Ada, I saw the headless ghost gave Ada a strange smile, Ada felt dizzy head, fainted.  In a daze, I don't know how long it will take. Ada felt as if it was getting warmer all around. He dreamed that many ghosts were robbing him of his own money, and others were pulling themselves away. Just as Ada was about to be pulled away by them, suddenly a shrill cock crowed and the ghosts suddenly disappeared.

When Ada woke up, it was already the morning of the next day. It turned out that an old man happened to pass by the graveyard that day and saw Ada in a coma. So he called several people to carry him home.  While walking on the road behind his back, suddenly a rooster chirped. Coincidentally, the rooster was so close to Ada that he almost shouted at Ada with his neck tilted back.  People say that cock is the thing of the sun. The cock's morning crowing can break all filth. Perhaps it was the crowing that saved Ada's life.

I didn't understand until now why this grandfather named Ada didn't ask the man to burn paper, because it was not the right time, careless burning paper would bring more ghosts and ghosts.

Folk taboos-burning ghost paper only on specific occasions.

Ghost paper is burned to ghosts, while gold paper is burned to gods. The result of burning ghost paper indiscriminately will only attract more ghosts.