The ghost of the countryside presses the bed.

It was a summer, and the weather was not generally hot. In addition, tile houses in the countryside were not very insulated. Moreover, there was no air conditioner at that time, only ceiling fans and table fans were available, which was fine during the day.  But at night, electricity is obviously not enough, the speed of the fan is slower than the snail.  It's too hot to sleep at all. What should I do? The countryside has its own way. There are corridors in front of tile houses in the countryside. The top of the corridors is flat, which is more than one meter wide. It is more than enough for a person to sleep.  (However, if you sleep at night and are especially dishonest, you should pay attention. Don't roll down in the middle of the night. It's three meters high.)

It was so hot in the night that the east thought I'd go to sleep on the top of the corridor, and then climbed up the corridor with a ladder, not to mention that the top was really nice. the poplars planted next to the tile house were blown by the small wind, spouted, and sounded like lullabies, especially comfortable.  The east looked down at the yard nearby, and their house was still awake. the man took a fan and stayed in the yard, probably waiting for a cool time to sleep.  Soon, the East fell asleep.  After a while, the east suddenly woke up, something was wrong!  Why is it so cold?  The east is sleeping comfortably, but it is getting colder and colder slowly. finally, the cold feels like ice sticking to the body. the east feels something is wrong and will go back to the house.  Just as I was about to get up, I couldn't move or shout. I could only move my head a little. The Orient opened its eyes and looked carefully, but found nothing. Hard struggle was of no help. My throat was choked for half a day and I didn't shout a word.  The East is desperate.  At the same time, the dog raised by the next family suddenly yelled at the direction of the east in their courtyard: "Woo. Woof ..." When the dog barked, the east felt lighter and moved. The east quickly rolled and crawled down the corridor and into the room, but did not dare to say a word. In summer, it fell asleep under the quilt.  At two o'clock in the morning, a short burst of heart-wrenching screams and wails resounded through the village.  The East heard very clearly, and the villagers heard very clearly, but no one came out to look at it. Perhaps everyone thought the barking of dogs was unusual.  Only the East knows that this dog is the one that saved him not long ago. Did it get revenge from that thing?  The east did not dare to think much of it. it covered itself up until dawn.

The next day, when the Orient got up, many idle people were already standing on the road chatting, and the topic was the barking of the dog last night.  After listening for a while, the East realized that last night the dog did not know what had pulled out its intestines alive and died at that time.  No wonder the call was short.  Other people talked with great relish. Dongfang was frightened. He knew that yesterday's dog was brought bad luck because he helped himself. But the dog is dead. What will happen tonight?  Thought of here, the east is in a cold sweat, dare not stay at home in broad daylight, didn't eat rice quietly cycling to punan small house over there.

After listening to the incident, Xiannai told the Orient that he should bring a box of matches with him every day when he goes out. He should spend the past few days in the sun and find a small mirror to stick on the door frame of the main room. He also told the Orient that there should be a big wild locust tree behind the Orient home so that the Orient can cut it down when it is free.  The East admires Xiannai, even the locust tree behind the house.  But the east still asked, "why?"  Xiannai said, "How many days have you not seen the sun?  The sun be the spirit is so weak?  The fire is poor!  Matches are meant to increase your fire power, and basking in the sun is meant to make your sun be more vigorous.  There is a door god at every door. hanging a mirror is a demon mirror, so no matter what, nothing dares to follow you into the house.  As for Sophora japonica, Sophora japonica is originally composed of wood ghosts, wood belongs to yin, and ghosts belong to evil.  General unclean things like to gather at the locust tree, right behind your house, so close to you, who are you looking for? "  Oriental heard nodding, hurriedly thanked fairy milk, rest assured to go home.  On the same day, the pagoda tree was cut down, matches were installed, and a small round mirror was stuck on the door.  Just on a hot day, the sun is really unbearable. the east thinks, forget it, wait for the evening sun to be less intense.  The East felt a little sleepy when thinking about it, and went to take a nap. When he woke up, the sun was setting.

At about seven o'clock, it was getting dark. the east was watching TV in the room. someone knocked at the door. "who is it?"  Asked the east.  "Me, copper!"  The east said, "strange, what are you looking for me so late?"  And opened the door.  Copper and copper did not answer.  Instead, he said stiffly, "I'm looking for you to play with."  And entered the gate.  The Orient wondered what the situation was, but did not think much of it. Let's go in and play.  Dongfang bolted the gate and prepared to enter the room with copper and copper. Who knew that when they reached the door of the main room, copper and copper were worried and refused to enter, saying they would go back.  The East was speechless and said, "Didn't you come to see me?"  Copper means "I'm going back, I'm going back!"  The east thought, which one is this singing?  "You swollen value?  Come in and play? "  "I'm going back, I won't go in" copper copper still only said this sentence.  The east is also a little angry: "then you go!"  Copper went to the gate as soon as he heard, and came back at the gate. "I can't get out!  The door is closed! "  "You can't drive it yourself?"  East angry to angry, or opened the door.  Copper and copper also didn't speak, and went away.  The east is called a depressed, what's the matter?  Dongfang closed back to the house and continued watching TV. At this time, the cell phone rang. Looking at the number, it was copper.  The east thought, what's the situation?  "hello?"  "The east, to play CARDS!  Three are short of one! "  The east said, "your sister, why didn't you come to my house just now?"  "What are you talking about, when did I go to your house, I play cards here, for a long time, just * * have something to go, you are quick to substitute!  Old place, hurry up! "  Copper and copper finished and hung up the phone.  East was dumbfounded. He was playing cards. What was that just now?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?

Frightened to death, the east asked fairy milk again the next day.  Xiannai smiled and said: "It's okay. It won't look for you again. It has been scared by the demon mirror and won't go again."  Only then did the Orient put down its hanging heart ... Xiannai also told the Orient that every family door has a keeper, but if the owner opens the door himself, there are still some things that can be mixed with magic, but when it arrives in your courtyard, you close the door.  It is equivalent to four door gods facing it, and there is a demon mirror nearby.  It was scared to death.  I just want to go out, but I can't.  I can only let you open the door and let it go.  Knowing the reason of the matter clearly, the east is putting down its heart. since then, it has never encountered any similar situation.

Xiao Dong also reminds everyone here, stick a mirror in the middle of the doorframe when you are free. It won't do any harm.  ........