The old woman in the old house

The story I'm going to tell is called "the old woman in the old house". this story was told by an old man. the truth of the story is beyond investigation. it happened before liberation. the hero of the story, Zhang bo, was a real farmer. he sat at night and rested at sunset. he lived a miserable life and ended up at ease. all the villagers in the village were honest and kind, much better than the current social atmosphere. when one family was occupied, almost the whole village sent for help.

It was said that the house Zhang Bo lived in had not escaped the attack of a torrential rain for a long time and had collapsed. Fortunately, there were no casualties. When the house collapsed, it naturally had to be turned over again. At that time, it was relatively simple to build the house. Besides, the mountaineers didn't pay much attention to finding some stones, the mountain was full of wood, and all the materials for building the house were put together. However, there was one problem that had not been solved, that is, before the house was built, they had to find a place to live.

Can't Zhang bo had to temporarily live in an abandoned old house at the entrance of the village. at the beginning of the trip, several elderly elders in the village said to Zhang bo with a face of fear, "this house can't accommodate people. you have an old woman who will appear in the middle of the night, light a kerosene lamp and do sewing work under the lamp. it is said that more than ten years ago, two merchants from other places accidentally took shelter from the rain in the old house. in the middle of the night, horrible things happened.  One was scared out of his mind, while the other was not alive and dead. Up till now, it has been an unsolved case. Since then, no one dared to live here. The owner of the house was miserable. However, there was no way out. Something so strange happened. Since then, the house has become a haunted house and no one dared to live here.

Zhang Bo only smiled at the kind advice of the elders in the village, saying that he was courageous and not afraid of ghosts. In fact, after all, Zhang Bo had heard many rumors about the haunted house, but as a result, he had no place to live.  Besides, I only stayed for a few days. After the house was built, I left immediately.

After a busy day, Zhang Bo, already exhausted and exhausted, went back to his temporary residence and saw that it was getting dark outside. Zhang Bo was also a little scared. At that time, the mountain village was poor. If anyone had a flashlight, it was even a local tyrant. Zhang Bo lit a dim kerosene lamp, slowly pushed open the door and looked around. Except for a simple bed he put in early in the morning, it was empty all around, but there was a small earthen platform in the northwest corner of the room, which looked a little out of place.

According to the rules of the old people, a few yellow paper or paper money or other offerings are required before moving into an idle house, and then the old people chant and chant that it is nothing more than words like ghosts and monsters.

Put down the kerosene lamp, Zhang bo took out a few pieces of paper money from his pocket, and then lit his mouth silently bleating, "you can't see the elder venerable sir, I have to stay here out of desperation. if there is any disturbance, please forgive me." the burning paper money seems to have life at this moment, and gradually flew to the earth table in the northwest corner of the house, turning around on it all the time, up and down. Zhang bo was also surprised to see here. after a while, the paper money burned out, leaving only a little ash.  A more bizarre scene appeared, and the paper ash slowly formed a few words on the ground [leave this place, please do not mistake yourself] Zhang bo had only attended a private school for a few years. he could not recognize all these words. besides, he didn't pay attention to the black light and the blind light. he laid the bedding and went to bed. he had been tired for a long time. before long, he fell asleep. also, I don't know how long it took. between trance, Zhang bo felt someone calling her. he saw a white-haired old woman with her back facing him and carefully carving a stone tablet at the door, jingling, "young man, you

Zhang Bo could no longer sleep at this time. After smoking a bag of cigarettes, the palpitations gradually calmed down. The terrible scene in the dream lingered on. Look at the dim light of the kerosene lamp just after midnight. Suddenly Zhang Bo froze. He clearly remembered that he had blown out the kerosene lamp before going to bed. Who found it? Maybe there was another person in the room. It was also unlikely. Who would come here in the middle of the night?

Before long, Zhang Bo was too sleepy to stand it and fell asleep in a daze.  Trance between Zhang bo and see the kerosene lamp on the soil table slowly lit the naturally dim light again, unexpectedly turned into turquoise, like a jack-o'-lantern in the cemetery, slowly floating up to himself, but his eyes widened and did not see anyone holding a kerosene lamp, kerosene lamp has its own life, panic between Zhang bo saw two shadows appeared on the wall to the west, seems to be muttering something in a low voice, Zhang bo Zhuang courage shouted, "who are you?  Give Lao tze roll out "this a turquoise kerosene lamp suddenly went out, the dead room, into a dark, after a few seconds, the soil above the table glittering, a closer look was filled with gold and silver jewelry, the sudden change, let Zhang bo stunned again, he did not dare to move a shrink in the corner, hope this is just a dream, hope the day light quickly, but time passed very slowly.

Also don't know how long after the glittering gold and silver jewelry, slowly disappeared, eyes appeared a strange picture, a kind old woman in the dim light, sewing a piece of clothes, a middle-aged man gently fan to the old woman, a touching picture.  At this moment, the earth suddenly shook violently, and the soil on the roof kept brushing down. However, the two men beside the soil table were unaware of it. Zhang Bo rushed over without thinking much of a step and pushed the two out of the door. Only a loud noise was heard. Zhang Bo fainted and the magic didn't even know it.

When Zhang Bo woke up, it was already a few days later. "Zhang Bo, you are awake. Your boy was lucky. The house collapsed in the middle of the night. What we found at the door was really lucky." Zhang Bo told the villagers about his experience in the old house, but none of the villagers took it seriously. After all, who would take it seriously?

But before long, when the villagers were sorting out the ruins of the old house, they found a man's corpse under the earthen platform in the northwest corner. His face was lifelike. He was still holding a fan in his hand. Next to him was the body of a white fox. Zhang Bo, the hero of the story, who had died many years ago and was littered with gold, silver, jewelry and stories, was probably only God knows.