Paradox and Night Tour

I don't know if you have encountered any strange things in your life that science can't explain now, but I have personally experienced them once. Now write them down and share them with you.

When I was a child, my family lived in a small village in Hubei Province. The village was not big, but there were many trees. In addition, there was a graveyard in the southeast, northwest and northwest of the village. There were lots of graveyards, some of which were ancestral graves of neighboring villages, and some of which were unmarked graves that were not known when.  At that time, like all boys in their eighties and nineties, I followed a group of children everywhere to play wildly, saying that playing was actually making trouble and doing anything bad.  What stole green melons and corn from other people's gardens yesterday, and which field did you go to today to dig red ~ sweet potatoes? of course, they were good at that time. after all, the village was small, and each garden suffered from misfortune. at most, when you were caught, you were yelled at and threatened by adults.  However, boys in their eighties and nineties are just the same age as dogs. what can adults do?  At that time, the craziest thing was that during the summer vacation, a group of half-aged children, calling friends, took a bath together. The water fight could reach the shore from the water.  One went to the stream to touch fish and shrimps, the other took slingshots to shoot birds, or a group of people hid in the whole village. The whole village would make trouble. Anyway, there were no toys at that time. A group of children would be scourged if they caught what they ate and would play if they caught what they could play.

In fact, I pulled so many digressions because I was naughty when I was a child, which led to this strange thing. I also took it as a warning and behaved a lot.  The thing is, on that day I followed a group of people to play a game in the open space of the grain grinding field in the south of the village. I have forgotten the name of the game now. It is the kind of game in which a group of people draw a circle on the ground with stones. A group of people are divided into two sides. One side runs along the drawn line and the other side pulls.  At that time, the game was playing fiercely, but suddenly I wanted to go to the toilet.  Because the toilet was a little far away from the threshing ground, I went directly to the woods next to the threshing ground to solve the problem. although I knew there were mounds in the woods at that time, I was a little scared, but I still felt it was important to play, so I chose a place and ran to play after solving it at will.

In fact, I had a good time that day and went to bed early at night.  In the middle of the night, I heard someone calling my name outside the gate, saying that my parents were still busy with farm work in the fields south of the village and asked me to send a flashlight to illuminate.  At that time, the summer was busy with farming and the adults were busy at night, but the voice was vague and I didn't even recognize the men and women. In addition, the rhubarb that I raised at that time was barking all the time outside. All the dogs in the village were barking. The noisy people were upset. At that time, I replied casually in a daze and didn't look at the time. I casually took a piece of clothes, put on a flashlight and went out of the door. After drinking rhubarb, I didn't see anyone calling me outside the door.  The moonlight was bright outside, but all the houses had turned off the lights, and now it was suddenly quiet. I was a little scared, but if I didn't go, I was afraid of being beaten by my father tomorrow, so I had to go to the fields and look for it, but I took the rhubarb in the woodshed with me to embolden me.

Rheum officinale is usually very sticky to me. If I hold its rope, I will rush to the outside eagerly. This time I hold its rope, but instead I run home with me. I pulled it hard several times before pulling it, touched its head to appease it, and then led Rheum officinale to the south of the village.

The south of the village was about to pass by the threshing ground, and I led rhubarb to my house's field almost by running along the way. The footsteps on the road sounded like someone was following me. It was generally frightening. I even ran forward without looking back, but I didn't see anyone when I ran to the field panting. I wondered in my heart that nobody had taken a round of photos with my flashlight, and I had to start walking back again.  I couldn't run this time either, so I took rhubarb slowly.  And walking, I found a strange thing.  Because the moon is bright, the shadow of rhubarb and I are clearly reflected on the ground, but next to my shadow, there is a long, humanoid shadow that moves with my shadow side by side, just like a man standing behind me now.

I was scared to stand still, did not dare to move, the shadow also stopped, I felt a man was standing behind me staring at me, this kind of feeling, make my scalp pins and needles, I hold a flashlight hand uncontrolled shaking up, I fiercely raised his hand to the back, but there is nothing behind him, empty on both sides of the road doesn't even have a big tree, I was standing in the middle of the road.  Ghost!  When these two words appeared in my mind, my goose bumps got up at once. I pulled a big yellow, yellow, dark green and glowing eyes were tightly staring at me not far behind. I almost cried out in fear and started to run towards home.

When I ran to the entrance of the village at one breath, I saw the shadow was still there, standing beside my shadow. I ran with it, I stopped it, and just when I was at a loss, a family in the village suddenly turned on the light, and I rushed past like a lost ship seeing a lighthouse.  The old man opened the door and let me in. I went in and sat for a while before returning to absolute being. I still held rhubarb in my hand.

The old man was a Taoist priest in the village, but he had a leg disabled for several years. He was alone in a small house and often did not go out. So I could not say anything to him, so I just sat there and did not dare to leave.  It was not until the old man's window flashed with a shadow that I looked anxiously at the silent old man.  I don't know if he has seen it, but the old man has opened his mouth calmly and said to me with some serious and emotional expression: "Don't urinate on other people's grave in the future. I'm not angry with you tonight and have already left. Don't be afraid."

I silently nodded, also don't know what to say, look relaxed a lot.  The old man had a leg disease, and now I dare not leave alone. I sat down in the old man's room until morning. when it was already light outside, I took rhubarb to leave.  When I got home, my mother had already got up and saw me leading rhubarb back. Some people were surprised to ask me where I had gone in the early morning. I faltered and said that I couldn't sleep and ran around. My mother didn't see the flashlight in my hand and didn't ask any more questions. She hurried to make breakfast. I was relieved.

A few days later, as usual, my heart finally fell to the ground, but since then, I did behave a lot, and later I also stayed at a respectful distance from those abandoned graves. I also believe that there is a god in the first three feet, people are doing it, the sky is watching, people do not know, and ghosts do not know.